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A giant name in the cold care construction arena, revamping the business world with innovation

GUY KAWASAKI HAS QUOTED, “Great companies start because the founders want to change the world, not to make a fast buck.”

In present times, few selected business ventures are operating in their respective realms for the betterment of the business world and to make people’s lives easier, rather than keeping their primary focus on gaining profits. Business Connect has a tremendous history of featuring numerous top-notch companies that are leading their respective domains with their excellent solution panel. And here again, our Industrial team is back with another top-notch tale of a leading venture in the arena of Logistics- Cold care Services Pvt. Ltd.

Their story immensely inspired us and made us feature them on the cover as per our upcoming edition-Most Promising Logistics Services Provider to Watch. Our editorial team had an interesting and joyful session with the Founder and MD of the company, Dr. P. Upender Rao. The enthusiastic leader shared multiple unknown facts about the company and its success journey from scratch. The visionary also spills the beans on an excellent entrepreneurship career for our upcoming leaders and global leadership-that we are keen to share in this fascinating read.

Conceptualized in the year 2000, Dr. Rao. started Cold care Services with a vision to deliver the best possible solutions in the domain of logistics and storage. His major motive was to fill the gap in the supply and demand chain for numerous food commodities and that’s the reason, the company got transformed into a leading venture gradually. Elaborating the portfolio of the company, Dr. Rao asserts, “We, at Cold care, take up the entire project from the concept till commissioning of the project, and we call it ‘Concept to Keys’.

Cold care services (P) Ltd is considering fulfilling all the cold storage requirements with great excellence as we are the one-stop solution for clients. Our focus is to deliver the most reliable turnkey solutions to all your requirements in the cold storage endeavors. With the company’s age of 22 years and a family of 300 members working constantly to align with the growth and success of the company.

Moreover, the focus of the company is still intact with creating the world-class infrastructure for the cold chain, and in the due process, we as the company have decided to go with the forward vertical integration as expanding our portfolio of the companies but instead of acquiring the other companies, we have decided to form our verticals in Warehousing and Logistics in the year 2006 and create a system of complete cold chain within the company.

Cold care services being the mother company now has three verticals named Cold care warehousing and Logistics (Which we concentrate on the reefer logistics and complete frozen store with Palletized Racking Cold Storage), and Cold care Agritech (Wherein, we concentrate on the cold chain storage and as part of our 3PL distribution) and also into manufacturing of vehicle-mounted reefer containers.”

“Competition in business is a blessing, for, without it, we wouldn’t be motivated to improve.”-Nabil N. Jamal.

Having a fool-proof plan to tackle the competition is necessary but creating and developing a unique proposition throughout the organization equally matters. And the team of Cold care has understood the assignment very well. Cold care has always been a perfect synonym for cold storage services in the market because they take up the entire turnkey project from concept to keys. Providing an end-to-end supply chain to its clients, the company believes that being a one-stop-shop in the industry is the major unique selling point that is helping them scale the success ladder at a brisk pace.

Throwing some light on the company’s competitive advantages, Dr. Rao affirms, “India has seen a phenomenal growth from the last 3 decades in terms of the horticulture produce, dairy and meat products. India is considered one of the top three in the production of commodities including poultry, seafood, spices, fruits, and vegetables, and India’s present share in global farm trade is still considered a small share.

India is the second-largest producer of fruits and vegetables in the world with a production of 81.3 million MT (Metric Tonne)- and 162.2 million MT respectively but its share in the global export of fruits and vegetables is around 1.4% only. Approximately, 18% of fruits and vegetables get wasted in the country. This is mainly caused due to lack of cold chain infrastructure, which includes both storage and transportation facilities. And if we look deeply, the cold chain industry in India is still at a nascent stage.

Although, there is a large production of perishables still the cold chain potential remains untapped due to certain reasons like the high share of single commodity cold storage, high initial investment (for refrigerator units and land), lack of enabling infrastructures like power & roads, lack of awareness for handling perishable produce and lapse of service either by the storage provider or the transporter leading to poor quality produce. However, increasing urbanization and growth of organized retail, food servicing, and food processing sector are boosting the growth of the cold chain industry in India.

