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Written by Gulshan Parveen

“There is no tool for development more effective than the empowerment of women.” Women of this century are overcoming the perception of society with their excellent skills and knowledge. There is no industry left in the business realm in which women have not exhibited their talent. Numerous well-established business ventures, out there are the result of the unmatched stewardship of some inspiring businesswomen.

Business Connect has a marvelous history of featuring some world-class women entrepreneurs of the business arena who are revolutionizing the world. Here again, we are back with another exciting tale of an inspirational businesswoman engaged in the tech realm-Yogita Tulsiani. Our editorial board had an interesting and joyful interacting session with her and her team in which they shared some unknown facts about the journey of the company. Also, Yogita shared her entrepreneurial story with us and revealed numerous unsaid facts about being a businesswoman in today’s society.

Her unmatched tale of success extremely inspired us and made us feature her in our exclusive edition, ‘Ace Women Leaders to Watch in 2022’. We truly hope and desire that this fascinating read will inspire our global readership and will surely add some extra value to their lives as well.

The true meaning of entrepreneurship is hidden in adding value to others. When you are truly committed to serving your particular industry while identifying the problem in the market-and are eventually offering an appropriate solution, then you are surely an entrepreneur. Yogita Tulsiani, Director and Co-Founder of iXceed Solutions is a passionate entrepreneur who is inspiring the entire generation of females who want to make an impact.

Yogita’s passion in the talent management realm originated from an evergreen passion to make a difference. Even during her student life, she had been exceptional with numerous accolades to her name. After completing her engineering from Delhi Institute of Technology and further earning an MBA degree from the prestigious Indian School of Business Hyderabad, Yogita forayed into her professional quest.

Over the years, she attained a significant experience in Business Development and Consulting across various verticals, including financial services, telecom, retail, information technology, and learning industries like Genpact Headstrong and HP, in the United Kingdom, the USA, Europe, and APAC. Her exceptional experience transformed her into a strategist and a business development leader-and further gave a deep insight into the emerging challenges of the industry.

She further asserts that she started her journey in this industry because of the gaps and issues she observed. With time, she realized that technology is reshaping the economy since major players in every industry bank heavily on technology for not only automation but also to introduce process efficiencies and create innovations. There was a big difference in the technology skill market. People were not landing the right jobs as per their skillset, ability and capability.

Witnessing such situation, she decided to create valuable relationships for clients and candidates by providing efficient talent solutions. Her current role of Director in iXceed has been a culmination of various roles in her career. She has undertaken Global growth and expansion with exponential revenue growth rate. One challenge she encountered was the fact that she did not have a background in the recruitment industry nor did she know the business dynamic-but she still chose to pursue this journey as she wanted to make a significant difference in the society.

To be successful, you need to go through a lot of challenges and have the strength to power through all of that.-Indra Nooyi. Yogita shared with our team some valuable nuggets about her entrepreneurial journey as a woman. She explained to us that there is comparatively a low acceptance of women entrepreneurs in this business world that stands as a hurdle for them. It’s quite miserable that even in this century, female entrepreneurs are being considered as less competent than their male peers. She further states, in present times, women typically have higher risk-awareness compare to men and they are indeed cautious about starting or scaling a business.

Also, our society believes that women possess low entrepreneurial skills, which is undoubtedly wrong. There is a high need to understand that women have an additional responsibility for the family and hence, it becomes hectic for them to juggle a career with the family. She also explained us that there is an immense competition in the market for an entrepreneur, but the situation becomes more complicated when the entrepreneur is female. Although, you never get an edge for being a woman in the business realm as competition is equally tough for everyone.

Her inspirational journey is a source of learning for all the female entrepreneurs out there. Talking straight to the global readership of our magazine, Yogita shared some valuable words by saying, “I draw a lot of inspiration from Indira Nooyi as she is my role model. Furthermore, my mother has been my main source of inspiration. She had faced a lot of hardships in her life bringing me and my siblings up due to the circumstances we were in. She always motivated us to be strong, believe in ourselves and the hard work we do, and leave the rest to God. She always taught me to work relentlessly towards my goals and aspiration.”

“A business that is created only to make money is a waste.” Every business incepted in the present market scenario across the globe has a moral duty of taking care of society as whole. The business ventures created under the premises of a country use the active resources of that country to start and establish that business. Hence, it is the primary responsibility of the business to give back to society. And our star of the show, Yogita has understood the assignment very well as they are extremely conscious about the CSR of the company.

Our team asked Yogita about her team’s style of putting efforts for the society on which, she explained to us that the process is quite clear. The mixed team has undertaken the initiatives of sponsoring the education of under privilege kids in India and also has taken care of their every need. The company is always found engaged in donating to charities that are involved in children’s causes to protect them from domestic abuse. In addition, they do charity for deaf kids intending to provide them a better future ahead. Moreover, during the global pandemic of COVID-19, the team of iXceed did their best in giving hands to the needy.

Although the list of awards and recognitions is endless for the team of iXceed, we have tried to exhibit a few significant ones for our readers here.

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The unmatched success story of iXceed under the leadership of Yogita and with the help of her industrious team is visible proof of the bright future of the company. Explaining to us the tremendous plan for the next 2 years, Yogita states, “We have numerous ambitious plans for the company. We plan to expand in new geographies – the Middle East and the US as well to enhance the growth of two new service lines – Digital Marketing and Enterprise services.

We are also focusing on creating a better ecosystem for employees to boost their growth and to add value to themselves. Also, we plan to increase its revenue growth by 40% YOY and to become the employer of choice across Europe & Asia – Pacific. Moreover, we are striving to create valuable relationships for businesses & people by providing efficient talent solutions.”

It is needless to mention that women’s entrepreneurship in the present times is extremely vital. It is believed that the more women step into the shoes of businesses, the more values will be created in the community. In this scenario, it is essential to encourage women more often to enter male-dominated sectors like businesses. This will not only change the mindset of the financial lenders-but will also add to the economic value of the world.

Female entrepreneurs can massively support the economy. More women in the business space also lead to better throughput. Females tend to build and maintain long-term relations. They have more operative communicational, organizational, and networking skills.

After a period of relentless perseverance, Yogita explains how women entrepreneurs can shape the business fraternity. According to her -, “Undoubtedly, women entrepreneurship is important today. It is believed that more the women step into the shoes of businesses, more value influence is created in the community. In this scenario, it is essential to encourage women more often to enter the male-dominated sectors like businesses. This will not only change the mindset of the financial lenders but also add to the economic value of the world

Female entrepreneurs can massively support the economy. Females getting into businesses create new jobs for themselves and others and also provide society with different solutions to management, organisation, and business complications.

More women in the business space also lead to better throughput. Females have a tendency to build and maintain long-term relations. They have more operative communicational, organizational and networking skills”

Believe in yourself and don’t give up. You will gradually sail through it and watch yourself succeed and achieve, states Yogita.

“At iXceed, we have created an environment where employees can share their opinions and ideas. The company also offers multiple training scopes and emphasis on the skills and training of its employees. The environment throughout the organization is quite competitive and focuses on healthy competition that results in everyone’s growth and development,” affirms Yogita.

Before signing off, Yogita further adds, giving back to society & country is very important. We have got so much from our country, our surroundings. So we should give back & ensure social uplift. Take steps & Build solutions for a sustainable environment. As founder of iXceed, I truly believe in doing my bit to make this world a better place.

“It’s your road and yours alone, others may walk it with you but no one can walk it for you.”-Yogita Tulsiani.

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