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Volant Overseas Private Limited

Volant Overseas Private Limited

Successfully Assisting thousands in Living Their Dream of Studying Abroad, Volant Overseas Aims to Provide Life Changing Opportunities to Students

Acknowledged as the world’s most specialised international educational consulting firm, Volant Overseas Private Limited made a promising beginning in 2013 to help students find, compare, and connect with some of the best universities and schools around the world. Volant Overseas’s efforts and distinctive approach have propelled the firm to greater heights in helping students seeking opportunities to study abroad.

The core competency of Volant Overseas lies in providing professional visas and informative counselling following the standards of high commissions across the globe. Volant Overseas has the most exemplary reputation in the industry for acquiring  large number of student visas. The firm has been able to obtain a strong footing in the industry, working on its mission to give its students opportunities that would change their lives by connecting them with the best educational institutions in nations all over the world.

Volant Overseas is constantly expanding and strengthening its capacities to advise students better and suggest and manage the applications of qualified students for placement in colleges and universities overseas more efficiently. The primary goal of the Volant Overseas is to provide students with the skills necessary to compete well on other continents and to assume constructive roles in society as intellectuals and professionals

Craving Out as a Differentiator

• With its head office in Canada and branch offices in the United States and the United Kingdom, Volant Overseas stands out and competes head-to-head because of its twodecade solid experience and global footprint.
• The company directors are NAFSA and ICEF-qualified individuals who graduated from American and Canadian institutions in 2005 after beginning their studies abroad. Volant Overseas has first-hand knowledge of the challenges faced by overseas students and will always provide them with the most up-to-date information.
• Employees are the backbone of any fast-paced organisation. The Volant team stays up to current on everything going on around them, including students’ academics, and also stays ahead of the competition for success, especially in the higher education segment where admission/visa criteria and requirements vary every semester.

Insights on the Latest Market Evolution

Volant Overseas’ innovative team constantly tries to stay one step ahead of the competition and the state of the market by implementing internal organisational changes to handle new responsibilities and departments. Students seek expedited processing times and all services under one roof during the pandemic, including language instruction, admissions, visas, bank loans, travel help, lodging reservations, foreign bank accounts, and mobile network service.

Sailing through the Obstacles

Volant Overseas was established as a non-profit organisation and began offering free assistance to students with visa applications and course/college selection. They neither partnered with any institutions nor clients for commissions. After four years, they recognised that they could offer paid consulting services to organisations while continuing to provide free services to students as long as the costs were covered.

Neither of the directors received direct or indirect compensation from the business or its customers for more than ten years. They were running a work-from-home business before the epidemic, but in the midst of it, they had to build a back office to share the tedious, repetitious paper labour and data entry chores more fairly. Student walk-ins increased as the back office developed, forcing the business to hire more people and open more sites.

Clientele & Corporate Ethos

Volant Overseas has directly partnered with many institutional clients in the USA, Canada, and the UK. Some of the Clients are Trent University, Algoma University, Arkansas State University, University Canada West, Brighton College, Mercy College NY, CEGEP schools, Lester B Pearson Schools, and Niagara College (TSOM). They also partnered with Banks and Private lenders for student loans.

In order to obtain the most significant interest rate with the least amount of paperwork, students can select from more than 20 lenders. Due to the enormous amount of effort the team spends to move an application ahead and make it successful, the majority of the clients at Volant Overseas come from personal recommendations.

At Volant Overseas, the team holds the belief that trust and faith should go both ways; if they do not even trust the student enough to provide documents on time or pay fees, they would not be able to assist him, just as they won’t be able to work with us if the student doesn’t trust us with his application. The team makes sure that students are aware of the facts and make decisions based on expected outcomes rather than on the latest buzz. Clients who trust and believe in their experience achieve their goals in significantly less time.

Core Values of Volant Overseas

Integrity, Excellence, Collaboration, and Innovation are the 4 primary pillars of this organisation. The team consistently adheres to these core principles. These also act as the organisation’s guiding principles, helping to define its culture and conduct. They serve as a framework for behaviour and decision-making and represent the values and beliefs of the organisation.

Adapting to the Revolutionising Technology

AI will greatly help agencies and institutions in reducing processing times, and it will also benefit students by processing their applications more quickly than usual. Organisations may be able to automate the procedure in some instances and issue admission letters instantly. In some cases, organisations can automate the process and send admission letters in real-time.

Big Data is helpful in many ways, for example, targeting ads and admission management based on the past success rate. Volant’s business and engagement solutions, including its CRM, contact and notification apps, project and task management, and ticketing system, are regularly updated and improved. These numerous technologies are not used by all Indian businesses to coordinate and manage employees and pupils.

Walking towards a Glittering Future

Volant is constantly hiring and training employees and adding new branch offices across India. To meet the needs of a diverse group of students and clients, they have doubled the workforce from the previous year and expect to do so again.

The education sector is booming worldwide; in the next 5 years, the US education market is expected to grow to 1.5 trillion Dollars globally. US universities saw a 600% spike in US applications in 2022. In 2022, Australia granted 1.4 lakh student visas.

South Asians (India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh) have received the majority of visas since fever Asians (China, Korea, Vietnam, etc.) prefer to travel for higher education in 2021 and 2022. Worldwide, Indian students are granted the most study permit visas.

Words of Wisdom

Be as fair and honest as possible. Fairness, transparency, and honesty may not immediately pay well. Still, they provide a solid foundation and the founding pillars of an organisation, which will aid in the long-term survival and growth of the business. To scale up a business, you will need strong founding members and an efficient team.

The Brilliant Minds behind the Venture

Vasudeva Reddy – Director

Vasudeva Reddy, who has an IIT master’s degree, worked as a professor before relocating to Canada in 2009 and obtaining permanent residence. Mr Vasu works as a mentor and headhunter for numerous IT firms in Canada while also serving as a co-founder of an online educational platform and an IT company in Canada.

Srikanth Reddy – Director

Srikanth Reddy moved to Canada in 2006 and earned his engineering master’s degree there. After graduating, Mr Srikanth worked as a software engineer for significant Fortune 500 businesses in the telecom sector. He became PR in 2010 and took Canadian citizenship in 2013.

Pradeep Reddy – Director

In 2009, Mr Pradeep Reddy travelled to Canada to study and returned with a master’s degree in management. Mr Pradeep has a variety of executive positions in banking and R&D organisations after graduating. In 2013 Pradeep moved to Canada permanently, and in 2016 he became a citizen of Canada.

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