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Technology is transforming the way we live, work, and interact with others. While tremendous strides have been made in the last decade, COVID-19 pushed it to the next level. Automation has been a gamechanger, reinventing tedious tasks, boosting accessibility to services, and enhancing efficiency, all while raising total work-value and performance. Online services have been a boon across the landscape, especially in rural settings, for procurement, reducing mobility, learning, and accessing capabilities through the Confederation of International Commission.

Technology is also causing the business world to become more ecologically sound. Sustainability has evolved from a phrase to a driving force for the environment, economy, and society. As a result, committing to sustainable practices has grown critical as the negative effects of climate change become more visible and foreboding, with the potential to disrupt everything from supply chains to profitability. To summarize, technology is enhancing people’s lives, exposing them to the rest of the world and making them more ecologically conscious.

The notion is indelible, and because not everyone can uphold these obligations on their own, they must turn to a socially conscious firm. Enter Tech Innovation Global Inc. The company is a small/minority business for community service, improvements, charity, and overall well-being. It provides technology and tools that have the potential to change people’s lives and businesses. It’s one of the first black woman WOSB-owned businesses located in the USA in task development
to utilize data analysis including corrections to improve performance. Its customized services to broaden the horizons of business and livelihood are the highlights of the following cover story.

Tech Innovation Global Inc. combines a potent mix of skills and consulting with day-to-day management services. The resultant offerings ensure environmental sustainability with the essence of nature and technology. The company has a global network of 40 companies that are linked by an integrated marketplace/community that serves the International Commission and the BBB in the US. It primarily works in the areas of science, technology, agriculture, HR, health & nutrition (obesity), mental health, and subcontracting. It has a gamut of offerings, including pre-order app subscriptions, data assessments, products, recruitment, online training resources, tech information, charities, and connecting consumers.

Tech Innovation Global Inc. is a WOSB with a lot to offer in the modern age. Its supply management and investment services aid clients in achieving peak performance. The business is a reputable technical and commercial supplier with noteworthy HR technology resources. It offers the skills required to accomplish tasks in the business world, foster creativity, and link businesses with communities. In 2020, Tech Innovation Global Inc. corrected guidance and implemented COVID-19 data analysis for nations in partnership with international health ministries, including New Delhi, and the International Commission approved the results in July.

Alicia Sheree Carroll (President), who has been in charge of the activities, has received accolades and distinguished service medals, such as Federal Woman Program award, contracting and tech coordinator small business advocacy awards from 2004 to 2017. From the start in 2019, its focus was to become a paradigm of “Global Managing Business,” offering services, contracting and developing skills. Today, with its strong global presence, it collaborates with many businesses with more than 25 years of expertise.

Defined By An Undiluted Purpose

Tech Global Innovation Inc. has a history of over 2 decades in the industry. In 2001, the business launched, largely concentrating on the SBA’s streamlined purchases. Over the years, it has outweighed several tides and storms while expanding its global presence and network.

The company was reopened in 2020 with three concrete missions: to work with communities and developmental workforce activities, providing Post-COVID assistance and working with socio-economic verticals to upgrade skills required for data analysis, science and environmental research to help individuals, families, establishments, and businesses. This underlying purpose eventually paved the way for its unique niche.

The company’s USP is its great service alliances with nations and companies that have a stellar track record in business, which allows companies to operate at their peak efficiency while reducing costs. Tech Innovation Global Inc. is supported by international foundations like SAM, USFCR, MBE, and SBA and has the backing of chambers of commerce from many nations.

It has teamed up with startup leader CS Solutions Canada to create a platform for technology projects, anecdotes from business leaders, profiles of entrepreneurs, and services and goods from the US to the rest of the world. Tech Innovation Global Inc. is introduced to India by Mr. Vishal Kalra’s Designistic launch platforms for companies to Bring Investors and Entrepreneurs to the Market in association with View Now and co-powered by the Web3. Tech Innovation Global Inc. also collaborates with former police officer/magistrate W. Culver and several other legal boards on crime reduction and reform.

Tech Innovation Global Inc. proposed a fund series “A” to raise $200 million in 2022 to support ongoing economic reforms in rural areas of Europe, the UK, India and the US. It is supported by angel investors, and people can contribute by investing or by buying goods or services for analysis, product development, mental health, financial planning, nutrition services, translations, training for workforce development, and vendor items for their businesses via the website to support the initiative.

These purchases can be made using equity-stock, BPA, purchase requests, sales quotes, credit cards, or other payment methods. The fund was intended to encourage skill development, foster employment opportunities, and foster innovation through its proprietary app. The app assists with a variety of tasks, including getting workforce assessments and uploading webinars, products, items, videos, and other content for training and/or translations at

The app was developed in association with CS Solutions in collaboration with Global Foundation and Chambers. The flagship was commemorated by Business Connect in the “2021 Corporate Excellence Awards.”

