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AuCom MCS GmbH

AuCom MCS GmbH


Consider yourself stuck in traffic. Stomping the accelerator to speed up to maximum speed as the light turns  green is not a good idea because it could damage the car’s mechanical parts and be ineffective while being risky. The parallel applies equally to electrical devices. While a standard startup can do the task, it can also use more energy and wear out too quickly. An electrical motor must start correctly for smooth operation, and soft starters are just the right components to make that happen.

It restricts the initial surge of the current and provides a gradual ramp up to full speed or a gradual stop where a sudden stop can have an adverse effect on the connected unit. As a result, there is less mechanical and electrodynamic stress placed on the motor’s shaft and attached power lines.

Manufacturing processes and equipment have undergone substantial changes with the introduction of Industry 4.0. The cutting-edge designs and technologies have also inspired a new generation of soft starters, making them stronger, smarter, superior, safe, and efficient.

The global soft starter market projects a growth of USD 2386.47 million by 2026 with ongoing developments, achieving a CAGR of roughly 5.91% throughout the forecast period (2021-26). Given its centrality and utilization in high-tech operations, companies need trustworthy partners. And the brand to watch out for is the one with a track record of quality and efficacy.

AuCom MCS GmbH is a world-class manufacturer of unique soft starters. Working under the auspices of the Benshaw Group of Companies, AuCom has an established record of facilitating the growth and development of multinational corporations.

The origins of AuCom date back to 1978. AuCom was founded in Christchurch, New Zealand, to develop high end stereo amplifiers. In fact, this is how it got its name. But the following year, it got a NASA license to create energy-saving single-phase electric motors and later created and patented 3-phase energy-saving technology.

Strong demand for the product propelled AuCom from a start-up to a major exporter in a relatively short period of time. Upon entering the motor control market, AuCom noticed a niche demand for the soft start function in its energy-saving product. This revelation inspired the creation of the world’s first range of commercially feasible soft starters. Turning inspiration into reality, AuCom released the EMS Series of soft starters in 1982, ushering in a new era in low-voltage motor control.

As time passed, AuCom expanded on all fronts, and its expertise began to echo across nations. In 2019, AuCom merged with Benshaw Group of Companies to become the world’s largest privately held soft starter company. With both their technologies combined, as well as each enterprise’s already impressive sales and service capabilities, AuCom has been a critical infrastructure partner in many organizations’ growth stories.

The company has geographical dominance in Europe, Asia-Pacific, North and Latin America, the Middle East, Africa, and China. As motor control specialists, they believe in bringing clients’ needs to reality through customized support right from the start.

Soft starters have become wildly influential in high-tension motors for effective torque control and smooth motor acceleration. It has supplanted several common mechanisms, such as StarDelta or autotransformers, and created a thriving industry for itself. Modern soft starts, however, don’t resemble the big ones from the 1980s. A standard control panel can accommodate a medium-voltage soft starter. This means a 4 MW soft starter can readily fit in even the most compact areas. This flexibility allows it to cover 99% of the market’s drive assemblies.

Modern drive assemblies must, however, adhere to much stricter standards in order to maintain the connected machine’s efficiency. AuCom has created a good selection of LV and MV starters that are customized to meet individual needs in light of this. In addition, it provides MV AC drives (MVH 2.0), which are hundreds of times more powerful than their smaller, more prevalent low-voltage counterparts.

This is mostly utilized to control massive, multimegawatt electric motors that power huge industrial loads found in mines, power plants, or metal processing plants. Its versatility allows it to work in a wide range of industries, including construction, food and beverage, irrigation, marine, mining and quarrying, oil and gas, pulp and paper, sawmilling, water, and wastewater.

The strong understanding of these applications gives it a noteworthy edge in the industry and over its peers. AuCom also works on specialized projects that are customized to the specific needs of particular companies. With competitive brands like Siemens, ABB, and Telemecanique making waves in the industry, it leaves no stone unturned. Earlier, it partnered with VFD manufacturers as soft starters, and VFDs are more like close siblings. But with the changing dynamics, AuCom is driving continuous innovations to level up its game and keep clients up and running.

As the pioneers of commercial soft starters, AuCom has committed to continuous improvements to provide complete value to clients while staying the Ace of Spades. This eventually benefits clients by helping them deliver more value to their customers while being the best version of themselves. Having a solid technological foundation allows AuCom to integrate innovation, tools, and digital platforms into customer offerings to extend their business from the beginning. The “AuCom Start Here” app is a fantastic illustration of this, as it allows users to self-diagnose problems and seek support right from their hands.

