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Media & Entertainment (M&E) is one of the roaring industries in India with a staggering trajectory. Digitization and change in customer demands have turned the tides, and numerous production houses made great strides. Since 2020, M&E witnessed a paradigm shift in demands as customers sought alternatives to utilize time. Digital solutions have influenced demand patterns, increasing viewers for online streaming, news and games.

Every segment has revamped itself, encapsulating audio, video and experimental products to enhance its offerings. While the demand shift has engulfed a substantial proportion of the audience, the prevailing broadcasting entertainment still has a pragmatic influence on people. Events, TV Serials, Commercial shows, and the print media has an avid fan following that will only grow with time.

Mumbai, the city of dreams, houses some of the acclaimed production houses. And they have released some of the eye-catching contents creating sensational waves across the country. Rachel & Sam MediaMedia & Entertainment is one such eminent media production house. Headquartered in Navi Mumbai, the Company is a paragon in the Indian Media & Entertainment pantheon.

Found in 2016, Rachel & Sam Media is a house of entertainment stacked with a variety of contents, including, Religious albums and documentaries, TV Serials, VFX, Films, Events, Celebrity Management, Print Media, and Advertisement and much more. It invests, co-produces and distributes many amazing and successful Media & Entertainment Services in India. The Indian M&E Industry projects to be the second most surging market; this attracts the private and govt. sector to invest and forward their support.

Print Media still generates the highest revenue in advertising, followed by TV, Digital, Outdoor, Radio and Cinema. And not to mention, these increase the Internet’s share of revenue in advertising. Comprehending the robust demand and building on opportunities helps Rachel & Sam Medianavigate its way to success. The Company stands upon working principles and policies that keep it flexible to the market demands.

“Test your concepts; take the leap without wasting time; take time to build a team and hire people with passion” SAM DANIEL, Founder & CEO, Rachel & Sam Media.

While this may only seem like sound advice, it’s actually the analogy that propels the Company. Sam is a bonafide leader having over 15 years of instrumental experience in the corporate sector. He has a master’s degree in Industrial Relations with MBA in Finance and Administration and is well-connected with the talent network in India and abroad. As a corporate leader, he values people – their struggles and advice as the linchpins of success.

His sizeable experience and collaboration stratospherically took the business to new heights. Over the years, it has built a broad network, covering almost 1.3 billion population on its quality and creative contents. Found on the edge of innovation, the Company is acclimatized with technology and recently commenced mobile and cloud solutions. Its trajectory is driven by its diverse portfolio of contents and exploitation of the same through different channels.

With so many mediums of entertainment floating around, the competition in this segment is steep. Companies are in a constant race with each other for more viewership, subscriptions, and sales. Although this is a vulnerable scenario, it allows companies to contrive their USP. Rachel & Sam Mediahas a diversified portfolio that guarantees success to brands and customers. Its advertising medium consists of licensing, branding and merchandising solutions. The solutions keep clients dedicated to distribution – from manufacturing to selling to distributors with high margins and little or no marketing.

The advertising products best works with commodities, such as innerwear, grooming kits and hygienic products. The Same potential also reflects on its Media front. Rachel & Sam Media is one of the critically acclaimed Media conglomerates broadcasting 35 channels to over 95 million households in India. What’s more admirable is that the channels can be viewed – in 27 countries, including Canada, Europe, Singapore, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. Along with media and advertising, Rachel & Sam Media has a premier casting medium catering to a global clientele.

Moving on, Rachel & Sam Media is well-known in the film industry for releasing compelling films with the goal of empowering independent filmmakers and emerging talent. It promotes and distributes short films, videos and Independent films and sets the stage for those willing to set an example in Bollywood and entertainment. Its strong presence on the small screen for personalized experiences in video production and broadcasting illustrates its forte. With strong alliances, in-house production and post-production facilities, Rachel & Sam Media brings International quality in its entertainment categories.

Rachel & Sam Media is also a meticulous event planner, specialising in corporate events, festivals, weddings, promotions, and government and institutional events. Each of its events categories is the epitome of creativity and ensure spellbinding experiences. From sales conferences, award ceremonies to product launches and gala receptions, Rachel & Sam Media set the landmark with tailored arrangements. Its diverse and solid partnership with global brands, media partners and sponsors makes it a preferable festival organiser; this further extends to wedding management.

