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BKP Group: Leading UAE Production Company Offers Comprehensive Audio and Video Services

BKP Group: Leading UAE Production Company Offers Comprehensive Audio and Video Services

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE) — BKP Group is a world-class production company in the Middle East. Launched in 2000 by Barry Kirsch, the company’s founder and chairman, BKP Group started as a small music and audio production outfit in Dubai.

In the years since, it has pioneered the discipline of sound design in the region, worked with the region’s biggest and most prominent brands, and swept local production awards, growing to become the region’s major provider of sonic branding, music event production, and full-service audio and video production services.

Dominating the Region

Even if you haven’t heard of BKP Group, chances are high that you’ve heard, hummed, experienced, and appreciated their work.

They have collaborated with some of the region’s and the world’s biggest and most prominent brands, including Burger King, Centrepoint, Du, Emirates, Ford, Ferrero Rocher, Hilton, KFC, McDonald’s, Nestle, Nexus, Nissan, Samsung, Sony, Standard Chartered, and STC.

Among BKP Group’s most notable projects is the commission to make the official arrangement of the UAE National Anthem, compose the Expo 2020 official theme song and design the event audio for the Palm Jumeirah Dubai World Record 2014 and the Burj Khalifa 2011/2012 New Year’s Eve Fireworks.

BKP Group not only has an extensive and impressive project portfolio; it has also collected over 100 regional and international awards.

State-of-the-Art Studios and Talented Production Personnel

BKP Group has six state-of-the-art studios located in Dubai Media City, Dubai Studio City, and Riyadh. Each studio is equipped with pro software and equipment.

One of their studios has even been dubbed the eponymous Neumann Studio, the fruit of a partnership BKP Group forged with Neumann, the iconic brand of microphones, monitoring speakers, and other professional-grade audio equipment.

Aside from its high-tech studios, BKP Group’s talented pool of sound engineers, music composers, other audio professionals, producers, animators, graphics artists, visual artists, and audio and video editors are a major contributor to the company’s dominance in the region’s music and video production scene.

BKP Group Services

BKP Group offers sonic branding, event and entertainment sound design, music composition, and podcast production aside from its usual audio, film and digital media content conceptualisation, production and post-processing services.

Sonic Branding

Think logo, but in sound — that’s what sonic brands are. Sonic brands are sound logos designed to be memorable and instantly recognisable so that when people hear them, they’ll automatically think of the brand with which they’re associated.

The conceptualisation and creation of audio logos is the domain of sonic branding. BKP Group’s sound designers and music composers develop custom audio logos, jingles, and soundscapes that reflect the client’s brand personality and values.

In the Middle East, there’s probably no company more prolific and associated with the field of sonic branding than BKP Group. The company has had a hand in creating almost every memorable jingle and audio logo in the UAE.

Are you familiar with the telecom company Du’s “dudududu dudu dudu dudu”? That’s one of BKP Group’s most recognisable outputs. BKP Group has also worked on the sonic branding of Dubai One, Dubai Metro, Dubai TV, Emirates, Etisalat, The Dubai Mall, Thuraya, and Toshiba, among many others.

Audio Production

BKP Group provides a comprehensive range of audio production services, including voice recordings for interactive voice response (IVR) systems, orchestral scores for films, and voice-overs for radio, TV, and digital commercials.

It has a network of regional and international voice talents and an extensive sound effects library, and it excels in creating award-winning radio advertisements. Its end-to-end production services cover script writing, script translation, casting (and providing international clients with Arabic-speaking) voice talents, and audio post-production.

Music Composition

BKP Group can facilitate original music composition for commercials, films, documentaries, video games, event launches, opening ceremonies, and others. The company has access to a network of international composers and musicians, but it also has a large pool of local and regional musical acts it can tap to give commercials and musical scores local flair and flavour.

The full score for Ali Mustafa’s Dubai film, City of Life, and the official theme song of Expo 2020 are just two of BKP Group’s many music composition projects.

Film and Digital Productions

BKP Group provides end-to-end multi- and omni-channel film and digital video production services. Clients like Burger King, Centrepoint, the Government of Dubai, Emirates Airlines, Hilton, HSBC, and Kinder Joy have come to BKP Group for their video production needs, including movies shot on film, commercials for television and videos meant exclusively for social media distribution.

BKP Group’s commercial video production services include helping clients develop a concept depending on budget and timeline constraints. After ideation, BKP Group’s production staff can execute and produce the video content according to the brief.

BKP also provides post-production services, ensuring the film or digital output can be optimised for the best quality and the most impact on the viewing audience.

Live Event Production

BKP Group provides sound design, sound engineering, and live sound orchestration for various musical events, opening ceremonies, event launches, fireworks displays, and many others.

The Burj Khalifa New Year’s Eve Fireworks in 2011/2012 and the record-breaking Dubai World 2014 are among BKP Group’s most notable event production projects. It has also orchestrated and executed 2,186 performances for Expo 2020.


BKP Group is part of the podcast company Rising Giants Network and provides podcast scripting and production services. It can help clients develop a concept, write scripts, record episodes, and edit the resulting audio output. BKP Group can also help podcast content creators distribute their content on a variety of platforms.

BKP Group: The Region’s Premiere Production Company

BKP Group is a world-class production company with a reputation for excellence in audio and video production and related services. With its state-of-the-art facilities, talented team, and commitment to superior customer service, the company is an undisputed leader in the industry, not just in the UAE but also in the wider Gulf region.

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