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The incubation of Digital technology has proven to be a blessing for companies across the planet. Whether its startup or big firm, digital innovations like AI, ML, etc. has assisted in conceiving novel solutions that can upskill customer experiences. Under the banner of entrepreneurship, tech-entrepreneurship has been a trending name. The vertical stands for specialized startups, who leverage on adept technology to procure propelling services like SaaS, Cloud computing, and much more.

However, the emergence of these innovations has created a competitive environment in the industry; henceforth, associating with the suitable IT enabler is indispensable. This situation brings Siddhan Intelligence in the picture. Integrated with proficient resources, the company is providing a sublime experience to a variety of industrial sectors.


Siddhan Intelligence is a next-generation IT Startup innovating the Airlines, Logistics, Surface Transportation and Hospitality Industry, with tailored SaaS Solutions. Headquartered in Chennai, Siddhan leads the market on customer delights, obtained through world-class performance. By ensuring the excellent outcome of clients’ business, Siddhan Intelligence has provided 400+ solution pockets to the aviation sphere. It has satisfied major Promoters, CTOs, Product Heads and worked in major airlines, across the Globe. The blooming quality and standard have helped Siddhan excel beyond the country’s boundaries; growing into countries like the US, Canada, UK, and Brussels.

Siddhan Intelligence was established in 2019 by, Baskar Rengaiyan, Founder/CEO and Alok Upadhyay, Founder/Director. Recalling his growth so far, Baskar asserts, Siddhan is a startup with a difference”. Despite being a ‘travel technology’ firm, Siddhan Intelligence ensures the domain is having its substantial presence; as good as the technology within the organization. This helps in making deliveries beyond the client’s expectations and adds to the company’s benefit.


Adept technology takes business to new heights; the ambiguity between business and IT enabler is a vital concern. Emphasizing to this, Siddhan has crafted a comprehensive business model that proffers better collaboration and quality; delivering working solutions to clients. Their services include:

Business Digital (BD) Transformation: By integrating AI and ML, Siddhan has devised services that can assist every kind of operations of a Company; helping in profit maximization. Siddhan believes technology can take care of the arduous tasks of an organization with extreme precision. Combining proper technical aspects, Siddhan Intelligence has created a Novel framework that can procure transitional outcomes that meet the client’s expectations.

Agile Assurance: Being an unorthodox startup, Siddhan ensures its team is 100% agile-ready, agile-oriented and agile-conversant; creating an agile assurance framework that delivers autonomous solutions to clients, every time. Furthermore, Siddhan uses Atlassian Products to enable agile development and a freewheeling delivery process.

Siddhan Dev Ops Framework (S-DOF): This framework integrates the team as a single unit developing, testing, delivering and maintaining business applications/ Products / Solutions. The system focuses on increased communication and collaboration, that keeps the team enthusiastic and maintains flexibility with every project/product development. The framework also ensures:

  • An accelerated delivery and deployment process
  • Higher frequencies of software releases
  • Stability, security, and reliability of deployed software
  • Better predictability of software release cycles
  • Fewer errors in delivered and deployed code

S-DOF is a very proficient framework that helps to procure quality-tested products, customized to a company’s drive to attain prolific results at par with rules set on conventional DevOps.

Management Consulting: Identical to its other services, Siddhan has an innovative management consulting process. With the emergence of globalization, potential clients look for strategies that have high focus, quick and agile execution. But, even after having an adept strategy lack of digital muscle obstructs the execution. To overcome these challenges, Siddhan has built connections with global digital technology partners, aware of practical challenges and can address them, with befitting solutions. Siddhan’s management consultants stay with their clients in every step, until the clients reach their desired goal.


Since its inception, Siddhan has been an efficient brand, with a robust delivery structure and client-oriented mindset. Baskar’s leadership has been a chief additive to this growth. Prior to Siddhan, Baskar has garnered – 2 decades of experience in the IT arena having accomplished leadership designations in notable companies. He initiated his entrepreneurship, intending to elevate client satisfaction, with enterprise-grade solutions. He has reinforced his entrepreneurship with Vision, Mission and Values that can keep the company focused on its goals. These are:


To be the best technology solution provider for the Airlines, Airports, Travel, Logistics, Shipping, and Surface Transportation Industry.


To enable travel business smarter using the latest digital technologies.


Employees First, Power the Customers, Achieve Impossible, Breath Excellence, Global Harmony.


Deliver what customer is expecting – 100%. Anything less will open the door to competition”, asserts Baskar.

Siddhan Intelligence was founded with an idea to bring change in the ways companies provide their IT services. As such, innovation and experimentation has been an imperative approach. Further, with an in-depth R&D, Siddhan has been able to innovate a suitable business structure abreast of the varied nature of processes, execution strategy followed by, the clients within the same domain. This research-oriented business model has helped the company not only in staying ahead of peers but also to create a growing presence in the market.


As mentioned earlier, Siddhan Intelligence is tech-savvy entrepreneurship encompassed with competent professionals. To get the best, we need to invest our time with them”, states Baskar. Siddhan Intelligence ensures it’s workforce’s nourishment with, timely training and collaboration. Nurturing with proper training sessions help in eliminating ambiguities and provide clarity on the expected outcome.

In addition to training, Siddhan is known for its workplace and comprehensive work culture. Siddhan comes with a state-of-the-art facility that gives employees access to the complete business world. The leaders put forth situations, such that individuals can live the challenges with customers and provide real-time solutions, subsequently.


Within a year of inception, Siddhan Intelligence has achieved 100% NCA (New Customer Acquisition) rate, which stands as one of their celebrated milestones. Moreover, Siddhan has been growing with a strong sales pipeline. Looking forward, Siddhan Intelligence is aiming at uplifting its delivery standards and continue serving customers with satisfaction.


Be Passionate, Believe in yourself, have clarity on Goals – You can get what you want”. – Baskar Rengaiyan


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