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Zoom will soon launch its email service: Details

Zoom will soon launch its email service: Details

In an effort to draw in a new demographic of users, Zoom appears to be preparing to expand its services and introduce new apps. According to reports, the company will soon unveil email and calendar apps. Even though the video call platform hasn’t yet made an official announcement regarding the release of the new apps, a report from “The Information” suggests that the new services may be made public before the end of this year.

The coronavirus pandemic caused everyone to work from home, necessitating the need for a reliable video conferencing app for social or business gatherings. Zoom attracted a lot of attention during this time. At this point, it seems the company is focusing on other services, like email. Zoom will face fierce competition from well-known apps such as Gmail, Apple Email, and Outlook if this is in fact the case. For Zoom, convincing users to switch to its email service will probably be challenging.

At present, many users around the world use the Gmail app from Google for both work and personal purposes. Gmail has approximately 1.5 billion active users as of 2018, according to the company, and this number has probably increased over the previous four years. Apple’s email service is used more frequently than Gmail, according to data provided by Litmus. Its market share is approximately 57.72 percent, compared to Gmail’s 29.43 percent. According to reports, Microsoft Outlook is currently in third place with a 4.33 percent market share.

Zoom’s new applications will be called Zmail and Zcal. According to reports, these services have been in development for about two years. The business may release the new versions in the coming weeks. In November of this year, Zoom will host its Zoomtopia conference, during which it is anticipated that it will introduce new services or provide information about them.

In other reports, Zoom has renamed its chat product and added some new features, including third-party integration. The video calling app’s calling feature, now known as Zoom Team Chat, may additionally include features such as the ability to share in-meeting chat to Team Chat and schedule a meeting from chat or channel. Furthermore, the options are expected to be available by the end of this month. Zoom reduced its annual revenue and income forecasts last month as demand fell from pandemic levels. Shares of the video conferencing platform rose 1% to $83.43, but were down 55% year to date as of Friday’s close.

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