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Risk management is a more realistic term than safety. It implies that hazards are ever-presented and that they must be identified, analyzed, evaluated, and controlled or rationally accepted. As Ed Seykota has versed, “Here is the essence of risk management. Risk is no more than you can afford to lose, and also risk enough so that a win is meaningful. If there is no such amount, don’t play.” Risk is an inseparable part of the business world it is its lifeblood for it. And success wouldn’t be achieved without taking risks, especially in this competitive world. Hence, it is clear that we cannot avoid risk, but we surely can manage it in the most efficient way possible.

When we talk about the healthcare industry, risk management is one of the major needs of healthcare workers. Giving a brief introduction of the company, Sanjay affirms, “Recognized by the Indian Medical Association (IMA), Apex Insurance Company Limited (AICL) to date is the only genuine risk management company in the country thanks to its nationwide presence and operations.

Formed under the aegis of the Indian Companies Act 1956 as a Limited company in the year 2000, AICL’s primary objective is to provide expert legal services and risk management exclusively for doctors and the medical fraternity at large. At present, we are one of the bests in the risk management space owing to some of our well-strategized and pathbreaking achievements, namely:

  • All-India presence, including strategic tie-ups with top insurance companies
  • We are present all over India in a bid to support the doctor community across the length and breadth of the nation. We have also forged close tie-ups with India’s premier insurance companies to seamlessly safeguard the best interests of the doctor fraternity.
  • Guided by the best medico-legal brains in the country
  • The best medico-legal brains of India work with us, giving us the edge vis-à-vis the complicated and demanding medico-legal battles. Needless to say, we have successfully converted many complicated legal tangles into winning celebrations.
  • 24X7 services, that too at affordable prices
  • Our 100% crisis management infrastructure allows us to offer 24×7 services at the doorstep, including online connectivity with our rich panel of experts. Our pan-India presence assures our members of receiving timely service anywhere and anytime all over the country. Not only this, our service is very affordable and specially customized to suit every pocket!
  • Keeps you abreast of your profession
  • We serve as a platform for the fraternity to stay in touch with national and international trends, burning issues, and safety features through our dedicated website, regular publications as well as events and consumer meets.”

Narrating the inception journey, Vijay asserts, “The company was started in the year 2000 and was formally registered in the year 2001. Although initiated with a shoestring budget, we were confident of our future success since we were equipped with a hugely noble idea – of providing a safe and patient-friendly atmosphere for medical professionals by managing all their crises through our dedication and expertise.

The choice to safeguard the interests of the medical fraternity came germinated with the rationale that in India, this is probably the only profession where there is a huge communication gap between the doctors and the patients. From top hospitals to doctors, no one in this vital profession can escape from crisis.

That is why with Apex, we are the pioneers of the first organized effort that brought the crisis management possibility in India. Being the only risk management company for doctors in India, we have been hugely instrumental in bringing in all the investments, improvements and success that this critical domain of the medical profession has enjoyed in recent years.”


  • Any legal tangles in any court of India are covered as part of our membership.
  • We also cover all the cases arising from ‘Police Stations’, namely under sections – 304, 304A, 338, etc.
  • Any case against our doctor members is covered free of cost (not necessarily pertaining only to professional negligence)

Free counter case/ defamation suit against any party who (falsely or in greed of money) harasses any of our member doctors. This option is up to the concerned doctor, if he decides to file any case, then we will be at his service, that too free of cost.

The insurance coverage is provided through the local branch to ensure complete transparency for our members. Free participation in our awareness seminars that are organized frequently. All documentation jobs like MTP registration, PNDT registration, hospital registration, etc., are offered at specially discounted rates. Our members are covered for all important Acts like PNDT, MTP, Labour, etc., which are not insured by any other company.”

The company is always ready for challenges to protect its doctors. As mentioned above, Apex is the first organized effort that brought the Crisis Management possibility to India. From a well-organized team of strategists to possessing the professional strength to access the magnitude of any crisis, to having the bandwidth to come up with a spontaneous plan, test the plan, and execute it efficiently, the team is equipped appropriately concerning every step.

The team members feel proud and satisfied that Apex is always at the service of its members in any event of a crisis.  Whether the crisis is predictable or unimaginable, their contingency planning is always in place. “With more than 1.5 lakh pan-India membership, we have been fighting thousands of cases, with a 99% winning ratio. The fact that Apex does anything and everything in the legal domain for doctors is not only a statement but a commitment with proof.

