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I have always maintained that if you were to take a journey around the world, you would end up in the very same spot, but you would end up a very different person. When I started my journey in private air, travel consultancy soon found me at a crossroads, and not just figuratively. The different paths were real, divergent, and connected. A focus on private air charter services required exhaustive knowledge of the fundamentals of plying business aircraft and the levels of service and luxury demanded, but also called for an equally deep awareness of destination services and the accompanying leisure activities for such elite clientele.

Then, air charter services were also dependent on available infrastructure, both physical and regulatory, where our consultancy could be the solution to the bottleneck when it came to offering facilities and expanding scope. And, of course, I discovered that the one indispensable service we could offer clients was the management of resources; access to and strategic consultancy on funds for our clients, without which projects were doomed from the very start.

Research, analysis, and an in-depth understanding of the existing situation soon led me to the conclusion that to truly make a difference, I would have to walk all four paths of the crossroads, simultaneously. wwwAnd so, backed by the tremendous collective expertise and experience of IRM/ Cadila Group, I started CAD, a company that would help me to move in all four dimensions, and in so doing, provide complete, integrated, and comprehensive solutions in the realm of chartered air travel.

It became my compass. CAD is an associate company of the Cadila group, CAD is comprised of five separate and unique verticals that, ironically enough, work harmoniously with each other to provide universal and holistic solutions that address every facet of the world of leisure and business aviation. Four separate arms are the cardinal points of our compass.

The consultancy arm provides an unmatched array of consultancy services related to the financing, ownership, lease, and refurbishment of aircraft, as well as the lease, licensing, and sale of marine craft. Whether it is the study and planning required before a venture, the type of ownership desired, contractual negotiations with manufacturers, customers, and even government agencies or even the management and maintenance of the craft, we’re equipped not only to guide you from inception but also advise you through the procedure. Our services include everything that money can buy. And quite a few things it can’t.

The Development wing deals with another side of the coin, in that it offers consultancy on every aspect of the preparatory service for aviation. Feasibility studies, airport planning, helipad construction, airfield installations, licensing, and training conceivable dimension of infrastructure is dealt with, just as we count among our customers, private citizens, organizations regulatory bodies, and governments, alike. More than anyone else, we understand that the ‘groundwork’ must be accomplished, before ‘lift off’ is realized.

The Air Charter division was set up for one purpose and one purpose only: to define new standards of luxury in private air travel. Airplanes or helicopters, domestic or international travel, singular or group charters, our overriding aim has always been to ensure that the level of comfort and luxury provided in the air matched, and exceeded, that of what our most discerning patrons were used to on the ground.

wIt is our earnest endeavor to cross the frontiers in comfort and convenience in the air, as we ferry you across the frontiers in your journey. CAD (Green Channel Travel Services) is the fourth thrust engine. An IATA accredited travel agency, we possess expertise in every aspect of leisure travel. Beyond travel solutions, we offer unique destination services.

Our services begin with getting you to your destination, they continue with providing you the luxury you want and conclude in providing experiences that don’t just impact, but change you. From an exploration of Greenland employing sailing around it, to access events peopled by only the cream of the glitterati; from dining with the who’s who of fashion and the performing arts, in their own homes, to discussions with the world champions and world leaders…what we supply isn’t merely travel, it’s Reach. The Design Studio, the fifth vertical is responsible for all designing, packing, and marketing of Pharma Products not only in-house, but for all other Pharma and Non-Pharma Companies.

Today, these five cardinal points have helped us set our direction. They have allowed us to focus on creating access to and on the betterment and on making a difference in our chosen industry. They have allowed us to bring solutions in one field that are tempered and strengthened by our familiarity with a worldly, view. Also, world view, if you will.

When we work with you, we now bring you solutions that are based on a broader, and deeper, view. When we partner with you, our consultancy is based on the bedrock of knowledge gleaned from every related field. When we join forces with you, we bring you results greater and far beyond what was originally conceived. And so, when I ask you to journey with us in the figurative sense, I promise you this; when we complete the cycle and arrive again at the spot where we started, it will not be just ourselves we will have changed…but also the world. FF

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