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A Global Giant In Software Development Revamping The Realm With Innovation

“Companies in every industry need to assume that a software revolution is coming.”- Marc Andreessen. Software development is probably the major need of every industry out there as it directly boosts business growth irrespective of the realm. Especially if a company is working in the IT sector, software development along with other tech-driven products become a need of the company.

Business Connect has a tremendous history of featuring a wide range of leading ventures well-established in the arena of IT products and software development. And here again, we are back with a marvellous tale of the success of a leading venture in the IT sector-AIT Global India. Our editorial team had an interesting and joyful session with the leading figures of the company who shared numerous unknown facts about the entrepreneurial journey so far. The leaders also shared multiple valuable nuggets for the budding leaders of the industry that we are keen to share in this fascinating read.

Their story and to date journey inspired us tremendously and made us feature them on our cover page. We truly hope and desire that this particular read will add some extra value to everyone’s life and will act as a motivation booster for our global readership.

AIT is one of the major service providers in multiple domains providing services for software & product development that works by partnering with business leaders in different realms and creates top-notch tech solutions for their respective ventures. The company is relentlessly engaged in adding sophisticated tech-driven services to its portfolio and helping business leaders attain their organizational goals. Elaborating more on the portfolio of the company, Pinky Mishra, the President & CEO asserts, “We focus on fully comprehending a client’s business objectives to deliver customized solutions and services that help sustain a competitive edge and long term business success.

Likewise, we are heavily invested in supporting the careers of our consultants and employees, ensuring that our services are consistently delivered by best-in-class talent. With businesses evolving in a deferred period, there are many ‘new normals’ set by disruptions due to their technology transformations. We at AIT global India are driven by customer-obsessed business priorities, to develop sophisticated as well as innovative technology solutions, to help them set the ‘new normal’-and bring an organization’s strategic vision of tomorrow – to reality today.”

The company is leading the industry with a vision to include itself among the extraordinary Information Technology solution providers in the market. The team members put their utmost efforts into winning the trust of the stakeholders of the company, which directly helps them in creating a trustworthy portfolio. The team also revealed that the ultimate mission of the company is to offer a helping hand to its clients to make them achieve their predetermined goals.

“The best part of the competition is that we  discover our capabilities through it and how much more we can do than we ever believed possible.” Setting a new standard of growth and success in the respective domain, AIT Global is scaling the success ladder at a brisk pace. The leader has a robust perception that an ideal workplace is one where an employee is motivated enough to deliver his or her best skills and capabilities and adds value throughout the organization. The major qualities of an ideal organization as mentioned by the president of the company are:

  •  Having a clear vision and mission.
  •  Effective communication.
  • Should be able to provide “flexible” employee growth.
  • Promotes meritocracy.
  • Collaborative culture.
  • Easily accessible leadership advice.
  • Seeking honest feedback from employees.
  • Fun atmosphere.
  • Honest and unbiased leadership.
  • Better work environment.
  • Passionate and dedicated employees

The company claims to ensure a proper motivation strategy for its clients by putting its utmost efforts throughout the organization such as:

  • CEO, Pinky Mishra organizes a direct meeting session with the employees frequently and encourages them to share their unique ideas, and allows them to have a heart-to-heart conversation. The organization also provides a flexible work culture by facilitating a hybrid work culture throughout the organization for its employees. Also, currently, they are operating their operation from home itself.
  • Sow to Grow -The management team always organizes technological events, where the employee gets the opportunity to brainstorm their mind and gets the opportunity to implement them within the organization.
  • CSR Committee- It is created by the organization to plan one activity for the whole team to make them explore the business world.
  • Feedback Survey –Here, the management team asks employees to submit their feedback every 6 months in the organization, and after having a detailed analysis of the given data, they strive for perfection by implementing the same in the company. And that is one of the reasons that the company has been certified as a great place to work for past consecutive 3 years.
  • Retention policy- AIT Global India has been concentrating enough on the retention of its employees. According to the leader, 30-40% of employees in the organization are connected with it from last 12-15 years, which clearly shows the robust retention policy of the company.

Technology is an inseparable part of a successful business venture as it provides the organization with multiple innovative opportunities and helps it scale the success ladder at a brisk pace. Sharing her robust perception of the latest technology and explaining the approach of AIT Global India towards the same, Pinky asserts, “It provides significant knowledge and insights that lead to improvements in existing processes, resulting in increased decreased costs.

It also empowers companies to create new products or services to survive and prosper in competitive markets. R&D is important to business growth and your ability to compete in a market. A business that can innovate and adopt new technologies as well as improve existing processes is more likely to succeed in the long run.”She further adds, “The way businesses and their employees do business is changing as a result of technological advancements. There is a scarcity of empirical evidence on this subject. The goal of this research is to give a broad overview of the effects of technology advancements on work characteristics, as well as the consequences for job needs, and ongoing vocational education and training.

Knowledge of technology,b openness to change and technology, abilities for self-and time management, and further professional and career development are all implications for the job demands essential to deal with changes in work characteristics. The work demands mentioned must be part of the content of the training, the teachers must be equipped to promote those work demands, and the instruction models used for the learning environments must be flexible in their application, among other implications for the design of formal learning environments.”

