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Aman Metal Finishers (AMF)

Aman Metal Finishers (AMF)

Pioneering Four Decades of Excellence In Electroplating Services

The introduction of electroplating caused major disruption in industrial and commercial applications. The technique superseded the traditional method of coating objects with metal by using electricity to deposit metal on substrates or non-substrate surfaces. Since its introduction in the 19th century, electroplating has thrived on innovations. Electroplating has grown over centuries of technological growth and discovery to become a staple of various industries, used in ways that its inventors could never have imagined.

With constant innovation, the industry has unveiled unique electroplating options, such as gold electroplating, which is widely employed in the fabrication of computer chips. Nickel, cobalt, copper, silver, gold, and other analogous metals can be electrolessly plated onto a range of substrates for a variety of applications. Non-metallic substrates, such as glass, plastic, ceramic, and Kevlar, can also be plated, which is becoming increasingly used in the automobile sector to reduce vehicle weight without sacrificing finish quality. Electroplating has also expanded to include anti-microbial powder coatings for better protection against the spread of bacteria and germs.

These advancements are remarkable, and they have resulted in significant changes in the industry – as a whole. Businesses must, however, work with plating companies that perceive electroplating from the ground up to get the most out of these technologies. Aman Metal Finishers (AMF) is a competent name.

AMF, based in Gurgaon, is a highly advanced enterprise that understands electroplating from within. It was established by Mr. Anil Bhati, who envisioned it as an advanced, robust, and trusted company with a diverse portfolio. Today, the company is recognized as one of India’s pioneers and is eminent in electroplating. They are a benchmark of quality in nickel plating, hard chrome plating, and powder coating. They have automated nickel plating facilities, hard chrome plating plants, and powder coating plants in Haridwar and Pantnagar. These facilities boast state-of-the-art machinery, which serves the differentiated needs of their clients.

Looking at the expertise that AMF brings to the table, it is clear that they have established an exceptional reputation across the subcontinent. This is because of their unrivaled services and the concept of acting as an extension of their client’s businesses. The automotive, defense, aeronautical, and industrial markets rely on them for customized electroplated parts. Their clients include industrial giants like Bajaj Motors, Hero, Munjal Showa, and many more.

With innovations and customer-centric prospects, AMF has steadily become a force to reckon with within the electroplating market. Founded on values of cost-efficiency and qualified services, AMF strives for continuous improvement for an optimal outcome for clients. By providing custom-made products, they try to not only meet but also surpass their clients’ expectations.

AMF’s success and innovation drive complements Aman Bhati, Director; after all, it’s a pacesetter who knows, goes, and shows the way. While AMF had already marked its presence in the industry, Aman came onboard to refurnish and revolutionize. His idea was to modernize electroplating procedures and use their resiliency to delve into new sectors. Under his leadership, the company has invented its proprietary alloy plating that comprises nickel, chrome, and griffin. Even though it’s a prototype plating, it provides twice the protection from rust as compared to nickel plating.

As a leader, Aman is environmentally sensitive. Under his stewardship, the company has forayed into antibacterial powder coating. This revolutionary coating employs silver ions to help limit the growth of mildew and spoilage bacteria on the powder coating. Because silver is a naturally occurring element, the silver ions provide better protection against bacteria that causes odor, mildew, and spoilage to the product while being safe for humans and animals. It can be employed in a variety of settings, including laboratories, toilets, hospitals, schools, child care centers, public transportation, and more. The company aims to establish itself as a “green enterprise” that uses sustainable, eco-friendly practices. It focuses on advancements and processes to optimize productivity and reduce costs while ensuring customers remain elated.

AMF consistently enhances its quality and adapts to changing market situations. It uses R&D to adopt new technology while remaining devoted to innovation. Every single one of its plants is a magnificent example of this. They have finishing system operators that deliver consistent quality with less work and increase profits by installing properly scaled, resource-efficient plating and/or coating systems. The production process includes simultaneous engineering of the tank, chemical dispenser’s process sequence, including rinse baths with immersion times, temperatures, and work package selection (rack, basket, or barrel).

The second line of innovation involves repurposing material extracted from waste via extraction machines. This mainly happens when working with automotive components (radiator grills, trim strips, and door handles). Plastic components are frequently employed as the underlying basis for aesthetic and corrosion-resistant metal surfaces because of their durability, low cost, and design variety. However, flaws in the polymer coating at various stages in the manufacturing process manifest as blisters. During the quality assurance phase, such components are rejected. Instead of disposing of them, which can have adverse environmental implications, AMF recycles them using proprietary methods for various applications.

Last but not least, AMF has made advancements in powder coating technology. With a focus on the environment, the industry has developed powder coating resins that are sustainable, recyclable, and bio-based. AMF’s powder coating resins are both eco-friendly and cost-effective. Other breakthroughs include unique procedures for gluing special-effect pigments to powder coatings and instrumentation approaches that adhere to surface profile characterization advances

‘Quality’; ‘Non-toxicity’; ‘Best Practices’; and ‘Impeccable Customer Support’ are the pillars on which AMF builds its forte. Its quality and focus as a green enterprise are accredited under IATF 16949:2016, AS:9100, ISO:9001, and OHSAS:18001 standards. The accreditations reflect their priority of being environmentally friendly, while focusing on health and safety.

All the innovations and processes ensure compliance with stringent environmental regulations and create a safer environment. One of the major innovations includes the recycling process of electroplating into plastics. AMF uses trivalent chrome plating instead of hexavalent chrome plating and uses ecologically safe powder coating chemicals.

The pure shrewdness in all-and-everything has helped it sustain 25 years of journey through highs and lows and uncertainties. While working and sustaining as a trusted partner to eminent clients, it has acquired a 100% monopoly for electroplating bike parts (suspension dampers, gears, and silencers). With time, AMF will continue to innovate its infrastructure and revamp its processes to match emergent needs and trends. It is also aiming to become a full-fledged partner in the country’s defense line for electroplating services.

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