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Zestgeek Solutions Private Limited

Zestgeek Solutions Private Limited

Excelling in Web and Mobile App Development — Zestgeek Solutions The brainchild of Love Trivedi is redefining the future of IT solutions

The power of a mobile application or a website developed specifically for them is appealing to all government agencies and private conglomerates as the Indian economy becomes more and more intrigued with digitization and its convenience. As a result, there are now numerous companies working to meet the increasing demand for these solutions.

Even though we constantly find organizations that proclaim to be the finest in their field, we often see ourselves caught in their temper tantrum. In these situations, it is best to rely on a performance that can simply narrate the complete tale. Zestgeek Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is one such company whose achievements speak louder than words! With the use of cutting-edge technology, Zestgeek delivers highquality, enterprise-level solutions across a wide range of platforms and technologies that escalate the performance of your company to new heights.

Zestgeek Solutions Pvt. Ltd.’s CEO, Love Trivedi, has been with the company for 5 years. Under his direction, ZestGeek fulfills the evolving demands of its customers regarding web and mobile app development, as well as other related services, with the help of a dedicated team of more than 50 professionals and their technological expertise. ZestGeek is committed to overall long-term growth through the provision of high-caliber, reasonably priced application development services.

“While we may be new to the industry, we chose the most up-to-date technologies to use and gave our clients services that were better quality and more secure. We believe this has had a significant impact on the sector because, as we all know, quality of work and security go hand in hand in this one”, said Love Trivedi.

The Brilliant Brain

Love Trivedi, Founder, and CEO

Love Trivedi, the CEO is a man driven by the passion to succeed and come to the top in any organization. That’s what inspired him to start the company. He has 10+ years of experience and a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. He has a strong background in entrepreneurship and a Bachelor of Commerce with a focus on E-Commerce. When asked what inspired him to found Zestgeek Solutions, the visionary leader explained, “I always feel passionate to try the latest technology and encourage others to search for something better in their lives.

This quality of mine made me a leader in a true sense since I always knew how to keep my team engaged in their work while also making them feel good. As I already had more than 10+ years of experience in the software industry before starting my own business, I knew how to create an employee-centric organization where the employees get heard and where they can work in a healthy and happy environment so they can produce high-quality work for our clients.”

The Service Portfolio at a Glance

Zestgeek is renowned for offering the highest quality solutions at an affordable price and within a specified timeline, enabling you to compete with your rivals and grow your business. The following are the key services offered by the company

• IT Consulting, Software Design, and Prototyping
• Custom application development
• Web Application Development (React JS, Node JS, Python, Golang, Angular.js, Electron, PHP)
• Web Designing (Graphics, Branding, and Logo Designing, Figma Design, Sketches, PSDs)
• CMS Solution (WordPress, Buddyboss, Buddypress,
• Mobile Application Development (Android, iOS, React Native, Flutter)
• Internet Marketing (SEO, SEM, SMM)
• E-commerce Solution (Shopify, Woocommerce, Custom E-commerce, Magento, Opencart)

The Work Culture

“Each day we make efforts to make things easier and more profitable!” Love Trivedi Zestgeek has a dedicated team of over 50 employees, including web developers, web and graphic designers, digital marketers, and business analysts who identify issues and provide solutions. The magnificent man makes sure to value each one of his employees and to establish a secure and encouraging work atmosphere where everyone is treated with dignity and respect.

Mr Love often shares the company’s clear vision and mission with the team and discusses all the ideas and initiatives. In the initial stage, he gets clarity about an employee’s personal goal and then aligns it with the organizational goals so that it will result in success for both parties, leading to a win-win situation. “I practice democratic leadership, which means that I obtain opinions before making any major decisions or other choices that could have an impact on the workplace. The visionary leader explained, “I consider the perspectives of my entire team before making a decision.

CEO’s Take on the Latest Technical Advancements and R&D

I keep up with all the most recent technological developments, spend some time reading news releases about them, and pay attention to what the open-source community is talking about. We then divide the data among the right team members for additional R&D and spread the knowledge at technical sessions and seminars. We offer weekly sessions and seminars that keep our professionals informed about the most recent products on the market in order to keep them up to speed with the rapidly evolving technologies.

R&D is crucial to the success of the IT industry because, without it, we would be unable to keep up with the rapidly evolving technological landscape. Because it offers strong knowledge insights that can lower costs and raise efficiency.

Zestgeek’s Achievements and Future Outlook

Zestgeek boasts that in a short span of five years, the company is successfully working with multiple technologies and serving customers with a comprehensive service portfolio. When it was started, it was a single-tech firm. However, they are still hustling to add more services to their offerings.

At present Zestgeek is expanding its existing team to work on other continents as well as increase its network. In addition, they are actively evolving to work with AI and ML (machine learning) and coming up with more advanced solutions.

Parting Words

For new leaders, I have only one piece of advice from my personal experience: as we all know, we need good team to work, but for that, you need to be a good leader first, and to be a good leader, you have to develop an understanding with your team, be available for your team. Always take initiatives and lead your team; then you can expect support from your team side, quoted Love Trivedi, Founder & CEO.

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