The trend is shifting towards establishing multipurpose cold storage and providing end-to-end services to control parameters throughout the value chain. Cold stores form the heart of the cold chain. The cold storage industry in India indicates that cold stores have been established initially from the beginning of the twentieth century but with very slow development. Earlier, the units were designed mostly for the storage of potatoes and were located in areas like UP, West Bengal, Punjab, Bihar, etc.

Cold care services are trying to maximize the opportunities in the following trends and constantly GRASP OVER R&D Research and development are certainly one of the most crucial ingredients of a successful business portfolio. And With the ever-changing world and uncertain business arenas, its importance gets hype even more as nowadays-it is the major element for an organization’s growth and success.

Moreover, we all are aware of the fact that people’s mindset is constantly changing as per the innovation, and at present, clients are more inclined toward product quality than quantity. And that’s the reason, Cold care is adopting emerging changes in its day-to-day operations to match the expectations of the clientele.

No doubt, innovation is also an inseparable part of R&D, and hence, the company equally focuses on this aspect as well.

“Innovation has always been the major driving force to run the company, the idea and vision of changing the entire cold chain industry would not be a piece of cake. With the constant improvement in technology across the world in the cold chain segment, cold care services have proved that the growth and survival of the industry are directly related to innovation. Cold care services (P) Ltd has bought various new trends to the construction of the cold storage.” -Dr. Rao.


  • Cold care is the first to construct the Rack Supported Steel Structured PUF-Panel cold storage in India in the year 1998, wherein a majority of the players are only mastering the art of civil construction.
  • Cold Care Services is the first company unprecedently in India to introduce and construct the adjustable racking cold storage in India in the year 2006 and built multi-commodity cold storage of 2000 pallets in chiller and 350 pallets in frozen.
  • Cold Care services have constructed numerous cold storages with world-class technology and provide the best construction facility to the clients.
  • Cold Care Services has done racking cold storge for Jumbo bags of 2 Ton each for Kaveri seeds in the year 2015 for 10,000 M Ton Capacity one of the best Dehumidified Rack cold storage in India.
  • Cold care has been awarded as a Top 10 Consultants in cold storage construction by Business Outlook and featured a cover story.
  • Cold care has been awarded as Best cold chain brand in the year 2018 and 2019 consecutively by the Brand Leadership Awards.
  • Cold care Services has been a CII member for the Southern Region.
  • Cold Care is awarded as the best cold chain company in the year 2012 by ICE.

Certainly, the future is as bright as the sun for the team of Cold care Services as they have bagged unmatched brand value in its respective realm-but they are not ready to stop their wheel at this point only. There is a lot that they are aspiring to achieve shortly with their excellent solutions and quality products. “The Indian cold storage market is currently very fragmented and unorganized with 8,200 facilities that are largely suitable for storing single commodities, mainly potatoes. We believe that there is ample opportunity for developers and third-party logistics players for developing multi-purpose cold chain facilities in India.

Indian cold chain sector to grow at 14% CAGR till 2023, driven by a surge in online grocery, pharmaceuticals sales, and the ongoing Covid-19 vaccination drive. Hence, Cold care services Pvt. Ltd. is planning on a vast expansion of the construction of the cold storage across Pan-India-and we are majorly in focus on tier II and tier III cities, which can be closer to the distribution and provide efficient last-mile deliveries. We also are mainly in focus on the chemicals and pharmaceutical segments that have grown tremendously after the surge of covid.

Cold care services do build cold storage with 100 percent FDI-approved norms for the pharmaceutical industry. We are on the verge of expanding our logistics networks as well with the interconnected cold storage plans, which we are looking ahead as part of our 2025 expansion plan.”

Our team requests the leader to share some valuable nuggets for all the budding business enthusiasts out there.

So, before signing off, the founder asserts, “To all the budding entrepreneurs, I would say that market research should be your top priority while starting a company in the cold chain industry. The geographical location is also one of the major aspects that should be investigated carefully. The easier the connectivity, the easier it would be to survive in the industry. Also, making money out of business has always been a secondary concept for me. The primary is to get the greater good. I strongly believe that customer satisfaction is the utmost priority. We provide the one-stop solution by our concept to keys method.”

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