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Artificial intelligence-driven EdTech App &Web, growing by 300% M/M, Disrupting the Market with 14+ International Patentable Technology

With technology and the internet climbing the ladder of quick revolutions, the education sector is one of the most lucrative, growing, and thriving industries. Additionally, as the internet has grown in popularity, more students and teachers are becoming more inclined to online platforms.

Because of the expanding shift in attentional paths from offline to online, numerous enterprises have been allowed to enter this prominent field. One such venture envisioned to integrate the technology into education to make it readily available and ensure seamless learning is Zomant Solutions Private Limited, the innovative creation of Gowthami Ramisetty (Co-founder & Director) and Pattabhi Ram Reddy (Co-founder & Director).

Recently, the Hyderabad-headquartered firm launched its product “Skyget,” -The Artificial Intelligence driven online solution, which is highly personalized, interactive and adaptive for 6 to 12 classes students. It is also the advanced and powerful tool for teacher. The platform currently serves 700+ schools & colleges and supports students in achieving their goals.

The Visionaries Who Made It Happen
Pattabhi Ram Reddy, Co-founder & Director of Zomant Solutions, an alumnus of Harvard Business School, is a Senior Business Consultant who examines the issues and solutions in various industries and the current trends and expansion potential.

GowthamiRamisetty, Co-founder & Director, Zomant Solutions, started career as embedded systems engineer and with a passion in teaching entered into field of Competitive exam trainer, worked as faculty and Program co-ordinator in various organisations across the country. She thoroughly studied the system’s operation throughout her eight years of professional experience and the students’ education from beginning to end.

The Tale of Inception
GowthamiRamisetty and Pattabhi Ram have been friends for more than ten years. They met at a college event and have a familiar friend circle. Both discussed various societal problems and solutions, more about the education system.

Soon, they realised that there were a lot of gaps and issues, though they are at micro and nano levels that are affecting the education quality and the system. So, both drilled things through market surveys, figured out the problem founded this company and started building the high-end Technology powered online solution for the online examination platform.

Edge over the Peers
By generating high-value customer propositions, Skyget has a distinctive business strategy to disrupt the B2B EdTech market and cutting-edge solutions to disrupt the B2C EdTech market. The concepts behind all the advances are patentable, and they also submitted numerous patent applications to WIPO and IP India. Following are the key factors that make Skyget stands out –

  • With a product and a company plan, Skyget is utilising an octa blockage strategy.
  • Skyget charges for distinctive features that no other company in this sector offers.
  • Like business-to-consumer transactions, complimentary services include live classes, All India Live Tests, deeper analytics of student progress, learning activity and AI driven practice exercises in each subject and many more features to reach the target of the Academic year.

Clientele & Corporate Ethos
Skyget serves the 700+ international schools and many other prestigious schools all over India, offering truly personalized services for each student. And Skyget offers competitive entrances preparation where Quality video & other content and high-end technology indulged in smart way, to 11th and 12th students that keeps the student laser-focussed towards their Rank.

Team Building
The two co-founders founded the company in 2017 with a team of 4. Over time, 40 people have been added to the team, layer by layer. And the founders got the name after the “work and Grow” environment among the employees.

At Skyget, they believe that a team that combines intelligence with a self-driven work ethic and a commitment to lifelong learning is most suited to make a significant contribution to both short- and long-term goals. Depending on how the project was progressing, they determined the necessary departments and began employing the top candidates in the sector through formal rounds of interviews.

Overcoming the Unprecedented Pandemic
During the COVID pandemics, they deployed a hybrid work-from-home paradigm, several video conferencing capabilities, and frequent outcome tracking. And they helped the team overcome the epidemic by motivating them enormously and supporting them with Covid health insurance, which kept them at ease and encouraged them to produce high-quality results. They frequently connected with the Team and let them know how far they were from the company goals and how much work still needed to accomplish the next immediate destination.

Synchronising with the latest technological advancements
Skyget has been built with Artificial Intelligence technology, including Machine learning, Deep learning, and Natural language processing. By Implementing AI technology, they can provide high-end, never-before solutions to customers.

Significance of R&D
Discussing the significance of R&D, the leading lady apprised, “We invest a lot of time in R&D because we think that keeping up with the market will enable us to advance. It serves as the foundation for all our present and future services. We can define and position our products effectively in the market thanks to R&D. Our core competencies are research and development in design thinking, advanced technology, and market analysis.”

Employee Motivation Strategies at Skyget
For employee motivation, the leading team provides ownership rights, and if the employees do well, they are given the ESOP in addition to performance bonuses. Additionally–

  • Employees are given flexibility for entering and leaving the office
  • Timely awards, encouragement, and claps Infront of everyone
  • Every occasion is celebrated, including festivals, employee birthdays and outings

Skyget’s Achievements and Plans Ahead
The Web &App were launched in Dec 2020, and trained thousands of students across India and recently it started serving Schools and Jr. colleges also. Skyget serving the class 6-12 students in state board, CBSE board schools. And Skyget trained the aspirants of JEE Main and NEET towards their Ranks successfully.

They have 300% M/M rapid growth in B2B market at great conversion rate and a very good B2C conversion rate. They anticipate a 70 percent market share in B2B and a 15 percent share in B2C during the next two years.

Gowthami avows, “We are working on some innovative technologies that will revolutionise the way the world uses the internet and disrupt the Edtech industry. This digital platform will be made available in December 2022.”

Gowthami wraps with, “One advice I would like to share with other aspiring entrepreneurs is to believe strongly in your Vision.” 

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