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Fuelled by innovative and astute practices…

In our constant strides to dig into the names of the companies that are well-acclaimed for their innovative practices, we have found some extraordinary findings. On that note, Amaterasu Technologies has become our star performer of this edition.

The founder of the company, Rajeev Lakhanpal sat down for an exclusive virtual meeting with us where he walked us through different aspects of his establishment that drive on his innovative streak. For this narrative, we believe our global aficionado would find the information shared relevant and instrumental in driving them towards their motives. The excerpts of the conversation held with him have been highlighted below filled with ‘invaluable nuggets of wisdom’. Let’s dive in.

An intuitive and insightful leadership ensures organizational development and growth in any organization. Indeed, leadership is an indispensable management function to accomplish the established goals more efficiently and productively. Driving the business operations at Amaterasu Technologies as the CEO, Rajeev Lakhanpal is the Founding head of the company who is absolutely driven by innovation and tech-evangelism.

His corporate journey began at the age of 19 in the shipping field where he witnessed the entry of various top brands in the Indian market which was a rare occurrence in the era of 90’s. After a few turns of events, he happened to join the IT sector where he turned a loss-making company into a highly successful as well as profitable company.

On the personal side, Rajeev Lakhanpal is an avid believer in ensuring a perfect harmony and ease in life. His expertise and guidance shared with the team allow him to blend highly sophisticated and advanced blockchain-based niche software under the Amaterasu brand name.

The inception of Amaterasu was typically stimulated from this concept only. Alongside this, Rajeev strives to enable people to experience the future as a blockchain that is secure, convenient and accessible in several ways. Undeniably, his stewardship is a motivational tool that allows employees to walk the right path while instilling confidence and trust in their hearts.

Amaterasu Technologies is an organization driven by innovation and perfection in technology. Whatever is designed and curated at the company’s facility undergoes 33 tests wherein they improvise till the product is impeccable in terms of quality. The whole business model of the company is driven by their exclusively curated custom blockchain Rhombus that is POW for initial blocks and POS afterwards.

The exclusive algorithm is pretty light weight and extremely safe to use. What they take immense pride in is the development of the most advanced technology as a result of a dedicated team of 142 developers across the globe striving hard to bring extraordinary tech-innovations. From India to the UK, their footprints are spread across the globe. Soon, their wings will be expanded across Singapore, France and Canada.

When it comes to offering the targeted market with offerings, Amaterasu Technologies is expert in catering solutions enriched in-

  • Innovative and Hybrid Blockchains
  • Crypto Based Technology
  • Blockchain-Based Niche Softwares
  • Advanced Fintech
  • Advanced Edutech
  • Advanced Health Tech

The apt team of developers hailing from all across the world are known for developing innovative and reliable solutions. The secret sauce to Amaterasu’s exemplary success is the value they offer the team members as well as projects undertaken by them.

Targeting to make this world a smaller place by ensuring tech accessibility to everyone. For the management at the company, integrity and security are hand-in-hand with innovation that is reflected in every aspect of the work done by them. The key to their persistence is the zeal to make every person efficient enough to enjoy and experience the wonder that modern technology poses with impressive security features.

In this era of technology, innovation has become a substantial need for companies from travel, entertainment, and gaming; to app development, education, and niche softwares- businesses need to be able to change as rapidly as consumer needs do.

In this vein, Amaterasu Technologies is much ahead of the curve- it is not only working to expand further in the field of education; but also those of gaming and app development. For instance, their work in education includes plans to promote the sharing of educational content, which will help improve and broaden access; as well as provide advantages such as the ability to ensure that certifications cannot be duplicated.

Alongside the development of ‘traditional’ aspects of the web, there has also been an increasing interest in the virtual world- including in gaming, education, and entertainment. This is also one of Amaterasu’s chief interests as a blockchain company.

After having developed one of the fastest and most secure blockchains at Amaterasu, the team has been striving continually to improve it still further- they intend to be one of the world’s top blockchain companies; where technology is sophisticated, yet simple. Their focus on simplicity and ease of use arises from their belief that technology should exist to simplify, and not to complicate, lives. This ethos is reflected throughout their work; from the blockchain itself, to the concepts they are working on with regards to education, entertainment, etc.

There is consistent interest for innovation, Counterfeit Intelligence, Training, Travel, Games Applications, Diversion Motion pictures and shows, Lottery, Purchasing Programming and Equipment stages have jumped up and showcase requests have kept on expanding.

The size of the worldwide web-based schooling, Applications, eTerasu market was 118 billion USD in 2020, and this figure is estimated to reach 143 billion USD in 2022, surpassing 175 billion USD in 2023 and 423 billion USD in 2024. The universe of innovation is filled with outrageous turn of events, quick speed and web. It is hard to stay aware of each and every innovation pattern; subsequently, there is a lack of individuals who really comprehend the subtleties behind blockchain.

digital currency, DeFi and tokenization. Amaterasu Coin (TERASU) Schooling means to give great and right training on blockchain, token, tokenization, cryptographic money, new innovation, decentralized economy, and money. This information base will be an extraordinary instrument for procuring new clients and fostering the whole digital currency market, which will separate Amaterasu Coin (TERASU) from other crypto projects. Some portion of the undertaking is fundamental for building digital currency mindfulness and exchanging, sending off Associations with colleges and formal instructive foundations, and fostering the Coin Representative organization for Understudies.

RAJEEV SAYS,”We are not creating a crypto currency to add to the pile of crypto currencies. On the contrary, we have engineered a new piece of technology, one that is going to reshape the way that people think about digital 3 tokens and the block chain – directly addressing the drawbacks and pitfalls that are most common among the crypto currencies on the market today”.

To reach its adamant mission in a short span, the Amaterasu Coin (TERASU) team will apply the following technologies in its blockchain. What is more significant than using the technologies is the strategic implementation of these advancements in their product development cycle:

  • User-friendly mobile application for almost instant transactions between all users. The various features are designed to make the process as simple as possible.
  • Cryptocurrency Payment Network is paired with an Amaterasu Coin (TERASU)
  • Merchant terminal and debit card. Amaterasu Coin (TERASU) ledger sub-book system for schools and businesses.
  • Proof of Location to reward students for attending classes and other
  • Academic events. New proof of work protocols that are more energy efficient than current protocols.

As per the management of Amaterasu, R&D allows one to tap into several unimaginable arenas where one could explore better possibilities. They consider R&D as one of the most significant aspects that keep one ahead of this fastpaced world. The knowledge it allows the company with definitely creates something valuable that is in favor of the customer’s expectations that they want and need. Getting a leading edge across the competitive market becomes easier harnessing the power of R&D.

As Rajeev asserts, “Á propos, the way to that is through research; which means that R&D can be called almost indispensable- its face and features may vary, but it will certainly need to be indulged in.”

When we asked what his insights into the leadership of the modern world were, he imparted that the leadership taking place from the bottom up is how he perceives this term. For him, one can achieve success only when a leader moves together with his team not ahead of them.

He emphasized, “Though leaders get to receive the praise for successes achieved, but we must always remember that they were reached together- and even failures are not the team’s fault alone; but something that a leader must share in the blame for, and help repair.” His insightful leadership has stimulated proper functioning on numerous projects such as development of several educational software that can run on Rhombus. Meanwhile, of course, we continue to develop niche and custom software, as well.”

“I think that the most important piece of advice I could give anyone would have to work hard, dream big, and have faith. And always remember, listen to your critics- they are the ones who will help you grow- but not to your naysayers.”

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