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Visvendra Singh

Visvendra Singh

The Technopreneur Extolling Opensource based ERP Solutions

When it comes to implementing the most impeccable and scalable ERP solutions, most businesses turn toward the Moqui framework for the incredible performance of enterprise applications. From simple business applications to integrated & complex ERP solutions, this framework is efficient in formulating user-friendly applications. It has induced a countless number of entrepreneurs to pitch in with their exclusive offerings in this space, foreseeing the upcoming insurmountable demands of innovative and business-friendly solutions.

The buzz across the entrepreneurial ecosystem concerning the new-age SaaS solutions reached our ears and we decided to feature an extraordinarily competent entrepreneur and his prospering venture adding substance to the IT world which resulted in this phenomenal read.

This inside story depicts the triumphs of an IT-cognoscenti- Visvendra Singh that is well-reckoned for his intuitive utilization of technology as well as an indomitable entrepreneurial streak. What even makes this organisation stand out is his experimental workforce that ensures a holistic effort to carve best-in-class solutions to combat every problem sophisticatedly. From small ventures to giant corporations, NOI Technologies has emerged to be one of the leading enterprise mobility solution providers to offer a gamut of remarkable solutions to its diverse

ERP and innovation walk conjointly on the way to success as an IT-service provider as per Visvendra Singh. The motive force that propelled him to commence his very first business venture was his father’s aspirations to see any of his offspring run a successful business that could create innumerable employment opportunities for common people.

Moreover, his brainchild has been able to offer employment to around 50 professionals so far alongside bringing a huge sum of foreign currency to India, contributing significantly to the economical growth. In a virtual meet with the ‘technopreneur’, we discussed multiple aspects of his business where the flagship Moqui framework has been the key highlight of the conversation.

Visvendra Singh has been steering the operations at NOI Technologies with his extensive years of experience in functioning and delivering ERP solutions on modules like OMS, SCM, WM, CMS, HRM, CRM, etc, in the Moqui Ecosystem. To address the real-time needs of the customers, team NOI has been straining every nerve to align every solution with upgraded and relevant tech sources owing to their agile methodology, affirms the leading figure.

Business portfolio at a glance
Since 2016, the company has been in constant stride and coherence as per the client’s requirements- NOI Technologies has been facilitating people to scale greater heights with its integrated solutions. Driven by a vision to craft world-class enterprise mobility solutions and software applications, NOI Technologies is a dedicated team of professionals with an exclusive focus on being the ultimate solution provider.

With a long list of satisfied global customers who look forward to handing them over exclusive projects, their expertise with add-on UI/UX services has been grabbing eyeballs across the space. Referring to the pool of their prime technologies and frameworks, advances such as Moqui, Apache OfBiz, Java, AngularJS, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, React Native, React JS, Android and a lot more- are the ways in which they are making a difference to all.

Furthermore, a few of the major cross-domains served by NOI Technologies include- ERP Solutions, General Applications, E-commerce Online Portals, Enterprise Mobility and Online Automation. Flexibility and the immense level of discipline have been the focal points for the organisation that has allowed them to serve some of the major industries like- Supply Chain & Distribution, Manufacturing & Production, Finance, Telecom, Travel & Hospitality, Education and Media & Entertainment.

Why consider NOI?
As per the entrepreneur, the dynamic combo of expertise and experience allows them to get a competitive advantage over their competitors. Team NOI has chosen the finest open source ERP solutions from the market, modified them with tech advances and proposed them in the most sophisticated manner. “We firmly believe in turning complex problems into adaptable solutions. Our competency speaks for itself when it comes to being the best of service providers in our niche market.

This is the reason we have been the foremost choice of our customer base,” asserts the dynamo. Following the best industry practices to develop some reliable solutions, NOI’s competitive servicing model has been the key behind its surging success. So far, the company has been able to serve a myriad of clients hailing from diverse industries just because of their strategically developed solutions that offer measurable results in their favour.

Specialization in Moqui
Applauding the Moqui framework, Visvendra elucidates that it is based on a fewer number of codes and is claimed to be a secure and scalable ERP development platform. The exclusive platform and most of its components are diversely utilized for open-source business applications where cost-less- ness and effortless user- accessibility are its pivotal parts.

The inbuilt Java libraries accompanied with the best logical and integration tools facilitate more coding in less time. In case of formulating any end-user application or any commercial application, the company is capable of building any kind of system leveraging this framework where the company proves its knacks.

Technology and RD insights
Dispensing his stupendous insights on the prominence of technology and R&D, Visvendra shares, “Today, web or mobile application development has witnessed some major innovations due to heavy disruption lately. Be it AI or IoT, tech advances have been ameliorating the pre-existing technologies when included in the same systems and in future, can do wonders to the clientele in the best possible manner. And for this, freedom to experiment is a must that any tech organisation can get by incessant RD process only.

This aspect is crucial to comprehend the effectiveness of the product or get enlightened with customer expectations for the amelioration of the offerings. As technology and RD walk side-by-side, we are in persistent efforts to make synergy in these two facets.”

A culture of learning and growing
The insightful leader explains that at NOI thrives a perfect work-life balance where employees are free from any sort of performance pressure. No late-night shifts or overtime or any sort of stressful environment is allowed at the company. The management heavily appreciates innovative ideas that have been put forth at the table and nurtures a culture of learning and development for holistic growth in favour of its workforce. Under the auspices of Visvendra, every senior executive supports the teammates in the best possible manner, working in the direction of collaborative progress.

Owing to an optimistic and supportive work environment, the company takes immense pride in considering 100% customer satisfaction as its greatest achievement thus far. Today, NOI has a headcount of 45 employees that they aspire to increase up to 300+ in the upcoming two years. Moreover, in the next five years, the entrepreneur envisions leading a company with more than 1000+ headcount and invading new geographies while expanding their horizons.

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