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Facilitating New Age Business Enterprises including Entrepreneurs & Innovators to allow them to achieve desired outcome with practical, innovative and result-oriented approach

In order to achieve significant stride in business ecosystem, every new entrepreneur needs to explore uncharted territory. Since business environment is competitive and opportunities does not knock the doors of success on a daily basis, hence, the need for expert guidance, motivation and assistance is essential from seasoned strategist and business consultants.

This is the void “TeamStrategize” seeks to fill and comes as a connecting platform. TeamStrategize is a Delhi-based techno commercial consulting firm being operated and managed by highly professional and committed innovative individuals. TS from a modest beginning have in a short span of time, made significant inroads in their vision road map.

The mission of TS is to drive high-impact strategic transformations to upcoming business ventures so as to facilitate and allow them garner maximum advantage. The approach of TS is to combine strategy development and innovation, and thereafter, tactically blend it with pragmatic-focused planning to achieve the desired results, allowing resource optimization and the best return on investment.

The Exclusive Service Portfolio

TeamStrategize adds life to the business – with credible, expert consulting with ground-level solutions. Some of the focus areas where TS is presently working on:

Talent and Technology:

Innovations differentiate the seed from the husk. Since the market today is teaming with several players, therefore, it becomes imperative to know, develop and implement innovation driven business plans. One of the focus areas of TS is to identify fresh talented professionals and provide such potential innovators and entrepreneurs space for grooming, get the right opportunities and network.


The best part of student’s young mind is they can rapidly adapt to change and they are ready to explore beyond traditional norms. TS has devised tailor-made initiatives for academic institutions, keeping in focus the requirement of new age students and parents collectively.


Perception of customer/ consumer revolves around what is new, what is the improvement from the earlier available product/service and today’s customers are extremely sensitive to and influenced by changes brought by social media and over the information highway provided by the World Wide Web at the tip of ones’ fingers. Here TS’s Advertising and Brand promotion arm provides solutions as per the need of the market.

Mind-Space Management: In order to allow companies to grow and remain relevant attracting and retaining the right set of talent is extremely important. TS offers specialized training, including but not limited to business market development tools so as to allow corporates as well as start-ups to focus on new trends and make changes in their business models so that success becomes achievable.

The Innovative Initiative by TeamStrategize

India is experiencing a flourishing world of start-up ecosystem. Start-ups have exploded and this is revolutionizing the country. Young people’s creative ideas are now becoming a reality. Keeping the Talent of the TEAM in mind, TS has started a new initiative “Investing in Talent (TS@IiT)”, which will identify young talent, help them ideate, nurture their ideas and help them step in the ecosystem with confidence.

Their endeavour is not only creating a roadmap of success, but also motivating them to lead the country. Keeping this vision in mind TS is focusing on NorthEast of India. Even the Government has recognized the vast pool of talent in the citizens of the farthest part of India.

TS believes that the Land of the rising sun is an ocean of opportunity and people from the region have shown the capacity and capability to excel and achieve not only their dreams but also allow them to contribute, significantly, to the growth chain of India. Specifically designed interactive programs initiated by TS, with supports from experts and Investors, will lead to a more shining India.

A small overview of the Dynamic Leadership Team at TS

Malobika Sengupta – Co-Founder

A woman of substance. A woman with a solid three decade of experience in marketing and strategic consultancy. Ms. Sengupta is not only a successful, energetic and enthusiastic CEO who played a key role in nurturing, developing and steering Wigan & Leigh brand throughout India.

She lead from the front for more than 20 years with able leadership and conviction. She maintained a conducive relationship with the partners in United Kingdom by developing an open and focused network of partnership with and among the universities and institution of repute in UK and the British Iles.

Monalisa Mallick – Co-Founder

Monalisa Mallick is a working professional for the past 20 years and that she is a beacon of women of the new millennia. She is highly focused, motivated, ready to adapt to any change, extremely savvy to new information, innovation, technological changes and blends it all to garner success and profitability of a business enterprise.

Viswaroop Bhattacharya – Co-Founder

He has over 24 years of experience in the fields of finance and accounting. He worked with the Foundation for Innovation and Technology Transfer (FITT), which was founded by the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi. He is familiar with the Government and Institute level protocols for establishing Incubation units, their grant facilities and overall working style of such institutions. Mr. Bhattacharya is a creative visionary and is open to new ideas and innovations.

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