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A Rohit Bhardwaj’s Endeavor Setting New Parameters in Architectural & Interior Drafting

“It’s never a cake walk to set up a business, so I don’t have a different story as “consistency, Hard Work & Struggle are the key factors for every successful business.” – Rohit Bhardwaj.

Providing top-notch architectural drafting services since last many years, TECTICONISM Studio is a name resonating with high-end quality, comfort, and optimum client satisfaction. Since its inception, the brand initiated with humble beginnings and has evolved to be a leader offering high-quality deliverables and setting new parameters for clients worldwide. This is being done under the guidance and remarkable leadership of Rohit Bhardwaj, Designer, Founder and CEO of TECTICONISM Studio. He is a proficient designer and architect with years of experience and knowledge.

At present, TECTICONISM Studio is a trusted, passionate Architectural & Interior design services-based outsourcing firm located in Delhi, India. They hold expertise in a wide array of drafting industries for Hospitality, Retail, Residential, Corporate, Healthcare, Institutional, and Commercial projects. There is a variant team of talented and professional Architects and Draftsmen who are dedicated to the best solutions and results. They take pride in their capacity to work under high standards of quality and service.

TECTICONISM has grown from 0 to 300 percent while progressing toward maximising results; they have successfully attained a 95% client retention rate. The team’s growth increased from 200% to 300% over the previous three years. As of now, TECTICONISM has opened a new branch in Vancouver, Canada and they are planning to open in other Nations soon.

“In most cases, you do not have to be a dreamer to develop your business, and I was one of them. My childhood was not very fortunate that I could think of setting up a business. This all started when my HOD said: “the architects are the bosses of all other fields.” It gave me a sense of direction throughout my career and motivated me to learn more from various fields,” apprised Mr Rohit Bhardwaj while sharing about the inception of TECTICONISM. He continued; I have always wanted to do something different from the busy daily office schedule.

I, therefore, had plans to launch a business in the field of architecture and interior design. However, the slow growth of the Indian architectural and interior design markets is a major issue. As a result, I started working as a freelance architect for a firm based in New York. I had to work during the day for my fulltime job and fulfil my daily tasks from New York at night, which was not an easy assignment. Later, I made the decision to have an office, and today we are in Connaught Place, in the centre of Delhi.

Impact of COVID-19 Crisis on TECTICONISM

Lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic though a tough time, was a turning point for TECTICONISM. As the world hit the pause button, the company grew extensively to the point of giving work to people affected by this crisis. Their growth rate increased to up to 200%. The lockdown became a critical turning point that enabled TECTICONISM to establish and grow as a brand. They now have more time and resources at their disposal, and they effectively finish their large projects ahead of schedule.

Assuring Consistent Growth with their Exclusive Marketing Tactics

They advertise their design documentation through a variety of marketing tactics. They have developed an online portfolio that displays their work and has excellent photos, videos, and in-depth project summaries. Additionally, they are active on social media, where they advertise their services and interact with potential customers, both of which assist the business in attracting more attention to the project.

• Press Releases
• Social Media Engagement
• A Robust Website
• Video Content Creation and Distribution across various channels

Dynamic Leadership

Anjil Rana and Sandhya Bhatia are the two key professionals at the company who have empowered TECTICONISM to flourish at a rapid pace.

Anjil Rana – BD Manager

Management Department head, Anjil Rana, is in charge of all the administrative work, human resources, and business development. She ensures that everything runs smoothly and the work is carried out without a hitch. She is driven, diligent, and experienced enough to handle any situation with ease. She also works nonstop.

Sandhya Bhatia – Sr. Project Manager

The Senior Project Manager in charge of overseeing all the company’s production management is Sandhya Bhatia. She ensures that the projects are free of errors and delivered on schedule. She has a keen eye, excellence is her top priority, and she will never compromise on the details.

The Work Culture of TECTICONISM

Everyone working here has a right to feel appreciated. Everyone is given their own space and the resources they require to succeed. There is an open-door policy, so team members are welcome to approach the leaders with any issues or inquiries. The leadership team puts a lot of effort into making sure that every employee feels valued since they firmly believe that they are the most significant individuals in the business.

They make every effort to ensure that the team interacts on a personal level with various activities be it annual trips, parties, celebrations for special occasions, unexpected appraisals, or bonuses. They simply sit with the team and engage in conversation about topics unrelated to the workplace. Everyone at TECTICONISM feels at home in this way!

A Piece of Advice from the Visionary Leader

You do not need to be a genius to thrive in business. Simply surround yourself with intelligent individuals who can help you in putting your idea into action. When you hold a position of leadership, giving your 100% is not enough, it has to be more than that. You cannot run a business without consistency. One should not pursue this if you do not believe in making compromises because running a business demands so in every aspect of your life be it family, health, or personal relationships.

You should respect your team and give them a sense of importance by giving them advice, to which they should pay close attention so that it may help them to become a good person and experts in their line of work. You should always keep yourself dedicated for the betterment of your team. A true leader is one who, prioritise staff and clients at the same time and be consistent about it.

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