There is a saying, “Technology is best when it brings people together.” The fundamental goal of reopening Tech Innovation Global Inc. was to use technology to advance community projects. Alicia’s diligent leadership has guided and advanced the goal. She is an engineer and technologist well-known for breaking barriers through strategic implementations. Her motivation for pursuing this journey came from working closely with consultants in performing initiatives. Working together with consultants on initiatives provided her with the drive to carry out this mission.

She has contributed to planning initiatives for training and enhancing communities and businesses, all of which are critical factors. The experience played a crucial role in helping Tech Innovation Global Inc. establish engineering management, viz., to enhance daily life through app tool services, products, and technology. She has been named the “Entrepreneur of the Year 2021” because of the success of this endeavour. Her significant efforts to charitable work and enhancing general wellbeing over the past 21 years have helped her make a difference.

As of now, Alicia is treasured in the most influential and inspiring league of ‘shepreneur.’ She is an award-winning technologist of the “2021 Corporate Excellence Awards” with an Honorary Doctoral from the University of New Mexico and Florida Institute of Technology. She also holds a Mechanical Engineering degree and a Professional Master of Business Administration (PMBA).

She has also worked on projects worth millions of dollars while performing reviews, approvals, and planning for technological advancements, business administration, project management, and scientific endeavors. The initiatives have aided companies in utilizing specialists to enhance community resources for success and wellness.

Although Tech Innovation Global Inc. was founded with a glorious purpose, it hasn’t been a smooth quest. One challenge, in particular, was the declining ratio of women entrepreneurs in 2020. According to statistics, women-led enterprises make more revenue overall — more than twice as much for every dollar invested. Also, women-led startups have made contributions to society and research while creating healthy workplace cultures.

Even though women entrepreneurs have created waves, it’s often challenging to enter established networks and how many investors stick to pattern-matching behaviors and tech companies run by men. Venture capital firms have approximately 12% of decision-makers as women, and many don’t even have female partners. Eventually, the inequality affects the overall employment scenario for women.

Tech Innovation Global Inc. aims to set a paradigm of change. It is a WOSB and has made extraordinary contributions to business and society. For instance, it has performed extraordinary work and data analysis in tackling inequality with a focus on the scope of responsibility, esteem, involvement, share and support other goals.

The world as we knew it has been shattered by COVID-19 and its effects, but it has also brought us closer than ever to helping others grow. Similar to this, Tech Innovation Global Inc. carried out an independent analysis of the COVID-19 screening evaluations and symptoms.

Alicia is an advisor to the African Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Africa in India documenting her data analysis in April 28, 2020 to lift and reduce the spread of SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus transmissions during America’s reopening in the COVID-19 National Response Team where she shifted Easter to May/June 2020 followed by an honorary doctoral degree in Engineering Management from International Programs University of Azteca in May 2022.

To slow the spread of SARS-CoV-2, it further spread safety awareness (Wear a mask, maintain a safe distance, wash hands every 20 sec., test symptoms, inoculate and consult health departments to keep communities safe, workplaces safe, businesses healthy, and perform skill gap analysis to workflow assessments). Following these strategies, the business also set up specialized training programs, such as evaluations of data analysis, 25 live webinars for the general public and businesses to use resources with experts, legal benefits for success, healthy habits, and various others.

Born with a mission and committed to seeing others grow, it’s safe to say Tech Innovation Global Inc. has made great strides. Alicia is a member of the advisory board African and Indian Chamber. Last year, in Mar 2021, she was conferred with the title “Influential Women in Tech, 2021.” Her leadership helped her company achieve many notable milestones for being active in helping businesses and communities progress. Few of them are:

  • Advisory Board, Africa, and India
  • British Chamber of Commerce “2021 Corporate Excellence Awards” December 23, 2021
  • The 10 Most Inspiring Business Women Making a Difference, 2021″ March 2021
  • Influential Women in Tech, 2021” March 2021
  • World’s Who’s Who: Tech Innovation Global Incorporated
  • “2021 Corporate Excellence Awards” December 2021

Its efforts in curtailing COVID-19 were covered by Science to Earth and Wellness with Treva Garcia, RDN, and other media establishments. In the end, these efforts were made possible by Alicia’s unbridled efforts and commitment to economic development. She aims to assist nations in achieving high GDP, equitable housing, manufacturing, trade, and travel freedom because these things support economic growth in a nation.

Tech Innovation Global Inc. is actively engaged in its $200 million fund target for 2021-2032 to promote tech initiatives such as services in business, engineering, collaborate in agriculture in Enviro Culture™ and new technology products in several socio-economic sectors, portals to local to global to bring businesses to the community. Additionally, it is working on new products and services in conjunction with the Confederation of International Commission, the Department of Telecom (DoT), the Ministry of Health and Wellness, CS Solutions and other entities. With small investments, Tech Innovation Global Inc. has accomplished tasks that companies invest billions to perform.

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