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Bringing the World’s Best Curriculum in the Indian Education Space

Whether you’re seeking advanced learning in mid and higher education or counselling for a pathbreaking career, Synergy Institute is an all-inclusive choice. Founded in 2018, the Institute offers a broad set of ‘Accelerated programs’, from a variety of disciplines, for students from Grade 6 to 12. The programs are built upon a strong foundation with conceptual clarity in each subject. Also, it includes challenging modules centred on amplifying their strengths and meeting their needs.

Moreover, the programs are taught by leading scholars in respective fields, who make the learning process joyful, stress-free while instilling them with the confidence to excel. The integration of academic and project-based learning strengthens a student’s imagination and cognitive ability. The Institute takes every deliberate measure to unlock a student’s true potential, turning them into problem solvers.

In simple words, it enables them to deal with real-world challenges and be future-ready. “Our programs are best suited for students who wish to study in the topmost universities of the world and who are desirous of creating a positive change in society”, asserts the CEO proudly.

The story of Synergy Institute started in 2018 with Mrs Seema Poddar’s vision to offer quality education. Over the last couple of years, the dimensions of education have been shaped and reshaped. Technological inclusion has emerged plenty of startups in the Edtech space who brought dynamic changes in various disciplines. Nonetheless, a large proportion of educators still feel a strong need to change the ways.

While NEP 2020 intends to make education more vibrant and qualified, long-term implementation has yet to happen. Moreover, Private schools have their limitations, which gives edupreneurs a scope to renovate the space. Even more, the burden of the pandemic has made online education widely appealing for health and comfort.

The Scenario helped her recognize the critical need for a trusted organization offering advanced learning programs. Seema has over a decade of knowledge in IB education and is well-edified with the education business. Over the years, she witnessed how private tutors and counsellors limit their services and care not about a student’s sustainable career. Eventually, students end up taking courses/programs from foreign universities, which are extremely expensive. Therefore, Seema and a few other like-minded people assembled a tight cadre of educators distinctively accomplished in pedagogy.

Together, they mapped a curriculum that encompasses IB, IGCSE, Indian, American, and Australian curriculum. “Our mission is to help our students excel beyond the school level while preparing them for various skills required.”, asserts Seema. Their education module is designed with extensive study and takes all of a student’s needs into account.

In the last two years, 99% of its students have shown stunning improvement in understanding, engagement, and performance, demonstrating its team’s hard work. Synergy Institute is growing at a steady pace, offering programs that enrich students’ knowledge, meet academic needs, and help in creating a reputable holistic profile.

Technology is no longer knocking on the doors and has become an integral part of the business fraternity. In the education sector, innovations are driving the change and bringing forth radical transformations. AIs are handling multi-disciplinary responsibilities, making job prospects for the students of this generation very challenging. In such times, innovative ideas cannot take flight without engaging in a rigorous and constant process of R&D.

Therefore, Synergy Institute commits to intense research to synchronize with trends and forthcoming challenges. The Company complies with the critical need to arm its students with research, creative and critical thinking, proper communication and collaboration coupled with a solid base in their areas of interest and passion.

They also reach out to skilled mentors for incorporating improvements in their teaching methods. Keeping the focus on services and teaching methods have enabled the holistic engagement of students. “Our current batches are showing remarkable improvement in their understanding and performance”, conveys the founder. The Success of their students has proved prudent in attracting more students. While their outreach grows through word-of-mouth soon, the Company plans to enter social media marketing for better reach. To conclude, the focus upon R&D not only fosters growth but their sustainability as well.

Synergy operates on a synergetic bond between its stakeholders – students, teachers and parents. Therefore, the entire Company strongly believes in the core values of empathy, collaboration and trust. This inspires every person to work for a cause that keeps them engaged. The senior leaders collaborate with the educators providing all the guidance and support required to maintain efficiency.

All crucial decisions are made after discussions between consultants and the leadership team. The leaders work with passion, drive and authenticity that reflects on their efforts to create change and impacts those they serve. The admin staff members also provide constant support to the teachers for the smooth facilitation of the classes. Along with the unity, the teachers enjoy teaching their students in their time and comfort.

“They have joined us for the mission of providing quality education, and it’s our responsibility to keep them off pressure”, asserts Seema.

Synergy’s progress can be assessed upon the increasing number of students and teachers – and their performance. As stated earlier, a significant proportion of its students have displayed remarkable overall development. Starting with just 2 students, they are on their way to make a Century very soon. They’ve also grown into a team of 28 educators from only 6.

They have formed a partnership with one of India’s eminent counseling firm to provide consultancy to their students who wish to study abroad. These laurels make the Company proud and empower its vision to deliver quality education while helping students realize their personal goals and true potential. Last but not the least, they’ve recently converted themselves into a Pvt. Ltd. Organisation.

In a broader sense of prospects, Synergy has laid several milestones to achieve. They’re in the process of implementing robust online infrastructure and presence. They’ve also invested in Learning Management Systems (LMS) and Competency Management Systems (CMS) for faster and simplified quality education. With eyes on growth, they’re seeking VCs/ Angel investors who see the potential in their mission and business.

Parallelly, they’re planning for loans from banks which will be utilized in hiring marketing experts and technocrats. They’re also willing to collaborate with experienced Edtech companies to create a stronger and bigger platform that can benefit – both teachers and students. Quality education should not be a privilege for a few. And to work on that, Synergy wants to introduce its ‘Accelerated programs’ to schools as well.

Seema and her team are working on a strong belief that they can create waves in the Indian Education Space. As such, they’ve opened doors for every visionary who wishes to contribute and collaborate in their mission.

“Take risks for what you are passionate about. You owe that to yourself. Even if you fail, you will have the satisfaction of trying. If you are really passionate and not in the business of making money, you will make it happen, and success will follow… Focus on the quality of the services/products you wish to offer”.

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