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“In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.”

When a person initiates something innovative and extraordinary, he or she faces multiple hurdles on the way. But the real passion is that which makes the person keep standing and focused towards his or her desired goals-and we call those enthusiastic people entrepreneurs. A famous persona has once quoted, “A big business starts small.” There are so many budding business ventures that are relentlessly working in their respective realms and scaling day by day.

Undoubtedly there is a wide range of ‘startups’ in the present business market that are not less than any well-established venture out there. All they need is slight support of their clientele and a well-managed team to scale the success ladder in this cutthroat competitive scenario.

Business Connect has been an active witness of numerous developing and innovative startups since their inception and has also featured them in its portfolio. And here again, we are back with another story of success and innovation by featuring Electro Aro Automotive Pvt. Ltd. Their unmatched service panel inspired us to make them a part of our exclusive edition-‘Most Promising Startups to Watch in 2022’.

Our editorial team had an interesting and joyful session with the Director of the company, Atul Goyal, who shared a bunch of unknown facts about the company with us. He also shared some valuable nuggets for the upcoming business leaders out there that we are keen to spill in this fascinating read.

The Electric Vehicle Industry is emerging at a great pace as an alternative to fuel-powered vehicles since the depletion of fossil fuels is shooting. The environment across the globe is becoming polluted immensely, and traditional vehicles are playing a major role in this phenomenon.

Adapting the trend of electric vehicles is the need of the hour to transform the world into a better place for the present as well as for the next generation. In this regard, many technological brands are entering the industry to explore growth opportunities in the same, but Electro Aro Automotive stands in the crowd like a sore thumb.

Explaining, in brief, the inception motive of the venture and the journey so far, Atul affirms, “The automotive industry has become one of the most important worldwide industries, not only at the economic level but also in terms of research and development. Increasingly, there are more technical elements that are being introduced on the vehicles towards the improvement of both passengers’ and pedestrians’ safety. No doubt, Electric Vehicles (EVs) are gaining momentum due to several factors, including price reduction as well as climate and environmental awareness.

Electric two & three-wheelers have greatly penetrated the market. The high-speed two & three-wheeler segment receives support from the government in the form of subsidies and exemptions on the registration fee. Moreover, these vehicles have gained much popularity owing to the comfortable and economic mode of transport they provide to fellow commuters. In India, the majority of passenger transport activities occur in urban areas, suburbs, and townships. In this transport mechanism, three-wheeled vehicles play the most important role as public, private, and para-transit modes of transportation.”

Syncing with technology is extremely vital to sustain the growth of an organization, and the team of Electro Aro Automotive ensures to have a firm connection with changing trends by introducing innovative equipment in its vehicles. The consumer of the electric vehicle sector is facing numerous issues, but Electro Aro Automotive takes the stand in the market to solve those issues of the clientele with its supreme research and development team, which is striving to convert EVs into robots using advanced robotic technologies.

Shining some light on this, Atul affirms, “We at Electro Aro Automotive Pvt. Ltd. believe in our potential to make automobiles the most entertaining, comfortable, purposeful, and affordable means of commutation we ever had. Our mission is to reduce the emissions that contribute to climate change, improve public health and reduce ecological damage, we aim at building a commercially viable forum, especially for the lower strata of our society hence aiming at making affordable Electric Vehicles.”

The Director of the company, Atul has earned a Master of Science in Finance (MSC) from the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom. He earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management with a concentration in Finance from Christ College in Bangalore. Other than having complete and deep knowledge of the automotive domain, he is also a top-notch and visionary leader.

As a member of the industry since January 2016, he has witnessed the industry’s growth very closely. He has done everything from the ground up, including setting up the plant and manufacturing the products according to consumer demand. As a result, the company is a pioneer in its segment and a renowned name in the industry.

In India, the market for electric vehicles is expected to grow by 44% in the next three years as a result of government policies promoting battery vehicles, an increase in environmental awareness, and petrol prices. Electro Aro Automotive is expecting to increase its product line and is planning to spread its roots globally.

Before signing off, Atul says,” A Valuable Lesson We Have Learned As A Corporation Is That We Can Guarantee The Success Without Causing Any Harm To Nature, Along With The Advent Of Aspiring Technologies.” And For The People Having An Aspiration, He Has A Special Message, “Until Your Motto Is Not Against Your Morals And Ethics, No One Can Stop You From Writing Your Success Story.”

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