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Penalties, fines, and legal actions cause significant financial loss and damage a company’s reputation. Compliance with all legal and statutory requirements can not only assist your company build goodwill but also be regarded as a strength of the organization. This ultimately assists your company in luring top employees and enhancing the brand’s reputation. Many now view compliance as an investment rather than a cost.

Businesses frequently lack knowledge of the potential risks they may be exposed to. Depending on the sort of business and the industry or sector it operates in, these risks may be connected to a variety of different things. Hiring compliance consulting services in this situation enables you to carry out a thorough risk analysis for your company.

Corpseed has established itself as a leader in compliance management with a vision to reduce the burden of compliance and to provide businesses with a Technology Integrated compliance strategy. Mr. Vipan Thakur and Mr. Vinay Thakur launched the company’s foundation in 2017, and since then, it has established a competitive position in the Indian market.

Financial Advisory, Legal Compliances, Pollution Advisory, and Product Regulatory Compliance are the company’s main services. Corpseed uses a solution-based approach to provide guidance and advisory around the Indian Regulatory Compliance under a single roof. This is what provides value to the clientele. As a result, it’s one of the most sought after one-stop solutions for all legal needs necessary to operate or launch a business in India. L&T, MMTC, TVS, HP Corporation, Delhi Airport Authority, Capgemini, BP Corporation, CUBE Highways, FABER, BBQ, Radio Design India Pvt Ltd, NTPC, Dent Care are a few of Corpseeds more notable clients.

Their solutions include any waste recycling or dismantling plants setup, heavy machines manufacturing plant setup, oil & gas extraction setup, food manufacturing & food processing units setup, construction permissions, electrical & electronic products manufacturing setup, pharmaceutical product manufacturing setup, solar panels/ semiconductors/ chemicals/ metals/ rubber/ automobiles/ plastic/ batteries & wood product manufacturing plant setups, leather & leather products manufacturing setup, textile & textile products manufacturing setup, paper & paper products manufacturing setup and mining industry permissions.

The team of BCM interacted with the founder and director of Corpseed. Mr. Vipan Thakur. We were curious to know how Corpseed started. The founder shared that while he was working on his first venture, named Precult, which is an online marketplace for all medical devices and equipment, he was struck with an idea to enter the advisory business. He further adds that the idea of compliance has always bothered him and he feels it bothers many other entrepreneurs as no one wants to lose out their hard earned money for missing out some compulsory compliance norms. He therefore always felt that he should solve this for himself and others like him and this lead to the formation of Corpseed.

“ The compliance has troubled me since the beginning of my entrepreneurial career in 2015, as it does for many other Indian business owners. Therefore, we developed the concept of “Corpseed” in order to simplify compliance and encourage ease of doing business.”

Digital compliance is the way of the future, but it comes with serious security, privacy, ownership, and integrity risks. The best compliance solution providers like Corpseed, gives you the chance to lower these risks, boost output, and enhance the organization’s overall effectiveness. On that note we inquired the founder how AI is transforming compliance management for Corpseed. The founder explains that due to its excellent capabilities for handling enormous jobs at incredibly quick rates, they increasingly use AI in compliance and governance. He quotes.

“ We are developing an artificial intelligence-based compliance model. This will help enterprises to comprehend and calculate the essential compliance that are required, plan their business compliance operations, and easily manage all of them under one dashboard. We are currently developing a beta version of the CRM (Compliance and Risk Management) models that we created internally, making daily improvements based on feedback from our clients. Our long term future plan is to integrate AI based technology with a compliance and risk management system to make it easier for an entity to keep a compliance check in a much more accurate manner.”

In under five years, the Corpseed went from having just three workers working in a co-working space in Delhi to having 150+ employees working in a cutting-edge 10,000 square foot office in Noida. And not to forget that, out of these five years, about two and half years were covid struck where the world was almost stagnated.

Therefore we posed a question to the founder on what was that secret recipe that led to such an enormous success. Mr. Vipan credits this success to the founding members who brought wisdom and experience with them. He explains,

“Our founding members have backgrounds in operations, technology, human resources, and business growth. As all four departments serve as an organization’s heart, brain, lungs, and spine, this assisted the company in laying a solid foundation. We established our processes and applied other tactics in accordance with MNCs standards because our founding members were former employees of well-known multi-nationals. This aided the business in luring top talent from the market. Also impressive are the company’s employment, development, and retention methods. These all played a part in helping us assemble a capable and productive staff.”

A qualified compliance consultant makes sure your company is compliant with all applicable laws and regulations. They can support your company at every stage of the process because they have the inside knowledge and regulatory expertise. Hiring a seasoned compliance consultant firm may provide you with an impartial viewpoint on how to cope with various compliance rules, enabling your company to easily spot any violations of the law that might otherwise go unnoticed. The sought after team like Corpseed can help you with advisory and the compliance procedure. After all, keeping compliance is the cornerstone to operating a successful business.

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