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The man with multiple hats, KP Dominic, outlaws the standard definition of a business leader! Introducing unique and innovative solutions to empower business growth, he is the man of his own destiny and words, of course! Resultsdriven, growth-oriented focused professional with over 35 years of successful & satisfying experience in the Fire Safety & Security domain. His area of specialization includes designing existing buildings into Smart & Intelligence through IoT, Security, Fire, and Electrical Safety.

From working individually to leading a consultancy firm, the journey has been incredible for K P Dominic. He has been the Founder of the Fire and Security Association of India (FSAI), where he served as the Marketing & Events chairman for eleven years, General Secretary for four years, and Immediate Past President for two years. He also served in the association for over 18 years to develop the Fire Industry in India.

Mr. Dominic is the Founder and Member of the Forum of Critical Utility Services (FOCUS) – The current Southern India Chairman, and responsible for Marketing and event as a chairman. In academics, he did his graduation in management and begin his career as a sales executive.

Presently, he wears the suit of being the CEO & Founder of Blue & Gray Management Consultants (India) Pvt Ltd, which he brewed up in 2015 in Bangalore to offer expert-level solutions to all business tribulations as a leading business management and consultancy services company.

Mr. Dominic started working in the fire industry as a professional in 1990. Along the way, he held several country head positions at Mircom, Honeywell, Vista, and DATS. His ultimate goal is to instil a culture of safety by educating the public about fire safety and raising public awareness of it. He is also a well-known motivational speaker as well as a member of the National Building Code (NBC) Committee.

Blue & Gray, an established name for business management and consulting services in India, was founded in 2014. Since its establishment, it has continuously enabled companies to become industry leaders through its distinctive branding ideas and advertising approaches.

The team at Blue & Grey is aware of customer needs, manages and organises the market’s specialisation, and assists clients in building their brands and determining their target markets. Additionally, they have produced a number of posters, marketing videos, and webinars on fire and safety for distribution across all social media platforms.

Blue & Gray Management carries years of legacy in maintaining its quality and integrity. They cater to a diverse clientele for various marketing services.

Business Development: They partner with customers and original equipment manufacturers to establish end-to end strategies for long-term brand creation, marketing, business development, and customer perception management.
Market Analysis & Research: The consulting team conducts in-depth market research and releases thorough reports on a regular basis. Workshops and Seminars: To keep at the forefront of technological advancements in the field of fire safety, the firm hosts workshops and seminars.
Product launches: To ensure maximal promotion at a minimal cost, the team develops multi-channel customised strategies that involve planning events, conducting digital marketing, running campaigns, etc. Networking with Key influential and decisionmakers: The well-connected leadership at Blue & Gray can use their strong network to synergies firms and move the needle towards collaboration from the competition by networking with key influential and decision-makers.
Creative design services: Skilled graphic designers and content writers conjure attentiongrabbing marketing content while arousing readers’ curiosity and making them want to know more.
Digital Marketing: A multi-platform marketing plan that balances organic and inorganic methods to increase reach and cut costs can be put together by a team of digital marketing experts.
Brand promotions: To achieve effective reach and brand loyalty, the company’s seasoned marketing team has developed hybrid approaches that combine internet marketing, event planning, and advertising via other non-digital channels.
Safety & Security Audit: They use their depth of knowledge and industry experience to conduct thorough audits and due diligence, which results in practical suggestions that raise safety standards while adhering to legal requirements.
Video Management System: The cloud-based video monitoring and measurement platform, or VMS, links to the cameras you already own and provides real-time data and business insights.
24 X 7 – Reshaping your existing building Smart: They work without human interaction to change a building’s essential services. It greatly reduces running expenses and energy costs.

Blue and Gray have consistently been linked to the world’s top brands in surveillance, artificial intelligence, machine learning technology, and other industries. The company has also collaborated intensively with Hikvision on its Make in India initiative, PRAMA. AAG’s Fire Fighting devices were marketed in the commercial area, and the company is currently one of the top providers in India.

Blue and Grey is the only company in India with a sizable database of influencers who are regularly given information on modern technology and trained in best practices. Moreover, several industry leaders have signed up for the training and learning webinars here in exchange for informative newsletters on technology and product advancements.

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