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IT – Website Development, Software Development, Application Development, Digital Marketing

Started in July 2020, MHV Media OPC Private Limited began with a mission to guide entrepreneurs in building up a prospective digital business. Based in New Delhi, MHV Media educates and trains people to help them transform their dream of owning a profitable business in the digital world into a reality. The company takes care of multiple aspects of the establishment of digital organizations, from website development, software development, application development to digital marketing.

What began with zero fiscal investment and tremendous skill is well on its way to become an example of entrepreneurial success through innovation and teamwork.

About MHV Media
The digital world, growing at an unprecedented pace, has seen thousands trained and guided at the hands of the experienced and dedicated trainers at MHV Media in a short span of one year. To the people who are confident, willing to learn and earn and make their dreams come true, MHV Media provides all the tools to succeed in the super competitive startup industry.

The company offers a wide range of services in the field of IT and Digital Marketing. The team at MHV is composed of expert graphic designers, content developers, web and application developers, and email and video marketers who work to keep the client’s organization ahead of the competition curve. The products and services provided by MHV Media include:

  • Raksha Kawach Application
  • Google Map Marketing
  • Facebook+Instagram Marketing
  • Google Marketing
  • Application Development
  • Website Development
  • Secret Youtube Master
  • Secret Blogging Masters
  • Raksha Kawach T-Shirt

The company provides all-round 24×7 support in online business setup, from content management, video marketing, social media marketing all the way to logo design and search engine optimization. The most significant service MHV Media offers is personalized training for its clients to assist them in their organization’s growth. Working as a team with the clients, they analyze different strategies and market dynamics to keep the clients updated with the latest developments in the field.

MHV Media operates with a vision to set and achieve targets while focusing on expansion and further growth from New Delhi to Kolkata – West Bengal, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh to Dubai in the next few years. The company has witnessed transformations in the digital field and is evolving with them to accomplish more and more with time and experience.

Journey So Far
Since its inception, MHV Media has focused on achieving excellence through rigorous, quality-oriented processes to devise solutions that helps their clients with setting up their business and ensuring growth. The dedicated professionals at MHV Media provide best-in-class IT solutions right from the product development stage to after-sales services.

“We at MHV Media believe in defining, designing, and delivering such IT solutions to our clientele and investors that help them excel and outshine their competitors and eventually become a front runner in their respective domain”.

The company ensures that the clients and investors retain their faith in MHV Media. They work with complete integrity to fulfill the client’s expectations and stand true as an immensely trustworthy business partner. They value the trust put in them when an organization entrusts its funds and startup in their hands. They strive to cater to their needs through their world-class services and efficiency in delivery. The result of this is that their client retention rate is higher, and clients keep coming back to them and believe in MHV Media.

The investors, clients and customers are the greatest priority for MHV Media. Being an ISO Certified organization, there was never a question of misplaced trust or authenticity in any association with MHV. They stand by their stakeholders whenever they need it, and keep the clients updated regarding their projects at regular intervals. To ensure their satisfaction, the company has developed marketing strategies that involve well-tailored training to set up their venture.

The company believes that R&D is essential for the growth, survival and marketing enhancement of any organization. To keep their clients’ organizations ahead of its competitors, the team undertakes thorough market and domain research. They always go an extra mile to assist their partners any time of the day.

The Leadership and Work Culture
Mr. Rakesh Kumar, the Operations Manager at MHV Media, started his journey as a telecaller. As an overachiever since the very beginning, he was appreciated for his dedication and hard work and promoted to Manager within a month. Handling an entire team of people and with a 100% success rate, he proved to be a great asset to the organization.

Mr. Rakesh believes that leadership has changed a lot in recent years, from just being a concept in HR to one of the greatest strengths of any organization. At MHV, leadership is all about a parallel process of growth of an organization alongside that of the people attached to it. The employees, clients, potential associates, investors, and everyone that MHV has impacted directly or indirectly is included in the holistic growth that the leadership at MHV envisions.

Owing to its focus on shared growth and positivity, the employees at MHV feel that the company is their “second home”. A hub of learning and growth, it is one of their favourite spots and holds the credit to lift them up in different fields.

The motto of MHV Media is “Growth Together”. The company helps its employees develop through weekly sessions, allows them the space and encouragement to follow their passions and work in any department of their choice within their core strengths. “We have never stopped ourselves, and nor do our employees,” states Mr. Rakesh.

Future Plans
MHV Media is in expansion mode, with a number of lowhanging projects in its hands. The company has recently established contractual agreements with new investors, which reflects its constantly growing legacy. The company is optimistic about its future in foreign and domestic lands, considering its unencumbered success and positive client responses so far.

MHV Media has successfully established two branches within a year in Delhi, and has seen exceptional growth. The company is set to progress on a similar track and expand its business across continents.

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