Over the years, Rachel & Sam Media has executed some of the mesmerizing wedding events at exotic locations that exemplify the beauty and emotion of the ceremony. Moving on, Rachel & Sam Media is also known for its promotional events, which include promoting lifestyle brands, product launches, and organising one-of-a-kind VIP parties for both domestic and international clients. Last but not least, Rachel & Sam Media is a preferred name for complex and large format events, concept & brand launches, protocols and special event management in the Public Sector. The Company has profound relationships with the government, embassy and diplomatic institutions.

Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – that resides on the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of other’s opinions cloud your judgement. And most importantly, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.” Every time you state what you want or believe, you’re the first to hear it. It’s a clear message to both you and others having perplexed thoughts about you.

Rachel & Sam Media’s precision in creating stellar experiences is driven by its research and moral values. At the outset, the Company envisaged to be synonymous with excellence and drive superior entertainment value. Investing in R&D builds a knowledge base and procures powerful insights that propel efficiency and cost reduction. It also helps in developing new products and services to survive and thrive in competitive markets.

“R&D is not only valuable to a company, but it is essential for continual growth”, asserts Sam. Attention to R&D also helps in identifying customer needs and wants and create innovative ways to incorporate them. A valuable integration of R&D is in its customized designs. As an event planner, it has hands-on expertise in designing complex yet stylish and innovative events. To create distinctive designs where clients may express themselves, the Company combines in-depth research, architectural exactness, technological knowledge, and contemporary insight.

In addition, Rachel & Sam Media’s meteoric ascent is powered by invaluable qualities that Sam brings to the table. He believes in being true to yourself which illustrates the Company’s authenticity; Learning to say no to try not to win everything rather focusing on strengthening relationships; Talking to customers to understand their concerns and determine the appropriate way to address them; Building a solution to somebody’s problem, to deliver a simple solution particular to a customer instead of building something and then searching for a problem to solve; Networking with other businessmen that contributes to personal as well as organisational growth.

Networking further keeps the Company abreast of the learning curve and innovative ideas; Taking timely vacations to maintain the enthusiasm of everyone on board. The values ensure the Company is transparent to challenges, transformative, able to implement and optimize, prepared for worst-case scenarios and has an adept risk management plan.

“Employees are the backbone of a company”. No matter how technology, trends or transformational practices influence a company, employees remain as the greatest assets. And Rachel & Sam Media’s stepwise ascent signifies the loyalty and integrity of its workforce. The Company considers its employees to be its most valuable asset, and it is committed to optimizing its potential. It cares for their holistic growth and development and stands with their personal, professional, psychological and academic concerns. While it provides scalable opportunities and an invigorating environment, the Company scrutinizes employees on selective parameters:

Works with people he admires: People who willingly collaborate and admires other’s work possess a learning ability. Such people are always open to new ideas, flexible to changes and won’t stop until the job is done.

Check if the candidate is a superstar: Rachel & Sam Media seeks candidates having the potential to be a superstar. It searches for unique skills, interests and perspective that adds value to the Company. In simple words Mavericks, radical and a little bit of rebel.

Can the employee increase effectiveness of the team: The Company ensure everyone on deck strengthens its fundamental values. They look for people, having a deep assessment ability and mastered in leadership principles that fit the Company’s philosophy.

Besides skill enhancement programs and opportunities, employees are allowed to work with emerging innovations to drive learning and change.

“We work on simple concepts – Re-think the way your team works; introduce a tool as a project; implement a culture of learning and change; give it time, but not too much time” opines Sam. Although Rachel & Sam Media has a small team, it ensures everyone finds equal opportunities and promotes fairness in the workplace.

With a diverse portfolio, strategic partnerships and trusted quality, Rachel & Sam Media positions itself as an apex in the M&E industry. Rachel & Sam Media plans to lead ahead by capitalising on opportunities through low-risk and costefficient planning, production and execution. Its attention and response to demands and commitments separate it from its peers. It also owns a state-of-the-art studio and cutting-edge equipment, which will aid in capitalising on the M&E market’s exploding prospects.

Rachel & Sam Media also plans to strengthen its portfolio by qualifying Theatrical Distribution, Television Distribution and Overseas Distribution. Very soon, it will launch its own OTT platform that will open a world of best-in-class Webseries, movies, shows, etc., to the users.

Growing upon splendid opportunities, Rachel & Sam Media aims to contribute to the economic forecast by 2025. Sam adds to this, “As India moves ahead with its planned growth, we wish to ensure that our growth will multiply by the same period. And this will include revenue growth along with business optimization.”

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