The 2020 Incepted Arm of Bagla Group, Creating Impact on India’s Racket Sports Community

Rackonnect, a hyperlocal sports-tech company founded in 2020, aims to impact India’s racket sports community significantly. Rackonnect acts as a onestop solution for all racket sports, making racket sports accessible to everyone regardless of age, gender, or economic background. Its objective is to create a large sports community and to encourage and push people to pursue racket sports at a higher level.

Rackonnect is the brainchild of a young enthusiast LSE graduate (London School of Economics), Dhruv M Bagla. The key inspiration behind Rackonnect’s incorporation was Dhruv’s dream to create a platform to connect people at similar levels to play competitively. He is an amazing and inspiring entrepreneur; with his continuous efforts and perseverance, Rackonnect has created an inedible market in the industry.

Rackonnect’s primary goal is to transform how racket sports competitions are planned, help eliminate all forms of biases and uncertainty during tournaments and make competitions more lucrative and organised. They are focused on grassroots players and supporting them in achieving their goals by combining sports and technology.


Here, Rackonnect strives to develop a comprehensive solution that meets all of players demands from managing player registration to creating fixtures to maintaining score sheets, to ease the arduous process of running a tournament. This solution is dedicated to developing more competitive atmosphere.

The primary obstacle is convincing people to switch from cricket to racket sports. It is quite challenging to change Indian culture, particularly in North India, where there are many cricket facilities built by Indian Badminton Legends. However, through Rackonnnect’s state-of-the-art facilities in North India, they wish to make this dream come true.


The team at Rackonnect comes up with unique marketing strategies to stay competitive in the market. They are specifically focused on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram to expand their market reach. They interact with players at the grassroots level, share their inspiring stories, and conduct massive interviews with up-and-coming athletes. They also promote their goods and services through traditional methods like door-to-door sales, and they put on entertaining promotional events so that people can learn more about what they do.


It is believed that in order to expand your business, you must be aware of your surroundings and fully understand your market and target audience. The company has put a lot of time and money into research and development, particularly for their tech product, the Tournament solution, and for building their venues.

After visiting about 50 events to better understand the demands and challenges faced by organisers, the team came up with the concept of a tournament solution. Before opening their cutting-edge facilities, the crew toured the top locations in India, particularly in South India.


While COVID-19 was a curse for many since it interfered with business and caused the deaths of loved ones, it was a blessing for those who saw the worth and significance of sports and fitness. Everyone was busy with work and socialising prior to Covid. They all came to understand the value of spending time alone and taking care of their health as a covid hit. As said by the honourable Prime Minister, “Jaan hai toh jahaan hai” inspired the country.

People began to switch to racket sports as it is typically individual sport because of the limitations on the number of participants and the bans on contact sports. This is where Rackonnect came into the picture with their efforts to develop the racket sports community during and after COVID were quite successful. Individual sports are easier to recruit players for than team sports. Racket sports also provide good cardiovascular exercise for a short time (you can burn up to 1200 calories with a half-hour game of serious badminton, squash, or tennis).


25000 racket sports players in two years. 7500 app downloads. 480 tournaments have been organised by people in 6 months using this software. These are a few major achievements of Rackonnect. In addition, it has also collaborated with different district and state associations such as Delhi Capitals Badminton Association, Haryana Badminton Association, Jaipur Badminton Association, Faridabad Badminton Association, Punjab Badminton Association, Palwal Badminton Association.


Rackonnect has introduced a social sports programme, Racket for All, to encourage prospective racket sports fans. The goal of the social initiative Racket for All is to make racket sports available to everyone, regardless of social standing. They ensure that obstacles in the way of money or the economy cannot halt the desire to play.

In order to expose and educate the students of these organisations, government schools, and societies, they have conducted competitions and workshops. For these athletes who play racket sports, they have also planned a donation drive for sporting goods. This was done to aid their skill development and competition with other players. For these players, Rackonnect also plans several events.

Rackonnect then sponsors the best players to compete in ranking tournaments.The firm has successfully organised grassroots-level tournaments and 60+ racket sports tournaments in 18 months. It has also partnered with Yonex Sunrise India to organise badminton tournaments. Other big sponsors like Mahindra Cars, Tata Motors, Red Bull, Monster Drinks, Ritebite, Gritzo, Dainik Bhaskar, Paras, Wild Water, etc.


The brand has successfully launched numerous facilities in India for racket sports. Now, it is planning to expand its global reach to other Asian nations, including India, Sri Lanka, the Maldives, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, and other regions of the Asian peninsula. For the future, they strive to support the growth of professional players and support India’s dream in winning more and more gold medals in worldwide tournaments. They aspire to expand their wings across the globe in the next five years.

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