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Devsynthesis India Pvt. Ltd.

Devsynthesis India Pvt. Ltd.

Proposing phenomenal capabilities of Discovery Chemistry supporting Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology companies globally

The role of CROs in clinical research couldn’t be ignored for the development of an effective as well as an innovative molecule. From reducing the burden on sponsors to facilitating quality and compliance across national and international standards, CROs leave no stone unturned to thrive innovation across the targeted space.

Acknowledging the prominence and contribution of CROs in the enhanced drug development process, sponsors are in constant search to find the companies that could assist them in terms of technical needs and fit into their budget. In this direction, Devsynthesis has emerged to be an eminent name witnessing phenomenal growth, within a short period of time.

Identifying it as a key player in the niche market, we decided to feature its triumphs at the forefront of this exclusive edition. As we sat down for a freewheeling conversation with the Founder, Managing Director and Business Head of Devsynthesis– Ashutosh Pathak, we happened to come across some inspiring business insights and keen leadership style. Hence, take a deeper dive into this elegant read and bag some valuable insights into the respective industry and the company’s multifaceted business operations to come across some fascinating piece of information that is restricted to this particular domain.

To allow swift, affordable and best-in-class science that enables customer focus and satisfaction is the ardent vision set forth by Devsynthesis, says Ashutosh. Since its inception(five years ago), Devsynthesis has been into ensuring the early phase discovery chemistry support of the future drug that will be entering the market a few years later. For several mature organizations in the market, the company has supported several lead molecules for advanced drug discovery support. Its specialization lies in creating sugar compounds i.e. carbohydrate chemistry and heterocyclic chemistry.

The efficiency and effortlessness of its proposed chemical compounds ensured by them in space have been the keen reason for its surging success. A majority of their clientele comprises virtual biotech companies and pharmaceutical giants that are focused on the formation of innovative medicine (future medicines). Ashutosh claims his organization as the first ladder to the innovator medicines owing to the above-mentioned premise and takes immense pride in emerging as one of the key players in the niche market.

Driven by innovation, customer focus, honesty and integrity, Devsynthesis has emerged as one of the leading Medicinal Chemistry CROs in India. Established by two impassioned scientists, the organization is driving better prospects for the global pharmaceutical market by developing rare chemistry molecules for its targeted masses. It is being forged ahead by a versatile and extraordinary team of scientists who are in constant pursuit of seeking  rare chemistry molecules in favor of innovators and chemical development companies.

They claim to possess sheer expertise in creating rare heterocyclic chemistry and chiral chemistry mg scale to multi- kg scale that is high in terms of efficiency with competitive price without any compromise on the quality standards. In July 2019, Devsynthesis added a new Bruker NMR to serve its customers more efficiently for their discovery chemistry programs as an FTE (full-time equivalent) business model. Aimed at being the preferred service provider for chemistry services to Innovation based pharmaceutical companies, the company is scaling the heights of considerable success.

The business operations are driven by a versatile and excellent team of scientists who take immense pride in performing some of the exclusive and critical reactions and molecules that are quite instrumental for the esteemed and valued clients. Ashutosh Pathak claims that his company is not the only supplier for complex research molecules but our functions allow the clients to add substantial value to the molecule and research projects of the clients.

Backed with an enriched experience in PO-based projects, Devsynthesis is exploring the dynamics of molecular research. With its analytical services, process development and optimization, complex chemistry intermediate and discovery chemistry services, it has been able to maintain a satisfactory customer base in its favor, driving better business prospects.

Devsynthesis has been known for providing a quick solution for complex chemistry molecules which is inclined with its logo tagline “Simple solution for Complex Chemistry’’. Moreover, their synthesis process has been creating a huge difference to the pharma players as the process of formulating a unique molecule is cumbersome and demands high- inputs. “When we say a trusted chemistry expert, we mean it and strain every nerve to do the sheer justice to this statement.

We never chase any high-value project to bag the profits, rather we seek the projects that we could handle based on our core competencies. And once, we commit to the completion of any project, then it is 99% true that it will be delivered on time. For us, a few policies make a huge difference while performing outstandingly in our respective industries- understanding the impact of the timeline, the quality of  the product and the impact of making things right.

Devsynthesis partnered with some big brands to support the innovator discovery chemistry projects towards future anticancer molecules. It assisted the client companies to perform some niche molecular development processes. So far, it has heavily contributed to the development of anticancer molecules targeting some deadly cancers to prepare the life-saving drug. In this regard, Ashutosh excitingly reveals that one of the chemical molecules developed by them is under clinical trial and there is a very high chance that soon it will be approved to be used in the fight against cancer in the next few years.

The new frame of medicine could not be developed by solelyrelying on manpower. Technology plays a significant role in this direction, ergo the team is always fascinated by the inclusion of new-age techbased equipment to be used in the synthesis procedure. The initial two to three years of the organization were dedicated to procuring and buying tech-laced instruments that were imported from foreign countries like Germany, the US, etc. NMR(Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) has been their most sophisticated procurement so far as per the luminary, that he considers the state-of-the-art machine to check the specific number of protons in a molecule.

Also, the administration happened to exchange the conventional manual chromatographic technique with an automated teller dying system that will reveal the exact location of the vial in the chromatographic system. Likewise, automated analytical equipment takes care of the mass of the material for molecular development known as LCMS from Thermo Fisher Germany. The avid tech-instrument procurement ensured by the leader in the company’s facility has been helping the organization to perform the functions more efficiently.

Ashutosh states that “My team is my asset”. There is a very simple yet effective recruitment process at the company that has been the core reason behind its surging success. The first requirement is to have “Healthy Body and Happy Mind” people can be trained for skills but not for their social behavior, hence, we must select the candidate which has the right work and behavior attitude. We have team members from different states and regions hence its multidisciplinary culture.

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