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Easiest Countries to Get a Permanent Residency

Easiest Countries to Get a Permanent Residency

While moving to a new country can be exciting, the immigration process of the destination country and meeting the requirements of that particular country can be cumbersome. Factors such as climate, primary religion or culture and political-social conditions are crucial in deciding that. It is not only the destination country’s immigration policies that determine how difficult a country can be to immigrate to, but also the country of origin plays a big role in that.  For instance, Americans may be more or less welcomed in a certain host country than immigrants from Russia, South Korea, or Saudi Arabia since some nations adore Americans more than others.

Similarly, although far less frequently, authoritarian nations like North Korea most often restrict their residents from emigrating, making legal immigration challenging. The religion of the immigrant is also occasionally a cause for worry. For example, Kuwait, a country with a majority of Muslims, demands that immigrants be Muslims with at least five years of observance. Considering all these factors, here is a list of easiest countries to get a permanent residency.

1. Canada

The “Great White North” as Canada has been nicknamed, is one of the safest, most peaceful, happiest, and economically stable countries in the world. It is renowned for its great natural beauty and unusually courteous populace. In the majority of the country’s 10 provinces and three territories, English-speakers can adjust with minimal difficulty, and the government has set up dozens of programmes that make it possible for immigrants to obtain residence and eventually citizenship.

The Express Entry programme, which speeds up the procedure for immigrants with in-demand job skills, is the most well-liked option. Those who have a Canadian relative, a job offers, or a plan to spend at least $125,000 CAD to start or buy a business are eligible for additional initiatives that facilitate immigration.

2. Spain

Spain is one of the easiest nations in Europe for Americans and Canadians to move to. Its North American Language and Cultural Assistant programme, which allows you to relocate to Spain to teach English, is the reason behind this. If you find another employment outside the programme, you can then switch to a work visa. Spain is particularly well-liked among expats, mostly due to its great weather, affordable cost of living compared to other parts of Europe, public and private healthcare, and educational system. Spain’s Golden Visa programme is another factor making it a favourite travel destination.

3. Panama

Panama offers generous benefits for international retirees and investors since it is pro-business and open to visitors. It distinguishes itself by providing a wide range of residency-through-investment alternatives. The Business Investor Visa requires a minimum investment of US$160,000 in a new or existing business in Panama, as well as the hiring of at least five Panamanian employees. The Panama Reforestation Visa requires a minimum investment of US$100,000 in timber in an authorised reforestation project. Both of these visas can grant you a two-year temporary residence permit. You can obtain almost quick permanent residence with an investment of US$350,000.

4. Bali, Indonesia

Bali has the most relaxed lifestyle on our list and is home to many digital nomads. Bali is a favourite choice, especially for tech-savvy hipsters, due to its inexpensive cost of living, good internet, and one of the simplest visas. Unlike Panama, Indonesia does not have a simple route to citizenship, but it does provide a fairly simple “social visa.” This residency permit is extendable for a maximum of six months. You may extend by taking a flight to the Singaporean embassy (around $100 for the ticket) and returning in three days with a new 6-month visa.

5. Thailand

If you are a highly qualified professional or have the money to invest in your permanent abode, Thailand is an easy nation to migrate to. If you apply for a SMART visa, you can relocate to Thailand. You must be a skilled worker in a certain industry, an investor, an executive, or a start-up business owner to qualify for this visa. You may reside in Thailand for one to four years, depending on the type of SMART visa you have. If you have money, joining the Thailand Elite Residence programme is another opportunity to relocate to Thailand.

6. New Zealand

Youth acquisition is a goal for New Zealand. In New Zealand, obtaining a resident visa for someone between the ages of 18 and 30 is fairly simple. Young Westerners can travel for 12 months on the “working holiday” visa for New Zealand. If your 12-month period is up, you have the option of applying for a new visa or leaving the country. The cost of living has, nevertheless, significantly increased in New Zealand. Prices are rising across the nation as a result of rich people buying up houses. The cost of living in New Zealand is currently 10% more than in the US, and I anticipate this to accelerate.

7. Australia

There are several options available to those who desire to become Australian citizens. The government runs a plethora of programmes, including the Temporary Graduate Visa, Employer Nomination Scheme, Global Talent Visa, and Temporary Skill Shortage Visa. Individuals requesting for residence must also be under 50 years old, have the necessary qualifications, and satisfy other standards.

8. Paraguay

As one of the greatest places to immigrate, Paraguay provides retirement plans in addition to investment visas. These choices make applying for citizenship and residency in the nation simple. But you must first meet a certain investment requirement before you can accomplish that. Either $5,500 must be deposited in the bank or immigrants must at least purchase a plot of land to use as an investment. Your citizenship status is updated three years after you have obtained entry to the nation.

9. Montenegro

The recent cheap cost of living (in comparison to other European nations) and the country’s reputation as “the new French Riviera” have made Montenegro a great place for immigrants to settle. The majority of foreigners qualify for a one-year residence visa in the categories of job, education, or family reunification. But obtaining a work visa is among the simplest methods to relocate there. Monegro has also introduced a new investment scheme leading to citizenship, however to participate in this programme, you must invest at least $350,000.

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