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ABLION: Unrivalled Illustrious Web Designers with Par excellence of Mobile Applications

The web nearness and application designing of any organization assumes a huge part in the accomplishment of the business. Nowadays, all the business people like to do online research for business & organizations, so that they are able to study the website completely, before contributing or marking any business contract. ABLION is a Foremost and Influential Global information technology based company which utilizes the cloud based approach to develop many web services.

ABLION is conjectured as an IT service provider, which deals with web and mobile technologies for other business to grow. They develop web applications, web development, mobile apps, graphics and branding solutions from over the span of 15 years. They have 10000+ customers in more than 26 countries, in small, medium and large businesses from different geographies including UK, Australia, Ireland, Germany, Singapore, France and USA.

Inveterate, since in 2004, ABLION is headquartered in Burdwan, West Bengal with other companionships in Kolkata and Bangalore. ABLION is the prime destination for all your web solutions and cloud applications needs. The #1 Web Development Company in Burdwan, Mr. Pratik Dutta, the most esteemed key person, Founder, Director, and Technical Head of the company with its perception proven track record for delivering its clientele over a decade. They do have a deep understanding of technology and clients need.

Here are the two application software’s in terms of their services

twib software
twib software

Twib: It’s a sales automation application, inspired by a real life business issues people faced, when a field employees work outside the office, it’s a big challenge to monitor and track their efforts and activity, which was the primary goal of twib, on a very short span of 1 year only twib has reached over 20000 business across the globe.


ablion Business Connect MagazineBidyaaly: From the work “Vidya” or “Education” they came up with this unique name. This is also inspired by a real life issues faced daily by parents to keep up with the education activity and progress of their child’s schooling activities. Therefore, Bidyaaly comes as a solution to Parents, teacher & school to manage all school activities of a student on this digital age by their application.

Inconsistent approach of Incongruity

It’s hard to tell what the difference between their rivals and themselves, but what they can tell is that they can do everything better, they are willing to go that extra mile for the customers, and passionate about their work for them. They always willing to be that, their name “ABLION” creates a touch which adds that extra zing to any project they took from clients, that’s what makes them better than entrant.

The startup ecosystem has improved a lot in India over the past years, there are now many options and opportunities from Government and Private Sectors mainly in the urban area, for the small towners.

Chronicle Description of Grail

“Without any goals, plans are squander to reach, therefore Goals are dreams with deadlines.”

Certainly, it was not easy at the beginning, being a first generation entrepreneur in a small town 15 years ago on a technology business, it was quite tough. Mr. Pratik Dutta started his business with only 1 laptop from home, from there, till now, they have bloomed to expand a team of 50+ members.

There are several incidents that can recall but this specific one is that they have raised this business like a new age business in a small town. In distinction to 2004-2008 Mr. Dutta applied for credit cards multiple times, but was rejected because their small town never issue credit cards, it is only available in the cities. Therefore, for even if he had the money, but still he can’t buy technology services outside from India, where credit card were the only mode of payment. This kind of situations makes obstacles in the way of their beginning but the overcome and conquer all the hurdles in the path of goal achievement.

Emptor Syndication and Trust

Since they work mostly with clients (Emptor) outside the India, as of now there is no particular types of clients but if their client is looking for quality work, then they are always available. They have worked with multiple big and small clients all over from USA, Singapore, Israel, Europe etc. They have also worked with Many E-Governance projects in India as well as in South Africa.

It’s quite simple, if they are reliable and consistent, then people automatically stay with them. Hereby, what the founder, Mr. Pratik Dutta believes that, is to help the clients realize, their real dreams, and the end result of it will be their faith in them.

The only way one can keep up is, to learn & grow, that’s how they research new technology coming to the market, and inherit them when it’s necessary.

Correlation of employees and entrepreneur

 Mr. Dutta always try to be a mentor/guide for all of their employees and team members, since many of time they needs a second opinion for many occasions, some critical decision in our life, he try to help them with theirs obstacles and this sometimes does not have to be about work, this can be anything in their lives.

In terms of Entrepreneurship, the future is bright, new ideas and opportunities are quite frequent in this global village, now it’s quite common to build something and get customer for the same from another corner of the globe because everything is being digitalized. This same opportunity also bring a lot of competition, but if one can execute their ideas well, then things will be all right for them.

Only those who dare to fail greatly, can ever achieve greatly- Achievements, Milestone and future

 They have positively accomplished the launch of one SaaS products called “Twib” which is described overhead of the article and launched in 2018. It is a sales automation app, and it has already own 2 awards this year, which reached among the top industry leaders in its segment with 20 thousand plus businesses as customers from all over the globe.

The company would like to diversify and grow on different sectors, and like to establish physical presence outside India. Along with this they are looking forward to launch a few of their own SaaS Products, based on some of their ideas over the next few years.

Lastly, the message they would you like to give to the readers of the Business Connect magazine –

“Although I will say we are still at an early stage and I have many dreams and visions to take the company to the next level, but what my motto in life is to “Love your work and Enjoy your life to the fullest”, most entrepreneurs lost their balance in life and spend too much time with their work, but business should not be your life but should be part of your life.” – Mr. Dutta.

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