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UCodeSoft Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

UCodeSoft Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Accommodating Technologies, High-level Reliability, and Perfect Execution UcodeSoft Flourishes as a Pioneer in the Panorama of IT Solutions

My Objective Is To Create An Ecosystem In The IT Industry Where Employees And Clients Feel At Home And Collaborate To Build Software To Serve Society!– Daya Shankar Ojha Acompany can cherish happy days only if it appreciates having a positive influence on other people’s lives and if it possesses that ‘zest’ of passion for empowering others, keeping at par with the latest technologies and innovations.

“Whatever the human mind can think and believe, it can accomplish.” This line perfectly sums up, – Mr Daya Shankar Ojha’s entrepreneurial journey of incorporating UcodeSoft Solutions Pvt Ltd., a renowned IT firm with prowess in catering to the best custom software design & development to provide digital transformation services and giving clients a competitive edge in the industry.

“Our staff members are urged to take part in the decisionmaking process and receive recognition for their efforts. Satisfied employees mean satisfied patrons, which leads to productivity and profitability”. Bhupinder Bisht-CTO

I have always loved to lead from the front. The desire to lead the world in the IT industry was and is the key motivation to begin this rollercoaster ride in entrepreneurship! Industry leaders have a long-term perspective and think beyond the present situation. The ultimate destination came a little late on the track for Mr Ojha.

While working as a software developer, he began his first venture in 2008. But he did not get success the first time; however, he did not give up and kept on working and exploring the industry. Later in 2011, he took the  foundation of Ucodesoft Solutions Pvt Ltd and has accelerated its growth since then. Daya Shankar Ojha is designated as the CEO at UcodeSoft.

Under his fine supervision, the firm has a proven track of 100% customer satisfaction while working toward its mission to assist its clients in leaving a lasting impression and providing them with even more top-notch services in the near future. “The journey so far has been great, and I expect that it will continue.

Unpredictable circumstances, such as the recession and COVID, were a couple of the times when we had some turbulence but adjusting our work approach has helped us to sail through well and ensured continuing growth,” the visionary leader further explained.

The Man of the Hour – Scripting his own Destiny

There are very few people in the world who have the ability to uplift others and help them realise their full potential. Among them, Mr Daya Shankar Ojha stands out as a role model for people; his work expresses his enthusiasm and aims to move his people from where they are to where they have never gone. The inspirational leader was born in the Basti area of Uttar Pradesh and graduated from IIIT Kolkata with a Bachelor of Information Technology degree.

After completing his degree, he began working with Infogengobal Pvt Ltd, where he was entrusted with creating brand strategies and outlining specific system processes to target the Indian market for CRM solutions. He was soon promoted to project leader, where he was responsible for managing company management, strategic development, and direction.

His entrepreneurial journey began with Ignitras, where he provided marketing services and assisted in offshore copartnering marketing operations to ensure cost-effective revenue growth for his clients. He later formed ZealSoft Technologies and RoRExpert and co-founded Youspond LLC. He established UcodeSoft Solutions Pvt Ltd in 2011 and has been actively involved in the company’s strategic decisions ever since.

He has years of business expertise under his belt. He has always been committed to controlling the expectations of the market since he is an inspiring leader. Patience, Persistence, and futuristic thinking are the qualities that have helped him to Grow as a Leader.

The Exclusive Service Portfolio

The India-based software company with CMMi 3 standards UcodeSoft is trusted by Fortune 500+ clients. From startups to Mid-sized enterprises, it has navigated through the intricacies of the best custom software design & development. It has delivered products in different domains, especially in Preventive maintenance, Ed-Tech, Real Estate, Fitness, E-commerce etc.

The expertise of the team in native, hybrid and cross-platform app development has enabled them to build customer-oriented products and contribute to their path of success. Their services include mobile app development, software product development, Magento, Software Testing, Digital Customer Engagement, AWS, and Google Cloud, Content Management Systems, Cloud Consulting, Android, iOS, Digital Transformation, and SaaS Development.

“We provide solutions to our customers as per their needs. Adapt new and cutting-edge technologies as soon as
they are out in the market. This helps us to serve our clients the best,” Mr Ojha shared.

