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Trade Brains App is here to help you make your Stock Market Research Easier

Trade Brains App is here to help you make your Stock Market Research Easier

After receiving a great response on the website, the Bangalore-based Fintech startup, Trade Brains, has made its way to the App Store & Google Play Store to make stock market investment research easier. The startup also launched the Stock Screener tool earlier last year on their website version, which instantly became quite popular among stock investors.

The Trade Brains’ Portal app aims to solve the problem of not having a reliable platform for making efficient stock investment research. The app allows the user to create multiple watchlists on the go for the ease of stock market tracking. They also provide quick stock market news updates on the latest corporate results and actions so that investors can stay informed about the current situations in the stock market. The news section also includes Stock Market alerts, IPO News, Company Results, Commodity, Economy news, and more.

However, the Trade Brains app features don’t stop here and provide additional offerings apart from the Stock Screener and the market news section. The app allows the users to perform fundamental analysis of companies by providing the complete last five-year analysis and results. They have a dedicated section to track the latest IPOs in the Indian stock market.

In addition to these, the fintech startup also provides a very handy feature known as the Superstar Portfolio, where the user can peek into the latest stock portfolio of superstar investors like Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, Ashish Kacholia, RK Damani, and more. Moreover unlike others, Trade Brains Portal goes the extra mile to embrace prospective investors by offering ready-made collections of stocks like blue chips, dividend stocks, etc. in their bucket list sections.

Commenting on their recent launch, Kritesh Abhishek, CEO & Founder of Trade Brains said, “Trade Brains Portal app is built for empowering the retail investors to make better investment decisions and we’re just getting started in the mobile app segment. Many features are rolling out soon on the app which will make this app a one-stop solution for all the Indian stock market research solutions.”

Talking about their recent launch on the Google play store, Kritesh added, “The response that we have received so far from our users has been magnificent. So many of our app users are reaching out to us for congratulating the team and also demanding a few specific features that are missing in our competitors’ apps. The team is currently zealously working on all the feedback that we have received so far.”

Looking into the startup’s business model, Trade Brains is a fully bootstrapped fintech startup with more than a million visitors per month on its various platforms. Since incorporating in 2018, the startup has launched various products including their popular blog, Stock Research Portal, and an educational academy for stock market learning. The company also has a tie-up with many leading stock market brokers in India and has a big presence on all social media platforms with over 400k followings on different platforms.

After making a good presence on the website and social media platforms, Trade Brains App is now all set to acquire more users in the app segment.

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