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Zaitun Khan

Zaitun Khan

An Inspiration that Paves the Path for Women Entrepreneurs

“I used to be honestly very nervous once I went ahead to create my career all on my very own. I had no idea what the future held, and I had no way of knowing whether my wild ideas to construct a great career on my own terms would ever succeed. And, despite the fact that I eventually work for a billion-dollar company, I don’t think I could’ve predicted that I’d end up here because, unfortunately, countless women, including my younger self, believed that leaders are men.”

This is the journey of Zaitun Khan and her company,, India’s leading social network for consumers to review various products and services. When you enter a busy conference, you can count on one hand just the few number of women there. It might be unsettling for female entrepreneurs to discuss business with predominantly male executives. In this environment, women may feel compelled to adopt a stereotypically “male” corporate attitude: fierce,and even demanding. Zaitun, on the other hand, feels that staying loyal to yourself and establishing your own identity are the cornerstones to overcoming preconceived notions.

“It’s much more difficult for women, who are regularly subjected to scrutinising gazes. I’m sure I’ve battled with ignoring inane remarks in the past. If you are a woman with goals, I want to reassure you that the world is changing and that you have cause to be hopeful. I’ve witnessed the wonderful aspects of that shift, and I believe that if we all choose to participate by giving as much as we receive, we can make the world a much better place.” adds Zaitun

She claims that as a woman entrepreneur, she was not spared the critical gazes, and that it is still difficult for women to build a name for themselves in any profession. Nonetheless, she believes that the world is progressing in a favourable direction and that women entrepreneurs have a bright future. The government of India has contributed by lending a hand and fostering a sustainable environment by acting as a catalyst for new businesses to thrive and achieve their objectives.

“There is no such thing as a good or wrong way to live. Perception is the only thing that matters. How you see your vision will determine where you end up. We must be inspired With a strong sense of self-confidence and the ability to overcome adversity, Zaitun saw the rising need for businesses to gauge consumer satisfaction. Over the years Zaitun has managed to take to a different level.

It is a platform where customers can review thousands of products and services and they can be accessed by everyone free of charge. It then becomes easier for customers to make purchase decisions. Simultaneously, Mouthshut provides businesses and companies with a vast archive of reviews to strengthen their services, products and brand recognition.

“We have a vast database at, and we have clients from many industries and from all major brands. They invest in us in order to have a real understanding of how their customers feel about their product or service and we show them the mirror of what the market feels.

Zaitun attributes her accomplishments to her aunt. Her aunt, she claims, left an indelible influence on her.

“Seeing her take on every work with such elegance and confidence inspired and encouraged me to identify my passion and pursue it. Even when it wasn’t necessary, she could smoothly synchronise every aspect of her life. As a youngster, I used to sit in her office, awestruck by her intelligence while staying modest. My aunt instilled in me the values of dedication, hard work, and social consciousness.

One of the motivators for me to pursue a law degree in Criminology and Business was my aunt’s legal experience, which helped me strengthen my HR abilities. I will be eternally grateful to her for teaching me how to be a strong woman. By being committed and loyal to myself and my roots, I have gone a long way emotionally and professionally.” she adds

“Women with advanced degrees, technical skills, and professional qualifications should be encouraged to start their own businesses rather than working for someone else”, believes Zaitun. “Young women’s untapped skills  may be identified, trained, and fully used in a variety of industries, increasing production in both the industrial sector and the nation.

Indian women are becoming more aware and financially powerful after overcoming several challenges. Women have been identified as exceptional entrepreneurs due to their ability to strike a balance between work and personal life. These characteristics may vary by nation and sector, but women’s entrepreneurship is vital for the development of any economy, regardless of its size.”

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