Key Factors that Make UcodeSoft the Blue Diamond of the IT Space

• Skilled resources, the adaption of new technology, postproduction support and an urge to learn are the key USPs of UcodeSoft.
• By fusing technological know-how and business intelligence, it focuses on helping clients achieve their business goals.
• Customer satisfaction is the company’s first priority, and it is committed to offering top-notch, market-defining solutions that benefit clients globally by enhancing their competitiveness and adding value.
• UCodeSoft creates a welcoming environment for their clients, enabling them to keep their present clients and grow their clientele.
• By exploring novel concepts, the company works tirelessly to raise the calibre of its goods and help businesses leave a lasting impression.
• The team analyses the business concept and develops the finest development strategy to fulfil the demands of its customers. They have been able to concentrate on resultoriented promotional techniques so that their client base may efficiently reach their target audience because of their firm belief that building consumer trust is crucial to fostering a long-term relationship with their core audience. Being proud of what they do and believing in the services they offer has led to success and unwavering support from their staff and helped them establish themselves as a brand that people are loyal to and continue to use.

“focus and simplicity. Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains”. Prakhyat Goel COO

Clientele & Corporate Ethos

Innovation, developing intelligent systems based on industry demand and providing advanced expertise and cutting-edge technology to revolutionize the client’s business are the norm at UcodeSoft Solutions. The company has maintained a long-standing list of clients by keeping the communication line open, understanding what the client wants, and delivering it on time.

The team has made an effort to build tailored solutions to address each customer’s unique difficulties in order to produce a product that increases revenue and reduces costs because they are aware that not all client landscapes are the same.

“We focus on assisting clients in achieving their business goals by combining technological expertise and business intelligence. You only have one opportunity to make a first impression – with investors, customers, PR, and marketing”. Ajay Bisht Director

Feedback from the Client

“Every dollar spent on the team has been worth it. The ability to take our concept and build a full-blown platform out of it was exceptional. You just gotta be patient because you know he will deliver the goods. The processes applied were impeccable, and with seamless communication, we were never left to the imagination.

At the end of the day, you need to be enthusiastic to execute a vision, and we would not be able to find anyone better than that. It felt as if he was an extension of our team, helping us throughout the process. We would love to work again with him.” — Joe “Jonesy” Jones, President / Founder – ICARUS Ops, LLC “We could not be more relieved that we found this team.

They are really knowledgeable. A truly professional company. If you are looking for someone that is 1000X better than others for application development, then I would recommend UCodeSoft Solutions.” — Ian Adkins Technical Head -Avo’s & Co

The UcodeSoft’s Team & Work Culture

“My employees are my biggest strength. I am really proud of my team.” – Daya Shankar Ojha Made from equal parts ambition and diffidence, UcodeSoft has consistently made sure that each of its employees receives the same opportunity and attention. The work environment at UcodeSoft has been designed to promote honest and deep conversations.

The personnel are encouraged by this to accept challenges and continuously learn new things readily accept challenges and continuously learn new things. The management’s doors are constantly open, allowing employees to approach their bosses without fear if they have any questions. This type of healthy interaction creates a positive atmosphere at the workplace.

The leading team welcome feedback from their team and values their input. The employees are motivated to give their all in this type of workplace, and they have the opportunity to advance into leadership positions if they want. The welfare of the employees is taken into account, which raises team spirit. Team members are praised for their hard work and encouraged to participate in decision-making.

Workplace culture emphasises effective communication as a way to convey that employees are valued members of the team. A few crucial elements that keep the team together and motivate them to work toward success are flat hierarchy, open communication, recognising employees’ requirements, providing necessary training, and a sense of duty and ownership.

Mr Ojha ‘s Take on the Industrial Evolution Over the Years

Change is Inevitable, and the IT industry is no exception. In recent years, there have been significant changes. The key to success for UcodeSoft is adaptability. While assisting our clients with existing changes, we remain open to new ones.

Accomplishments on the Way

The motivating leader has won various honours, including the Intercon Dubai and Times Achievers Award-2022, to acknowledge his status as one of the most brilliant businessmen and change-makers in their respective industries. His brilliance and innovative guidance have made UCodeSoft one of the top firms for projects requiring the development of unique software.

“We strongly believe that customer trust is essential to foster a longterm relationship with our core audience. This will enable them to focus on result-oriented promotional strategies so that their client base can reach their target audience in an efficient and timely manner”. Vishal Yadav Director


Future Plan: Working for the best and preparing for the worst is one of the core principles for the company’s sustainability. In 2023- 2024, we anticipate a 4x increase in our revenue and staff size. Our short-term goal is to increase the team from 50 to 400 members, and we are progressing well. We are working on upcoming opportunities like IoT, AI, and ML.

Words of Wisdom:

Never give up, be patient, and conduct yourself ethically in business. It is best, to be honest. You might lose some money, but the money you make will be longlasting and sustainable. – Daya Shankar Ojha

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