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COVID-19 has triggered spontaneous changes in weeks and months that would otherwise entail years of planning. Digitalization has evolved from a complement to traditional value creation levers such as price optimization, operational improvement, and volume expansion to a need.

Digital transformation promises more objective decision-making, a vital advantage in turbulent markets, and functions as a stimulant of additional profit. With value optimization becoming essential, Salesforce CRM has become a critical investment. Every industry is evolving, and companies are becoming customer-focused. The digital imperative entails addressing market complexity strategically and redesigning businesses to be more focused on customers, suppliers, and partners.

Salesforce CRM & Platform can help strengthen these relationships, drawing a wider clientele and earning substantial revenue from high-quality leads. However, in a volatile economy, businesses demand a reliable service provider. Introducing CEPTES, a future-focused Salesforce powerhouse. Our publication recently had the privilege of interviewing Mr. Priya Ranjan Panigrahy, Director & Co-founder of CEPTES.

Mr. Panigrahy has been a technology evangelist since college, rising from developer to subject-matter expert to technology leader. He specializes in software architecture, Salesforce apps, mobile apps, and developer platforms such as Apex, Web2.0, AWS services, Java, and related technologies. He’s also a strategist, B2B Salesforce Product Specialist, Salesforce PDO & MSP Partner Advisory Board member, and SFDC Tech Architect. His aptitude for problem solving has aided in the growth of CEPTES into a multimillion-dollar corporation, gearing it up for sustainable growth.

Mr. Panigrahy has spent most of his career with prestigious banks, especially Deutsche Bank, for five years as a technical specialist. During this tenure, he saw how the institution was transforming its private wealth management division using Salesforce. The innovation piqued his interest as it exemplified the authenticity of cloud computing technology.

The period also gave him the exposure needed to lead a business, build scalable products and secure client data. While it was complex, Mr. Panigrahy is a fast learner and grasped the concept eventually. In his mind, he was devising ideas to use this technology to build something sustainable. He discussed the matter with his colleague and future partner, Harish Kumar Poolakade (Co- founder, Director).

With an ambitious endeavor, they came back to India and started CEPTES. They intended to use the enterprise cloud marketplace AppExchange to inspire app development, accelerate outcomes, and extend Customer 360 from anywhere, with proven apps and specialists – across every industry, department, and product. “We aimed to assist organizations in evolving while also learning about their difficulties and areas that may be improved with more automation,” enunciates Mr. Panigrahy. They created a service and consultancy model that allowed CEPTES to innovate and grow into a product company.

Since then, the firm has grown by leaps and bounds. Its portfolio is designed with diverse collective experience and focuses on Salesforce implementation, integration with other systems, analytics to uncover actionable insights, streamlining business processes and product development.

The firm even works as a strategic partner for Salesforce planning, development, and support. So far, it has completed over 500 projects and earned the trust of over 1,000 clients on five continents. It has received a 9+ CSAT grade for its service of handling complex business challenges. Through end-to-end solutions, CEPTES has carved a niche in the global business fraternity, fostering trust and excellence.

CEPTES’s philosophy to shape the future of business is summarized in its name (C: Customer-focused, E: Employee friendly, P: Passion & Pride for performance, T: Trust & Transparency, E: Equality and S: Social responsibility). It hasn’t been easy, though, to establish and strengthen these pillars. “We’ve been bootstrapping since the beginning, and CEPTES was a spur-of-the-moment decision that became fruitful,” says Mr. Panigrahy. The initial years were quite difficult, as it was an innovative area that people weren’t aware of. But inherent collaboration and constant learning paved the way for growth.

CEPTES was formed with the goal of solving clients’ emergent problems via innovation. In the last two years, COVID-19 has transformed the world, spurring novel opportunities. People have become more conscious and are striving for more value for less. This is what CEPTES is working to achieve. With an integrated portfolio, they are reducing client dependency on resources with less maintenance and better scalability. Putting it simply, they are providing 360° customer satisfaction with better ROI.

The company serves a wide range of clients, from government, finance, healthcare, manufacturing, real-estate and high-tech industries. Their tailored approach has brought loyal clients from North America and Asia, Australia and European nations. With trust and transparency as their USPs, CEPTES has taken a methodical approach to organic growth. They also nurture their team accordingly to ensure that the core pillars are constantly reinforced.

Sustainability has been a core focus throughout CEPTES’s exponential growth. Nonetheless, their understanding of sustainability has evolved with time. Initially, their focus was to thrive on their spontaneous decision. And seeing how the workforce, portfolio and clientele have expanded with time, the company is surely on the right track.

CEPTES has a robust team of nearly 300 employees who have developed 9 flagship products. The company is also blessed to have a panel of thought leaders who brainstorm to shape ideas. One of their creative examples is the “CEPTES Entrepreneurship Program” The idea behind this program is to groom the entrepreneur within individuals and turn developers into technopreneurs.

The programme bridges their existing expertise with the ones necessary to make new strides. It offers a more rapid career advancement by fostering new ideas, putting projects to work, and ultimately molding individuals into effective Salesforce drivers. Through this initiative, CEPTES intends to empower 2500 developers by 2025. While this is a lofty aim, it illustrates Mr. Panigrahy’s commitment to being a thought leader.

The black swan event caused by COVID-19 tested CEPTES’s might to survive and adapt. Like many others, it faced some downtime in the first two quarters. But that wasn’t enough to shake its resolve. They focused on product development, which fortunately culminated in more revenue and new opportunities. They developed five new flagships, three of which are already on the market and two are approved and awaiting launch. Apart from the innovation, CEPTES has accomplished wonders in revenue. The company’s revenue has increased by ~200% since the pandemic started.

The pandemonium also allowed them to further shape their entrepreneurial programme. They created the CEPTES Technopreneur University, a digital programme aimed at empowering non-Salesforce people, sabbatical workers, freshers, and those with non-IT backgrounds. They trained them and added 100 more resources to their workforce; by next year, they target to empower 1000 more. To summarize, the time was most likely transactional in terms of money, but they were able to evolve to the next level. Mr. Panigrahy further adds, “I can assure all of our stakeholders that we are here to prove that we are hungry and inclined to achieve more within the Salesforce ecosystem.”

Mr. Panigrahy may be ambitious, but he has a golden heart for society. Under his stewardship, CEPTES has made proactive responses to COVID-relief, promoted the firm as an ecosystem of diversity, pushed women’s empowerment, ran environmental projects, created community fridges and improved tertiary education in rural areas. The founder admires Marc Benioff and believes that “business is not a decision between profit and purpose.” CEPTES has committed to donating 1% of its profit and time to sustainable development.

CEPTES is now in the ‘hall of fame’ for assisting businesses in redefining growth in the new normal. Its fortitude and esteem are a testament to Mr. Panigrahy’s vision to manifest dreams into reality. He’s now peering beyond the horizon for new possibilities. He is intrigued by Web 3.0, particularly blockchain technology, which enables secure transactions, cuts compliance costs, and accelerates data transfer processes. He’s interested in AI, big data, and analytics because everything generates data and can be automated.

Lastly, he is looking at Metaverse, which will seemingly redefine how we interact with the digital environment. CEPTES has already built a real-estate product that allows users to take virtual tours of a property while at their convenience. The company wishes to further explore this technology to develop more groundbreaking products.

“Be passionate about your goals and don’t look for shortcuts. Always play for long term without sickening about money and have a mentor. This will help you stay focused even if in the face of disruptions.”

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