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Vijay Kuppuswamy aka V A technopreneur introducing mind-blowing breakthroughs in the filmmaking process

It has been estimated that the next big leap in the entrepreneurship ecosystem is going to be technopreneurship. Technopreneurs are usually passionate tech-savvy individuals who are driven by their creative side and zeal to take calculated risks. The efficiency of their tech product decides the future and success of their venture.

The product need not be a big revolutionary breakthrough but indeed an offering that could impact lives for sure. In a nutshell, an idea successfully turned into a product is what technopreneurship stands for. One such idea fuelled the passion for entrepreneurship in a tech evangelist- Mr Vijay Kuppuswamy aka V.

His idea was to harness the power of business process automation and deliver products that could improve functionalities in different niche markets. His unique product line has grabbed eyeballs across various industries and the film industry was majorly drawn to one of its superb products- Honey Flicks.

We were extremely delighted to get a golden opportunity to arrange a virtual meeting with Mr V as he spilled the beans on his extraordinary venture and the vision to reform different markets with his extraordinary tech products. Tapping into his creative side, he has managed to make huge leaps and bounds in his career trajectory that we couldn’t help but highlight in this special issue.

Company Overview

Business Process Automation is the core specialization of the company while providing over 15+ years of industry expertise. It has offered more than 100+ solutions with lucrative results to various clients so far. Established in 2007, V LABS (formerly known as V corporation) began its journey as a creative business organization that was into offering state-of-the-art goods and services.

Their unique solutions developed top-notch services and products that facilitated extending, enhancing and improving virtual environments. Today, the venture gives strong competition to its giant peers owing to its innovatively driven caliber to deliver as per the customer pain points. V Labs assists businesses in achieving new levels of productivity and efficiency with a full suite of solutions that automate complicated procedures and address technological difficulties.

The company makes a lot of effort to launch new, potentially successful enterprises that can have an impact on the sector. The strategic approach to their exclusivity is to determine all prospective areas where a firm can succeed totally as part of its diversification strategy. They create our business concept, run a thorough series of trials to determine the results, and record all of the operational procedures. This makes it possible for them to develop a business model that is impenetrable and profitable for the company while adding value to the environment.


VLabs has now diversified into multiple businesses and made a footprint in each of the domains. The current businesses verticals on which it is focussed are-

1. IT Consulting & Development (Web and Mobile App Development, Custom Software Development, Strategic Planning, Consulting, Market Research and anything that is related to IT)
2. Media works (Honey Frameworks, an emerging production house that makes Movies, Ads, Brand Videos, 3D Previz, Storyboards)
3. Recruitments Services (Raising, Leasing, and managing the workforce as per client’s business requirements in IT & Non-IT sectors)
4. Honey Eventz (An event management company that can make your events more remarkable)
5. Honey Markz (A digital marketing agency that can make your brand go viral over the night)
6. IT Infra management (Cloud (AWS, GCP, Azure) and Data Center management)
7. Corporate Training (Devops, Scrum, PMP, Angular, Dotnet)


1. Honey Flicks- A comprehensive movie management software with which one may create any complex media project without losing direction or control amid chaos. Additionally, it enables movie production companies to effortlessly oversee the entire filmmaking process from a remote location.
2. 3rd Net – A complete company Automation System that starts from Company Registration (Proprietorship,  Partnership, Private Limited, LLC) and provides everything that clients are in dire need of.
3. VPay- An unified payment platform that can be integrated with all apps and PGs.
4. VRobo- A software automation unit that can Write Code, Build Apps, Release Apps, Monitor Logs, etc.

A CSR initiative

V Labs is driven by its thoughtful business philosophy to provide each individual with equal opportunity. As part of its CSR initiative, V Labs has facilitated work-from-home models to married women under its unique program named ATM (Azhagiya Tamil Magal). It is a Non-Profit Tamil women’s community formed in July 2018 by Sujatha Subramanian to build and support women folks all round the globe.

The company has grown close to 10,000 women community driven by its motto to showcase talents, promote business women, nurture/ preserve richness of arts, festivals, culture and promote work from home opportunities for women. Mr V believes that women empowerment should not just be in the speeches or articles, but should be in each individual’s practice.

