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Richard Branson has once quoted, “Entrepreneurship is about turning what excites you in life into capital so that you can do more of it and move forward with it.” No doubt, 2022 is the era of entrepreneurs, who are gonna set new and high standards in the business world. The team of Business Connect has a tremendous history of featuring numerous arousing entrepreneurs in its portfolio-and here again, we are back with another such passionate entrepreneur’s success journey for our global readership panel.

Our editorial team got the amazing chance of arranging an interesting and joyful session with the Founder and CEO of Makos Infotech Pvt. Ltd. The visionary leader shared some unknown and amazing facts about his entrepreneurial journey so far and also spilled some valuable nuggets for all the upcoming leaders out there. We truly hope and desire that this fascinating read will not only add an extra value to the lives of our readers but will also inspire the budding business leaders to let their wings open and fly in the sky of dreams.

“There are several aspects that led me in the direction of entrepreneurship and encouraged me to chase my dreams. I have always been curious about the IT sector’s market and its current scenario. I used to do a lot of research and case studies on market, what factors create a breach in a company’s growth and so on. I’ve never prearranged anything for my profession.

It was all about finding a solution to the market’s problems and bringing it up to the table. I thought outside the box and elucidated with technology innovation. As an entrepreneur, I wanted to plan with a team so that market grows without any obstacles. Factors like curiosity and the urge to innovate something new somehow directed me into leadership where I learned and gained.

There’s a saying that “The longer someone is at your company, the better they understand the system”. So, I make sure that Makos creates an environment where an employee can learn and grow. For corporate, learning, gaining knowledge-and empathy are the important factors while working at Makos. I believe in communicating openly and frequently with my employees and expressing compassion and encouragement to implement values in them. I make sure every step is directed towards our mission while innovating technology.

Apart from aligning values and mission with the organization, we also make sure that our values are visible while delivering a product to the market. We believe in adapting before delivering. We ensure that our values and mission are reflected in every corner of Makos.” Ashokk explains the starting point of his career and his organization.

“I don’t have a precise person nor do I have any idol. But when it comes to values, my mother was the first person who inspired me throughout. I also have a few mentors, like the senior who helped me with decision-making and guided me. The gaps between market and customers, their needs and expectations led us to innovation. We focused on diagnosing actual issues and trying to figure out the finest solution using technology that can be practically possible at the ground level.

Sometimes when I desire to fill myself with a long-term motivation to transmit it throughout the organization-I take the help of some extraordinary books. Most of the time I go for subject matter books, and at other times I prefer comic books to get some creative ideas. I also read books that share people’s experiences in life. There is no particular genre preference while reading. For me, reading is important.

Three books that I found motivating as a leader are;

  • Wings of fire- Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam
  • Good to Great – Jim Collins
  • Who Moved My Cheese- Spencer Johnson.” Ashokk further adds.

Edgar Seheir has quoted, “The only thing of real importance that leaders do is to create and manage culture, it manages you, and you may not even be aware of the extent to which this is happening.” Organizational culture plays a crucial role in taking the business to great heights, and hence it becomes one of the elements for the business leaders to shift their prime focus on. When it comes to the organization and its work culture, Ashokk truly believes that not only leaders-but every employee should have a chance to share their personal opinion and aims to grow in their particular realms.

Hence, heart-to-heart communication with the workforce provides broad exposure and directs a road towards which the company can plan its growth and development. “Recognition, Appreciation, and motivation should be a consistent part of employees’ growth. Empowering employees to make the right decision and caring to enthuse and energize people to be engaged are important parts of our work culture.

While working in Makos, we focus on employee learning and their growth. We make sure they learn while working and keep updated on market trends. We also ensure that Makos’ core values should be followed by all employees and they should grow in their respective domains.

We maintain transparency in the system where employees can trust Makos and Makos policy. Makos believes in learning and growing. So, Makos helps the employees and educate them in their respective domains. We work together to tackle all the problems with the right tool.

We believe in changes and accept the changes without hesitation. So, discussion or communication with employees is a must constantly for the improvement of Makos environment. Makos also organizes some fun activities like an On-spot case study with rewards, workshops to learn something new, and open discussion where employees can open up with their creative ideas and work on their contribution to Makos.”-Ashokk.

Shining some light on his future goals for the organization, Ashokk asserts, “Apart from learning, I plan to help employees to achieve excellence in their area of work. I want to contribute to their growth and development. I will work on the market gaps to address and use technological advancements in the products to fulfill them.

Also, in the next five years, I would like to see myself as a great contributor in the field of IT and to be in the race for creating high innovating products. With the help of those products, I will help companies to achieve excellence in their respective domains. I believe in learning and growing together. So, I’ll make sure that the products we have delivered to the market should be beneficial and productive to the people.”

Before signing off, the visionary shared some tips for the budding entrepreneurs and newbies, such as:

  • Maintain a work-life balance and improve employer branding.
  • Stick to the company’s values and ensure those values are a part of the work culture in your company.
  • Smooth working hours will lead to more productivity. Therefore, maintain consistency without bulldozing employees.
  • Accept the changes and work on how to deal with them rather than escaping from reality.
  • Include reading in your daily life routine. It will help you with innovative ideas and better exposure.
  • Always be grateful for whatever you achieve even when you fall out.
  • Request the guidance of your mentors whenever in doubt.

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