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R Interactives

R Interactives

The Digital Marketing Specialist, Accelerating Business growth through its Comprehensive Service Portfolio

Agolden era has been taking place in the Indian economy. It has achieved extraordinary growth and has been recognised as one of the world’s fastestgrowing economies. Such a rapid rise necessitates fierce competition among businesses for the upper hand. There are no grounds for them to leave any stone unturned.

Strong marketing tactics give companies the assurance of success by allowing them to create buzz, stand out from the competition, and reach a significant percentage of their target audience. The advertising industry in India is poised to lead the global landscape as the second fastest-growing advertising market in Asia.

R Interactives has its name etched as one of those few pioneers who paved the way for this sector’s growth and development. Specialising in delivering powerful actions that result in higher ROI & Brand Engagement, the company leads the Indian advertising space as a one-stop solutions provider delivering value and satisfaction beyond clients’ expectations. For its proven excellence in performance media and growth strategies, R Interactives has become a renowned digital advisory and consulting firm that helps businesses drive growth through experimentation.

It has been a brand custodian to a horde of clients like Mitsubishi Electric, Netafim, SKYN, EFD Induction, and Evolve Back Resorts, to name a few across the UK, US, Australia, Norway, Costa, Rica India in the last 4 years. They deploy an experimentation strategy supported by deep execution, which helps to achieve client objectives.

R Interactives traces its roots to 2018 when the founder Rahul Gadekar embarked on an exhilarating entrepreneurial journey and founded an agency with a very cogent and cohesive strategy to promote consumer brand interactions. Their methodology follows building hypotheses through consumer insights, business data, and industry insights to run online experiments, which drives business growth.

They have deep expertise in online customer behaviour, customer engagement, data-driven marketing, and customer acquisition. To help its clients with digital marketing initiatives, R Interactives also collaborates with media buying and creative companies. They are now anticipating growth in the US to help businesses thrive through effective marketing.

Exclusive Services

R Interactives specialise in the below services –:
• Digital Growth Strategy
• Fundraise Marketing
• Programmatic Advertising
• Dynamic Creative Optimization

Take on the Tech Evolution and R&D

Automation, scale, and personalisation are provided by evolution and R&D technology in the marketing industry. To do the same, we used dynamic creative optimisation technology. We adhere to the lean startup philosophy and conduct experiments to test hypotheses, which help us further define our company’s strategy and promote growth.

Work Culture at R Interactives

The open and welcoming work environment at R Interactives is infused with the core values of integrity , creativity, and quality. This culture inspires R Interactives to devote all of its energy to helping customers experience exponential growth. They do not have a hierarchy; each team member can discuss ideas or concepts directly with the team or client. They believe in collaborative structure so that teammates can learn, evolve and grow.

Achievements on the Way

• R Interactives has successfully led a real estate fundraiser campaign of $100mn, and the fund got oversubscribed.
• Their experiential learning platform, R Academy, is now part of Stanford LISA’s portfolio.
• In FY 21–22, the company had 518% Growth for an Asset Backed Investment Platform.

The Ambitious Leader behind the Brand

Rahul Gadekar, a Stanford LEAD graduate, is a skilled digital marketing specialist with more than 13 years of experience in a variety of positions in the digital media industry. The visionary leader worked with international brands, assisting them in defining strategies to achieve higher ROI and engagement through dynamic creatives. Throughout his career, the motivating leader oversaw budgets of more than $120 million.

He oversaw brands in a variety of industries, including travel, television, movies, hospitality, real estate, e- commerce, hair care, etc. He also created a course on digital communication. He served as a visiting professor for key institutes of Symbiosis. Under his guidance, 2000+ Digital Marketers were trained from Stanford, IMBR, Mitsubishi, SKF, Thermax, Saint Gobain, Accenture, Wipro, Ashoka University, BITSOM, etc.

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