Being a thought leader, he has ensured to offer each married woman to pursue their career interests at the comfort of their home. He has taken several considerable measures to remove the bottleneck by providing a suitable work environment for them. Being a tech suite, they have developed a platform to track the progress and productivity of professionals working from home.

In one or other way, this WFH business model is actually mutually beneficial to female employees as well as the organization in numerous ways. All of the women employees are working from home so far and motivated by Mr V’s step, many organizations have taken the same steps.


Mr V elucidated that V Robo is one of his flagship offerings and vision turned into reality in the form of Robotic Process Automation. The tech space has been taken by storm by RPA owing to its ability to perform high-volume repetitive and process based transactions with ease. It is being said that CIOs would be mandated with RPA in terms of functionality.

Also, cognitive labor or any kind of workload for human workers would be reduced with RPA. The baseline for V Robo as explained by Mr V is- “Always send a machine to do a machine’s job”. The targeted industry is IT where it can remove human intervention completely and automate the majority of business processes. This gives a drastic difference in the result with great performance & productivity, avoids human errors, saves precious time, etc.


We happened to interview T. G Thyagarajan who is a veteran in Tamil movie production and needs no introduction at all concerning his partnership with Honeyflicks. He is an avid believer of the use of newage technology in the movie-making industry. For this, he searched for a Production Management System that could help him make better decisions and create unique movies.

According to him, “The tech boom has undeniably altered the face of the film industry in the 20th century. Rapid growth followed by greater evolution, the film industry has transformed spectacularly. Be it any imaginable niche, technology ensured a paradigm shift in each industry. Nothing is conventionally done today, be it sound engineering, editing mechanism, and postproduction marketing.

Today, incessant tech inclusion has improved as well as simplified the scope of moviemaking art. It would not be an exaggeration to say that doing business with movies has become quite effortless with tech inclusivity in the modern world. Drones, 4k+3D Technology, 3D Movie Technology, Dual Camera VR, etc, are some of the worthy mentions that are supporting industrial growth in the most sophisticated manner.

My quest to seek a reliable tech solution to improve production functions led me to Honey Flicks. These groundbreaking solutions formed by V Labs have enormously helped the team in making Vishamakaran movie – . As a software tool to streamline seamless movie production, Honey Flicks has created a buzz across the industry.

It is a strong software platform and requirement-driven methodology that was built as an use case for Vishamakaran. The movie was made by an Indie Director and he was able to reduce the call sheets from 19 to 13, saving 40% of the original cost. If one independent filmmaker could accomplish this, just think of what a skilled team could do?

I have realized the impact and potential of the platform that forced me to immediately partner with the team to take this platform to the whole movie industry in a SaaS model. There is no second thought to the fact that the younger generation would make use of such a platform and come up with better movies. Even the well accomplished director, Mani Ratnam and actor Prasahanth have also realized the significance of Honey Flicks owing to its resource-saving drive and budget friendly prices.

During the launch of the product, both of them ensured their gracious presence at the event. I am not hesitant to reveal that Honey Flicks would be used in full swing for my upcoming project- Veeran and Captain Miller. Indeed, Honey Flicks is a path-breaking platform that aims to revolutionize the functionality of all media production houses to aptly manage the production pipeline.

To upgrade this platform, V Labs is about to extend the technology by creating a 3D Previz via Honey Frameworks, for an important chase sequence for my dream project- Captain Miller starring Dhanush- a well-acclaimed Tamilian actor). Also, we would be digitizing and automating our producer council activities and Title registration processes via Honey Netz.”


In regard to Mr V’s spectacular success, we happened to ask him to define the term success. To this, he responded, “Being a technophile, I see success from the product point of view. Though it is a fancy term for me, I would say three aspects play important role in it for me-

• Completion of the project/ product implementation
• Adaptability of the product in the niche market
• Monetization of the project or product that defines the end-value

About the leadership style

Mr V’s leadership is undeniably one-of-a-kind in many ways. Based on his personal experience as a leader, he suggests aspiring leaders need not be indulged in every aspect of business operations themselves. It is crucial to put your trust in the team and give each member a chance to learn from his/her mistakes.

“As a leader, you should guide the team members as per your experience, rather than doing everything on your own. Getting your hands in every aspect would not take your venture anywhere, trust me,” concluded Mr V.

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