No fine lines, no gimmicks, zero dependence on the insurance company and commitments made by dint of its own strength and capacity has earned Apex the tag of being the only real crisis management company a doctor deserves. Our risk management venture is a one-of-a-kind effort and we believe in our concept that risk management solutions are essential for professionals in high-pressure jobs. For years we are dealing with very challenging issues to solve risks for doctors. We have witnessed the scenario of doctor-patient relationships change very fast.

Any death or critical injury arising out of medical treatment or procedure can often land the physicians in the court of law, both civil and criminal.  The issues involving doctors are so complicated that even the courts need practical assistance from the bar to explain the complexities of the procedures undertaken. The important fact is, every day we are being proven right.

To understand the complexities any doctor faces requires a very specialized professional via both medicine and law.  Thus, our stress for medicolegal excellence is always a big hit. We are responsible for bringing the best experts in the medico-legal domain under our fold to ensure the doctors are safe to practice their profession without any fear.”- Sanjay Kalika Mishra.

The membership of the company entails the start and end of the selected period, which the members have chosen and paid for. The day they give us the charges, the coverage commences, and the cause of action or any case must start in that period only. In case any doctor has treated a patient before enrolling with it, and the case comes up during the membership period, it will be treated as pre-membership. To avoid compensation problems by insurance companies, it is +advisable to continue renewing the policy.

  • Membership highlights and coverage of difficult situations
  • They enable the doctor community to emerge out of their conservative coverage and opt for a world-class one offered by the company that is recognized by the IMA.
  • Be a part of India’s leading group of doctors. Cover yourself for 24 hours and for every problem which no other company covers.
  • Anyone running a hospital recognizes how expensive the pieces of equipment are and how they have to depend on various companies for their maintenance. Apex’s service charge includes the legal AMC of every item of any medical setup set-up.
  • They also cover the medical fraternity for difficult, unforeseen situations like:
  • Coverage for cases arising from unqualified nurses as well as negligence on the part of doctors.
  • Emergency advise in sudden unexpected death.
  • Difficult situation management like OT table death.
  • Management of post-death media trial.
  • Management of cases of death due to anaphylaxis, SJS, Post-spinal meningitis, death during transfers, usual withdrawal of O2, etc.
  • Management in cases like brought dead, police arrest, or false media reports.

Vijay affirms, “A risk management company (that too for the medical community) has its own share of challenges as we need to help the fraternity understand the necessity of a professional risk management cover. For this, we are reliant on a potent combination of data and empathy. Being associated with doctors for 20 years, we are well aware about their professional and personal challenges which facilitate us to solve their problems.

Our core leadership value is empathy. It’s our responsibility to give our members something “valuable” with every interaction. We are not in competition with anyone, because we are not a product governed by clauses, terms and conditions. We are an expert support system that helps doctors grow without fear of falling into the trap of any litigation.”

Mr. Sanjay Kalika Mishra (Joint Director) An audio-visual professional destined to excel in a different world! Mr. Mishra, after a brief stint with an advertising firm, found his calling in serving doctors and other medical professionals in the country. The inception of Apex was based on his extensive research of the risk management scenario in India. At present, after two decades of hard work and consolidation, he has guided the company to a pole position in its respective domain.

Under his leadership, Apex stands to be the only company in the world that has helped many underprivileged in broadening their world through opportunities to hone their career in such a top-notch organization. He believes in complete focus in whatever he does. He stands for going to his people and clients with conviction in his product and his intentions of delivering the utmost quality with honesty. Outside the purview of work, he is fun-loving and a dedicated family man. He is based in ‘Mumbai’, which he calls the ‘City Of Life’.

Mr. Vijay Arora (CEO)
Although he is the CEO of AICL, Mr. Arora loves to be called ‘Head Operations’. He holds an MBA from Delhi University and LLB from Meerut University. A motivational leader and true team player, he believes in doing what he does with an all-consuming passion. A firm demonstrator, he has been instrumental in inculcating to the entire team that there are no shortcuts to success. As an innovator, he has been a driving force in taking risk management in India to an all-new level. Although hugely successful, his humility and his “always approachable” nature for his clients and friends are among his most endearing qualitie.

Sharing the master plan for the coming future of the company, Sanjay assets, “We are thankful for all the appreciation and accolades we have received for our outstanding contribution in the domain of risk management for doctors. For over 20 years, through good times and challenging ones, making the medical community strong and risk-free has been the single most recognized hallmark of APEX achievement. Thankfully, we have been recognized and rewarded for our service to the medical community.

We have won many national as well as international awards for our work. Even Forbes (magazine) highlighted us as an excellent service organization. All the awards we have received have motivated us to work even harder! Currently, we have more than 2.5 lakh active databases including working engagements of doctors and hospitals in India. Our increasing client base and net worth show that we are poised for a wonderful future in transforming this noble business to the next level.”

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