AIT Global India is one of the dream companies for employees who strive their best to get in. The company is considered to be comprised of perfect work culture for employees because of its exceptional rules and regulations. Along with having a democratic corporate environment throughout the organization, the company takes the best care of its female employees by giving them exceptional facilities. The leadership panel in AIT truly believes in diversity and inclusion, and this is what they foster throughout the organization. Some of the tremendous services the company offers to its female employees are:

  •  Cab Facility: if women employees travel after 10:00 P.M. she is sent home with one security guard in our office cars
  • Welcome Back to Women’s Returning to work – Recruitment Strategy for hiring
  • Women’s Grievance Redressed session- where they can speak their heart out to the committee if they are facing any issues with colleagues or Supervisors.
  • Women self-defense sessions – one of the programs wherein women are educated for self-defense activities wherein they can safeguard themselves.
  • We follow the equal pay act for women
  • Women’s Day celebration Program every year.
  • Creche Facility for Children – moms can feel peace at work while their children can enjoy at creche and maintain their work-life balance
  • Flexible working hours for New Mothers.

“The health and safety of our employees and their families are always first and foremost in our minds, there is truly nothing more important.”-Pinky Mishra. Explaining to us the period of COVID-19, Pinky asserts, “AIT Global India sent all employees to work from home well before most tech organizations had put those orders in place. It has been 24 months we have all been working from home, and this would not have been possible, without our outstanding Leadership team, they have been working closely with each of their teams to get the work done.

That is why there are no complaints or grievances from the client to date regarding the delivery or productivity of employees. In response to the new self-distancing orders, AIT has also quickly piloted new and safe processes. Teams from across the organization banded together to come up with different solutions related to IT hardware & Software without jeopardizing the health and welfare of employees. This was all done in 2- 3 weeks, from thought conception to implementation. We couldn’t be prouder.”

The company provided the following services during the time of the global pandemic:

  • Activity- Supply of Water Bottles to Duty Police during COVID -19 LockdownThey are out there on the streets, corners, crossroads each day standing under the scorching sun. It is a High Intensity-High Pressure Job amidst the widely spread pandemic. We got the opportunity – to serve those who are spending their lives serving others; by provisioning them with Mineral Drinking Water Bottles as a token of our genuine appreciation. Activity- Labor Day – There are two types of people in this world – Givers & Takers.

AIT’ians chose to be a Giver. We did the virtual social activity where we have asked our employees to help their neighbors, the needy ones, by helping our social workers or watchmen or housekeeping, etc. while maintaining the social distancing.

  • Activity- Labor Day – There are two types of people in this world – Givers & Takers. AIT’ians chose to be a Giver. We did the virtual social activity where we have asked our employees to help their neighbors, the needy ones, by helping our social workers or watchmen or housekeeping, etc. while maintaining the social distancing.


  • 5x in client growth
  • Exponential growth in hiring
  • Niche technologies (AI ML, RPA, Cloud services, Mulesoft, Data Analytics) were added to the portfolio MEs and CEOs were started to cater to the client requirements
  • Geographical expansions in the US, Canada, Australia, Africa, and India
  • Partnered with Niche technologies (UiPath, Automation Anywhere, Mulesoft)
  • Conducted Global Leadership summit with Global leaders across domains and technologies
  • Organization-wide Technology meetups (Mulesoft, Cyber Security

Undoubtedly, the future is full of glory for the team of AIT Global India. The company has scaled a lot since its
inception but is not ready to stop here only as they are planning to establish it further. Sharing their potential plans, the team has mentioned some points that we have mentioned below.

  • Business Expansion into multiple domains
  • Getting into the Fortune 500 Zone
  • Improving the Brand/Company Value
  • Enhancing the quality of a business’s services
  • Becoming a thought leader in the industry
  • Being a more reliable and trusted Partner
  • Getting and Staying Profitable
  • Productivity of People and Resources
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Mission-driven Core Values
  • Sustainable Growth
  • Dealing with Change
  • Maintaining a Healthy Cash Flow
  • Reaching the Right Customers
  • Staying Ahead of the Competition

Before signing off, Pinky affirms, “AIT is growing as an organization every year in every aspect. From our team size to their happiness, from our revenue to the plethora of our services, and from our learning process to our credibility-we’re grateful for the incredible growth that we have witnessed altogether.

We are CIO certified as 10 most promising companies in RPA in the year 2020, a CIO certifies as 10 most Promising companies in Data Analytics in the year 2022, and a ‘Great Place to Work’-Certified continuously for last 3 years-we deeply focused on the thought that every AITians is a family member. Attributing to our client satisfaction-centric approach, our clientele has never shied away from lauding our prompt and perfect services.

As an organization, we wish to expand, inspire, and engage more talented minds to serve the industry with world-class leading services. We wish to cater to the industry’s requirements with an exceptional approach and ensure that our work creates a benchmark for our fellow service providers. We believe in endless excellence, keeping up with the trends, and meeting new-age aspirations with perfection. As an organization, we at AIT aim to soar, and not settle and urge every organization to build a similar thought process for success.”

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