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Release of SHINECOIN (SHC) from Shine Projects

Release of SHINECOIN (SHC) from Shine Projects

Many people are skeptic about Crypto currency as a digital asset. Crypto Currency is always shrouded in controversy about its legality in India. But recently it was hinted by the finance minister when taxation on profit on crypto currencies were introduced as the government recognized them as assets Just like land, gold and stocks.

One of the most asked questions is regarding the size of crypto market in India. CREBACO, a prominent research, rating and intelligence firm focusing on blockchain, and cryptocurrencies stated that the crypto asset market in India is worth $15 billion, or six million people, or 0.5% of the country’s population. The global market cap for crypto was assessed to be standing at a staggering 3 Trillion USD. Shine Projects observing the immense potential of crypto currency is also issuing its own crypto currency, which is called SHINECOIN.

Its ICO (Initial coin offering) has started, and a person can purchase the SHINECOINS from the website of Shine Projects by simply signing up. The purchased SHINECOINS will be reflected in the digital wallet associated with the person. SHINECOINS are based on Binance Smart Chain technology (BEP 2.0 standard) which is Binance Exchange’s smart-contract-enabled blockchain.

Each SHINECOIN is worth Rs 10 in the ICO phase, the ICO will be ending when the goal Rs.1000 crores is reached, and the user will then be allocated SHINECOINS associated with: indicating the proportionate ownership in the asset. Any charges like Gas fee will be borne by Shine Projects. The trading of SHINECOIN will thereby begin in the crypto currency exchanges like WazirX, CoinswitchKuber, CoinDcx, etc.

With the investors investing in ICOs for bumper listing & long-term gains, one has to note that the average gain of cryptos on the listing day is at 91%. According to the reports from ET, several crypto currencies have given an annual return of 50,000% also it may be noted that certain smaller cryptos rallied 64,000 in 1 day. However, interested users should access the risk-reward ratio and take a calculated risk according to their risk appetite as Shine Projects is not promising any fixed return or bumper gains.

The relationship manager from Shine Projects shall contact the user on their registered contact number to guide them with the allotment process and giving them a demo on how to trade in the crypto exchanges. The users will be sent an SMS, an email and a WhatsApp notification when the trading starts.

Downside risk with any Crypto currency would be the price falling due to the loss of demand. But the best part with SHINECOINS is that you can purchase any course/workshop in the website for 100 SHINECOINS, making the downside risk 0 as the user can buy the products for a fixed SHINECOIN price no matter what its market price is. With the funds raised during the ICO, Shine Projects would further strengthen its education business for a worldwide reach and start its own Crypto Exchange and an NFT marketplace and its director also aspires to start Crypto and NFT hedge fund services.

There are various benefits of investing in SHINECOIN like its Capital appreciation and Utility, as demand will increase the price of the crypto currency will also increase. SHINECOINS can be used to buy courses/workshops on or our already listed NFTs in OpenSea or WazirX once SHINECOIN trading starts. Shine Projects is also planning to launch its own NFT market place and merchandise store where goods like Bags, Watches, books, etc can be bought via SHINECOINS for a fixed SHINECOIN price.

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