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Aryan Chaudhary’s inspiring scientific voyage

Aryan Chaudhary’s inspiring scientific voyage- a motivational booster to the younger generation 

It is said necessity is the mother of great inventions. With the Covid -19 changing the way we live, learn and earn, it seems so true. And this inspiring story of a 17-years old researcher proves it most effectively. Yes, a “17 years old researcher” in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, integrated Internet of Things, etc, came forward to address the existing challenges faced by the healthcare system, especially when it comes to rural or remote healthcare.

Young Aryan Chaudhary led the project Orbital Next- an academic initiative by Nijji Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. to groom young talents. Orbital Next aims to focus on developing newer techniques, like IoT, enabled devices, and extensive data analysis through the integration of Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning to address the evolving need of remote healthcare systems, least contact diagnostics colossal scope of augmenting rural healthcare, sustainably.

In a short span of 2 years, Aryan has ensured 11 research items, including Edited Book, Special sessions & peer-reviewed papers in international journals of repute.

His projects integrate IoT and sensor technology for gathering vital signs through one time /ambulatory monitoring and then the functionality of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning that lead to big data analytics for faster intervention, monitoring of prognosis and research on these vast data for effective clinical research for future development of treatment, drug, pathological tests and supply system.

Orbital Next effectively integrates the Internet of Things with Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing and Cognitive Technology. It is not hard to imagine the immense possibilities of implementation in the areas of remote/rural healthcare, especially in the areas of public healthcare. It also poses a tremendous opportunity in the areas of skill development and continued training for the AAA network.

While judiciously observing and studying the Healthcare related challenges, Aryan started envisaging the possibilities of implementation of such technologies at a young age. The book edited by Aryan is about to be published next year – titled on computational health informatics and biomedical application. It will cover a comprehensive and representative range of the above-stated technologies that are used in biomedical applications, including bio-signal origin and dynamics, sensors used for data acquisition, public health development, and how voice technology can be a game-changer in the contemporary technological landscape.

The journal of Biomedical Science and Engineering invited him as guest editor to lead the Special Issue: Neural Network and Deep Learning: Next Level of Health Care, which provides potential uses for Neural Networks (ANN) and Deep Learning to solve all kinds of messy and complex problems.

In two years only, his reputation has spread across the globe where he has been invited as a guest speaker for over 7 internationally and nationally reputed conferences so far. Gradually, he will be expanding the wings of his research program across the targeted industry in the upcoming years.

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