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Design Horse

Design Horse

Rekha Shah: A Dynamic Business Leader Crafting Unparalleled Marketing, Advertising, and Design Solutions at Design Horse

The leader’s position is unique in an organisation because it influences the culture and overarching philosophy of the group, which is reflected in the organisation’s beliefs, and actions.

Rekha Shah, who is a leading, respected and highly accomplished professional with two decades of experience in advertising, design, and branding, is the epitome of an ideal business leader, which is evidenced by Design Horse’s growth trajectory since its founding as well as the commitment displayed by his team to their organisation. She is the Business Head and Founder of Design Horse Branding Agency. Five years ago, the inspiring lady co-founded this cutting-edge company with two of her industry peers as a full-fledged Branding and Strategy agency that adheres to exacting standards, best practices and processes to offer brand solutions.

Rekha further shares, “The magic of creation has fascinated me since before I can recall. Creating something new has always given me great satisfaction. Additionally, being acknowledged for great creative outputs and being recognised in the field for our innovative solutions keeps me inspired every day. I get a sense of accomplishment forming a creative company that provides cutting-edge solutions. If I want to say it in a few words, that would be ‘being a creative solution lab.”

A Glimpse of Design Horse
Design Horse is a vertically integrated branding solution lab that was founded in 2017 in Mumbai. With its complete inhouse skills, Design Horse has been able to produce exceptional results and ensure quality control in the areas of brand strategy and design, packaging strategy and design, packaging structure solutions, and innovation strategy solutions.

Being an agile company, Design House is willing to take on large projects from both local businesses and worldwide corporations. Additionally, they are aware of the value of “Design thinking” and how a holistic approach may result in solutions for lively brands. These distinctive features give the squad an ad on stage over its contemporaries.

Rekha Shah- Constructive Years & Background
Rekha has successfully managed a diverse clientele, from L’Oréal to Nestle and Colgate to Unilever, thanks primarily to her experience and exposure. In order to offer complete solutions for brands, she founded Verve Graphics in 2003 with the support of her love for creative solutions. Later, she became interested in developing ways to enable transformation after knowing the client’s needs. She was interested in learning more about offering complete brand solutions. This gave her even more motivation to start Design Horse.

While sharing the key motivating factor behind this wonderful journey so far, the leading lady said, – “Being born into a business family has become a blessing for me. It has been the primary motivator behind this fantastic journey thus far. It has, first and foremost, helped me cultivate a business perspective. Years later, my husband encouraged me to start a creative business. This assisted in my starting Verve Graphics, where I dealt with solutions for marketing collaterals needed for brand communication. My early years of client awareness also pushed me to become aware of the need for various brand-building techniques.

This inspired me to start a company where I could provide customers with brand design solutions. Furthermore, I discovered that the designing and branding industry was heavily controlled by men, with a minuscule proportion of women entrepreneurs. In a way, I can say that the lack of female entrepreneurs in the sector further motivated me to work in this field and serve as a role model for aspiring women business owners in the creative industries in the Indian market. I also wanted to stretch myself and improve my business skills, so I made it my aim to enter this sector, which is dominated by men.”

Innovation at Design Horse Innovation is the need of the day!

  • Continuous expansion and growth are only possible with innovation. It’s essential to continue researching new and developing trends in a dynamic market like branding in order to come up with workable solutions for businesses and brands.
  • Consumers are beginning to gravitate toward diverse emerging segments. In this situation, trends analysis is vital and aids in the development of novel tactics and solutions for these burgeoning new clients.
  • Applying the ‘Human-centric Design thinking’ tool to enhance the feasibility, viability, and desirability of a product/service is the winning stroke.

Rekha’s Inclusive Leadership Style
Rekha has embraced a welcoming leadership stance. She believes that to be a good leader, one must be a good listener. She practices this belief religiously. Further, according to her, “A leader with transformative leadership abilities is vital as it allows them to influence employees’ perspectives and bring about positive organisational improvements. Lastly, supporting healthy internal competition to maximise work efficiencies and educate my employees to develop entrepreneurial skills become a part of my additional leadership style at Design Horse.”

The Collaborative Work Culture
There is a culture of applying Human Centric Design thinking by following collaborative and co-creation methodology. Further, working as teams of varied talents and points of view helps them bring robust creative solutions. Additionally, keeping the organisation’s core values, the corporation entrenched the following culture,

  • Employees have an experimentative attitude, where in-depth research is carried out to provide solutions.
  • To experiment and understand varied segments, employees must regularly research upcoming trends and market segments to build knowledge.
  • To undertake continuing research and get insights into many product categories, they collaborate with young brains from various business management and design colleges.
  • They can refine their ideas and include more original design elements thanks to the relationships they have with numerous industry professionals.
  • Another prominent aspect of the culture is encouraging employees to inculcate an ‘ Innovative mindset.’ Furthermore, helping them to develop their unique creative tools and techniques.

Design Horse – The Future Outlook
Design Horse is offering a range of services in India. In the immediate future, they are looking to expand their service-providing capabilities in Middle Eastern and Asian countries. The long-term goal is to take up global projects and clientele eventually. Words of Wisdom from the Industry Leader First and foremost, being a good listener and listening with an open mind can help you as a leader make wise judgements.

Secondly, no matter how many years you may have spent in your respective field, it is always essential to be curious to know more; this can keep their learning curve. Thirdly, being a responsible leader is essential! Managing teams and upholding positive public relations with internal and external stakeholders are among the responsibilities. It might include clients or staff.

Fourths, leaders must learn how to handle stress. Effective time management aids in prioritisation and increases productivity Finally, thank Dharam Mentor for being here; I appreciate his presence. He has accompanied me during the past few years. He has been a mentor for Design Horse and has a good understanding of the dynamism of our sector. He educates us on many methods and procedures for branding and creativity. His knowledge of and use of design thinking methodologies is assisting us in improving and innovating.

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