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3 Things Must Do Before Going to Long Drive

3 Things Must Do Before Going to Long Drive

Wondering what to do before hitting the road with your pal or family? Don’t worry because we have put together the perfect road trip checklist to make your long drive easier. The concept of the long drive may be old, but trade is now new, especially in the post-pandemic world. No doubt long drive has always been fun. “Imagine two or more fun-loving friends, or family members passing road in the middle of greenery or dessert location, how beautiful could be, only you can imagine.”

It feels like Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara. When you make a plan like this, it comes along with so many other exciting things like creating a WhatsApp group, making con calls, for con calls for discussing and planning the whole events, packing up bags together, and of course, making car trip-ready.

While taking care of everything, you need to know that the car is going to serve you smoothly throughout the planned trip without breaking down. Today, we will be discussing how to prepare things before going on a long drive. Therefore, we have divided it into three different parts; making the car ready, luggage preparation, and health stuff.

1.Examine Things Before Going on A Long Drive

A smooth road trip can become a disaster if you cannot rely on your car. A car breakdown is a common mishap that happens on road trips. So, what to do, when you get stranded a mile away from the city or middle of nowhere? One precautionary is vehicle servicing. A car servicing is necessary, you need to examine the following things before going on a long drive.

  • Check the battery – checking the expiring date of your car’s battery is an important task. If your car’s battery is more than 3 years old, then you must consider a replacement. Besides, be sure that the electrical charging system of the battery is working fine. Both overcharging and undercharging can create unstable battery issues for the car. If the starter sounds sluggish from a car, it is possible that the car’s battery is dying or corroding.
  • Check tyres – While checking the tyres, two things must be checked – The tire pressure and tread. Speaking about air pressure in the tire, make sure tries are not over or under-inflated as this can lead to many issues like a bumpy ride, overheating, and the worst can be a blowout. While if trends are not deep enough and your tyres get worn easily, there might be chances of gaining traction on the road.
  • Fill up the tank and check the levels of other fluids – Before hitting the road, be sure that your car has enough engine oils. It can be measured through a dipstick. Before embarking on your journey, fill the tank fair amount of oil so that your trip cannot get ruined by hassles. We would highly recommend you to carry an extra bottle of engine oil and coolant for an emergency uses.Fluids are like lifeblood for the well-functioning car. So, check fluids for the radiators, brakes, windshield, transmission, power steering, etc. The lubrication of these fluids depends upon how far the vehicle has been driven since last time and how far you intend to drive in your next road trip.
  • Check air Filters, Wider & Lights, and exhaust system – During your long drive trip, your journey will be filled with bad or good weather, dust and bug, and debris, which will affect your cars, especially when dust enters the interiors of the car engine. An air filter is equipped within a vehicle that keeps the dust away from the interior of the car’s engine, these additionally take care of the inner air quality.After twelve thousand miles, the air filter is recommended to be replaced. So be sure to examine carefully. You should replace old worn-out blades if it leaves streaks so that you can see clearly during bad weather, such as rainfall, fog, precipitation, etc. Also, check the exterior and interior lighting accessories and change if needed. You should not ignore the exhaust system as well.A defective exhaust system can be problematic in a journey through decreased power, poor fuel conditions, and improper venting out of toxic gases that are generated by the engines. Any unusual sounds mean – you should definitely examine them.
  • Carry spare tyres with essential tool kits – Additionally, it is necessary to carry spare tires along with emergency mechanical tool kits to deal with any unexpected incidents like tires puncher and any other minor fault in the car. These are just a few. You should examine your car as per your car condition or what specific issue  you often deal with your vehicle while driving. After all of these, do not forget to go for a test drive.  Apart from all of these, also carry a driver’s license, car insurance, vehicle registration certificates, and PUC certificate.

2. Ultimate road trip packing list:

After finishing the initial check of the vehicle preparation, the next step is to do backpacking with essential things. Besides keeping clothing, cosmetics and trekking and fancy shoes, you need to have the following pieces of stuff in your bag such as:

  • Paper Map – A map is one of the crucial things to have in your bag, because that’s how you will reach your destination. In the internet world, it is easy to find anything from a smartphone. But there will be a place where cell phones won’t work well. In such a case, you should have paper maps.
  • B. A long rope – A rope become helpful in a situation such as when you are stuck in the middle of your planned destination with a malfunctioned vehicle. A rope can be handy for tying some luggage as well. You should also keep in mind that binding too much baggage through a rope on the top of a car can be problematic.
  • Flashlight and Bug Spray – Flashlight and Bug spray may be little things, but they become necessary, especially when bugs enter the car or in case the car battery dies in the middle of the night. So do not forget to carry them.
  • Large water bottle and Toilet Paper – Staying hydrated is crucial on a long drive. So, keep the large water bottle in your car with water. In addition, don’t get caught by those stores where tissue and toilet paper have run  out.
  • Your favourite camera + USB chargers and phone chargers – To capture every moment, you need to have your favourite camera and don’t forget to carry extra memory cards and a USB. You need to have a portable mobile charger as well.
  • Books and notebook with pen or panicle – If you are fond of reading a book or jotting down your thought. You should carry with yourself. These items are most essential. While preparing luggage, you will be adding more things, such as tents, cooking stuff, and more. In case you make an instant plan for camping.

3. First aid health kits and some medicine:

When you are hitting the road, it is necessary to have health kits, including plaster, Gauze, crepe bandage, surgical tape, small scissors, tweezers, Antiseptic wipes, Dettol, and more. Also, do not forget to carry some medicine, such as painkillers and fever tablets. We hope that you have now enough information about things to do before going on a long drive. Please let us know in the comment box if we have skipped some of the pieces of information.

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