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THE MOTIVATION: I started my career as an HVAC Design Engineer way back in the year 1996. Fortunately, I got an opportunity to work with Mr. Dinesh Jain, a Canadian Engineer par excellence of Indian origin, with immense integrity. He provided vital guidance and freedom to evolve and excel.

Right at the outset, I realized that there are two choices in front of me; either take the oft-beaten path taken by the stalwarts of the industry or embark on the arduous path where at every step, industry stereotype practices would have to be questioned and often, challenged.

I pondered over the choices that I had and realized that the first choice would be a choice of convenience and would be more rewarding in the short run, albeit, my quest to question the unchallenged industry practices would be severely compromised and would ultimately lead to a sense of betrayal towards my own inner intuitive, inherently inquisitorial nature.

In my mind, I realized that the selection of the choice is unequivocal and the choice itself will have to be the arduous one. And that is how the journey started on the more arduous path. However, that choice was never determined by any will to become the leader in the industry because, truly, I never wanted it that way. It was just to follow my passion for pragmatic and methodical reasoning


We are MEP design consultants with project portfolios across the world. Buildings, however pristine or advanced they may look, need Electro-Mechanical (also commonly referred to as Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing (MEP)) systems to make the buildings livable. The MEP system of a building is akin to what is ‘soul’ to the ‘body’.

Much as the body needs food and water to survive, MEP systems need resources (Energy, water etc.) to operate and make buildings functional. Diligence in the Design of MEP systems, thus determine, if the building is operationally wasteful or efficient. An optimized MEP system means minimizing resource consumption while fulfilling all functionality needs of the building.


We, at Serene Designs, are on a mission to make buildings more efficient while simultaneously reducing the owning costs. Through hundreds of operating buildings installed with our designed MEP systems, we have been able to irrefutably demonstrate that an efficient building not only is more efficient but can also cost lower to build. Always evolve and innovate while working with the highest levels of honesty and integrity.


Technology can never be a substitute for the fundamental and unambiguous understanding of basic concepts. Prudent application of the latest technologies and methodologies can only happen with a clear understanding of the fundamentals. So always start with the fundamental principles and have an unblemished understanding of the basic concepts.  Always cultivate the habit of scientific reasoning, pragmatic thinking and the quest to question. Learn how to think and analyze.

Use the best available tools for analysis but only after the concepts are unblemished in your mind. Learn hard, be innovative, have integrity and ethics no matter what the temptation is to be otherwise, never be arrogant, and always motivate and help your juniors to learn and grow. Integrated approach in analysis must be adopted for MEP design i.e effects of all interdependent variables, equipment and systems must be simultaneously analyzed through simulation to help optimize design of all MEP systems.


Optimized MEP systems have lower operating costs as well as lower First costs. When we set out on this arduous journey we were up against industry stereotypes; one of them being “a more efficient building has to cost more”, we always retorted, “no, not necessarily” and it did take time and effort but we were able to overcome those stereotypes. Our designed and operating MEP systems are now testimonials to prove just that.

Our passion, albeit, sometimes at odds with our business interests helped us remain steadfast in our mission. Overcoming odds with passion is always sweeter. We have been able to demonstrate that thorough simulation based engineering analysis combined with integrity and honesty are the indispensible elements to achieve optimized building owning and operating costs.


As we always promise ourselves to raise the bar for new challenges, we have now set out to challenge the age-old traditional water treatment methodology, in part inspired by the Nobel prize-winning work of a renowned French Scientist. We are also working intensely to bring Deep Machine learning concepts into the MEP industry. Also, our immediate work-in-progress is to minimize human intervention in commercial kitchen duct cleaning.

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