The innovations and integrations are extensively fueled by R&D.

It has a large team of electrical, mechanical, power electronics, software engineering, 3D design and modeling, process control, system integration, and other professionals. Their broad and in-depth experience across sectors and targeted verticals aids in enhancing the innovation chasm and fostering new developments. The team is diligent with data and observations; for instance, reliability data on the mean time to failure (MTTF) of products is tracked and is currently greater than 200 years.

One of AuCom’s key points is its superior manufacturing capabilities. The company is certified to ISO 9001:2015 and 14001:2015. The leaders involved make sure the standards are applied to all aspects of the business operations. Every product is created with the end user in mind, and every detail is prioritized to broaden functionality while saving time and money. The products are designed to speed up

installation, commissioning, or for operational support and designed accordingly. The company has manufacturing facilities in New Zealand, Germany, and the USA and the experience to meet the needs of specific markets. Throughout the manufacturing process, clients are made aware of the production stage and any upcoming updates as well. The products will then pass multiple acceptance tests to ensure they meet all specifications. Afterwards, AuCom also helps with commissioning and provides after-sales support.

With global players creating tailwinds and intelligent soft starters emerging, detailed manufacturing excellence undoubtedly adds a strategic benefit to overall excellence. They also take clients’ feedback into account to understand how developments can be improved. This contributes to a better understanding of the diverse and changing client needs.

Despite being fully updated with advances and technology, nothing could ever replace the value AuCom places on its people. From leaders to associates, everyone works towards building a people-centric culture, even though they are based in different locations. They believe, “Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.” To stay connected across locations, AuCom has designed a program in the context of a large organization’s governance and policy structure.

The program keeps all stakeholders transparent about the company’s policies and operations. Passion, Agility, valuing people, innovation, and growth are the values that guide AuCom to its glory. Everyone strives to create a positive difference, thus continuously elevating its global value and contributing meaningfully to the global community. This is how every project and program they engage in is kept in alignment with the company’s mission, vision, and goals.

The detailed and organized methodologies were noteworthy in overcoming the predicaments of COVID-19. As the lockdown brought a wave of challenges, AuCom went into analysis and reconfiguration mode. For the first six months, they focused on re-engaging with their values and identifying prospects. They even developed new products that are ready for market launch. In the end, working harmoniously, AuCom reshaped the ‘Black Swan Event’ into a stepping stone in their growth story.

AuCom has risen to become a leader in both business practices and technology. The quest began under the aegis of two industry gurus: Ray Archer, an entrepreneur, and Mark Empson, an electronics design expert. Since the debut of the first soft starter, their objective has been to grow to be the industry’s leading soft starter producer and the go-to partner for major international brands. Under their direction, AuCom developed from a fledgling company into a world leader and finally became a “home” for its employees.

Today, however, AuCom is globally recognized as a motor control specialist, and this milestone is attributed to Mr. Thomas Zirk-Gunnemann, Managing Director. An electrical engineer by trade, Thomas brings over two decades of industrial experience to the table. He joined AuCom in 2014 and has played a critical role in the company’s rise to prominence through various leadership positions. His technical prowess and people-driven leadership have propelled AuCom to new heights in flexibility and engineering designs, eventually establishing it as a motor starter specialist. His passion and enthusiasm for the company and its mission reflect on his team and their efforts to strengthen relationships with clients.

While creating waves in business, AuCom is committed to supporting communities. The company believes it’s indispensable for every business to contribute to making the world a better place. In a similar vein, its humanitarian endeavors concentrate on water management, sanitation, and hygiene programs, aiding children and orphans through charitable organizations. On the business front, it’s completed nearly half a century of driving excellence in product development and relevant services.

“We are the largest privately owned soft starter manufacturer across the globe,” proudly claims Thomas. His leadership has helped in establishing a global CSD (Customer support division) and fostering digital transformation in operations. This ultimately helps it be a more trusted “partner of choice.”

AuCom is building a legacy in driving continuous innovation, adapting, and working on new benchmarks. To stay
relevant while being competitive, the company is constantly scouring prospects while being sustainable at heart. Even in this dynamic market, the company is strategizing product development and expansion with a focus on adaptability and innovations to usher in a better future.

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