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The CDM Group, A Content Consultation, and Content Writing & Marketing Firm Led by Sujata Upadhyay

High-quality content has become the heart and soul of digital marketing today. But this fact was understood three years ago, by far-sighted visionary and marketing enthusiast, Sujata Upadhyay who has endeavored to create a Curated, Coherent, and Compelling content solution, The CDM Group. An enthusiastic entrepreneur and content marketing specialist, Sujata Upadhyay holds extensive experience in working in different positions in different companies, over 17 years.

As a marketing expert and a content specialist, she has deep experience in writing on Technology, Startups Growth Story, SMEs, Retail, eCommerce, Education, Healthcare, and Marketing. Consequently, the CDM Group has been helping clients create compelling content via various content strategies that result in better brand positioning and engaging prospects, which ultimately carves a path for the readers to reach the brand.

The motivation has always been to produce better content. Sujata has worked in marketing and the lead generation space for over 13 years. Dealing with global clients and industries, she intrinsically understood how strong and persuasive content affects lead generation and more importantly, learned to apply those changes to the content itself. Over time, she has gained expertise in how exactly one should quantify content into its composite components from the perspective of marketing. This process can be gradually applied to other business verticals as well.

Present-day, CDM is at the forefront of content consultation and has developed expertise on a wide variety of content. In fact, CDM’s mastery over various types of content also syncs very well with the boom in startups as they require assistance in all their facets of content. In fact, they work with the Centre for Incubation and Business Acceleration – CIBA Mumbai, and SpringUp Capital, 2 tech incubation centers to assist their start-ups with content consultation services.

The differentiating factor of CDM, which also gains them an edge in content consultation, is simply their ‘Right Fit’ Approach. At CDM, this is accomplished through thorough research, inspired writing, and perspectivism. This is basically what sets CDM apart from all the competition.

The recurring challenges in content that CDM manages to resolve for their clients are:

  • Managing content from the perspective of the ROI
  • Creation of content that gives allowance for growth
  • Perspectivism

R&D is one of the major aspects of the business operations at CDM. Our research is the reason the team at CDM is a cut above the competition. It is only through extensive R&D that CDM is able to step in the shoes of the clients and understand exactly what they wish to convey and how. In fact, CDM’s emphasis on research ensures that the team writes and curates content for organizations as well as individuals. CDM takes pride in creating content on behalf of their clients and not as themselves, and that’s only possible through extensive, exhaustive, and comprehensive R&D.

The inspiration factor for CDM varies in accordance with who is the individual or individuals who are reading the content that they are curating. Sujata says, “Through my years of curating content, all I can say with absolute certainty is that if one understands who the target audience is, and how the content is supposed to influence the target audience, then the inspiration factor is simply the artistic expression through which it is conveyed. Sounds simple enough, but it does take a long time to master and the key is to not take the artist out of the content writer!” SUJATA UPADHYAY Founder, CDM-Content Design Market LLP

“There is a difference between writing a novel and writing for a brand to promote them. The latter needs to create content that attracts the reader engages them and convinces them to take an action. A clear action-oriented objective for the desired results”

Sujata unequivocally states, “There is an amazing shift from unknown to informed to opinionated to unknown again. This time the volatility has created opportunities for content consumption. The CDM team is striving hard to reap the benefits of developing a conscious competence.”

Being a digital age firm, CDM Group employs multiple technologies to assist in its functioning as an organization. However, this skill is more human than anything. Being able to weave the right, domain-specific words to create the impact that a brand wants on its target audience cannot be automated using technology. It has to have knowledge mixed with writing experience and exposure that is enhanced by leveraging on technology.

CDM team is still an artistic endeavor that is simply bound together by technology. So the technology only assists in the running of their business, for the rest, they rely on the art within, and this is truly a revolution in the business of content creation.

Our team is the key driving force behind the seamless progress we have made. Right from freshers like Bhagyada and Tanya who have turned out to be great writers and responsible individuals, to writers like Afshan who has grown in the organization and is now indispensable in managing the content team. Then there is Kapil, who heads the social media and SEO team, Vijaya the designer who grew with us.

One common factor is that they all have in them is the urge to learn and be accountable. Further, Sujata apprised, “We pride ourselves on our excellent retention rates. None of our team have quit because we believe the primary resource which makes our company stand out is the team. Considering that we treat content like art, our entire team is carefully chosen for their dedication, creativity, and professionalism.”

“To me and to our team, COVID-19 was not the bogeyman it was to other traditional businesses – rather we are glad we could help other businesses”, shared Sujata. Sujata and her entire team took COID-19 as a challenge that if they can surmount it would mean that very little could stand in their path to success. CDM saw growth within the ambit of the pandemic and did not even have to downsize their business, rather “We multiplied on all fronts – new joinees, more and more clients, new cities where we expanded – so fair in all aspects”.

In fact, the company grew very well and made profits through all of it. The way CDM looks at it is that if the pandemic could not stop or slow them down, in the post-pandemic environment the sky is indeed the limit! Besides, content is now in everything, and given their survivability and ability to thrive even in the most challenging of times, the team at CDM does justice to the statement, “Driving business performance, even in the toughest times!”

In mid 2020, CDM was a 6-people team and now a 17-people team. The growing team size speaks for itself. Being listed in the Top 10 Startups in Pune, 2021 to work for is another big milestone that the CDM Group has achieved in an enviably short span of time.

As Sujata succinctly puts it, “I don’t say content is the king, it is the most basic element in building a brand. It is the base for a long-lasting, impactful marketing strategy. . It has the power to build credibility for your brand, attract, engage and create a loyal customer base for you”. I believe that the market is heading towards an exciting future for content where it, in itself, is an entire vertical within which companies shall encompass the various perspectives such as marketing, branding, sales, websites, AVs, VOs, blogs as well as articles through which it can be effectively disseminated.”

Sujata’s mantra that she would like all budding entrepreneurs to know – To be successful in this dynamic market, it is important to value add. What is it that you can offer to your customers that no one else can? This is the question each one of us should ask ourselves, daily, so that it keeps us on our toes to thrive to get better and more innovative. The same applies to each employee, employer, professional connections, and so on – what is it that you have, that no one else can replace you. Sit with this thought as long as it takes for you to digest it, and question yourself daily.

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