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“Technology does more than delight entertain and makes our lives more convenient, it’s also an agent for social good. That’s it is why tech startups need to stay informed about and make a mark on policies that impact them”

Technology has steadily and slowly seeped into different aspects of small and big business. It provides every company assistance in becoming mature. Business just molds the global economic status and it’s a technology that assists in sustaining it. Although there are giant companies in the IT sector, still at a very early stage of start-up Assignment Hub Research Pvt. Ltd. And Getraise Group have been able to accomplish a leading position in the industry. Mr. Karnal Vaishnav, CEO has been putting his best efforts to maintain global leadership.

Let our Assistance brings you excellence, Mr. Karnal Vaishnav started his stunning entrepreneurial journey in 2015 by establishing ASSIGNMENT HUB RESEARCH PVT. LTD. An organization focuses on providing brilliant academic assistance to international students by providing them with project-related reference papers and tuition. By providing academic guidance through sample papers we assist students to accomplish academic excellence in their respective fields. A team of experts has great knowledge in the educational field through which they provide online coaching related to all subjects.

It is the strength that assists an organization in maintaining an effective customer experience and hence brings scope for further business growth. Team of Assignment Hub Research Pvt. Ltd. gradually, expanded business in the IT field. Assignment Hub Research Pvt. Ltd is integrating efforts to rethink its operations and hence integrate the AI academic assistance as a service with the motive of providing a good experience to its clients. With aim of providing all-in-one solutions, with this visionary approach, Mr. Karnal began his entrepreneurial journey by setting up GETRAISE GROUP in the year 2015. Getraise group.

Intends to assist other organizations in embedding advanced technology in their business operations. The entire team of GETRAISE GROUP intends to bring digital transformation to the corporate world by inventing advanced technical solutions. Coming from a small town like Baran with the desire of building a business from his revolutionary idea was backbreaking for him. Being passionate facilitated Mr. Karnal Vaishnav flourished VGetraise group to be a diversified business.

Breaking into the world of business through its IT solution services GETRAISE GROUP was all set to expand in the technology market Mr. Karnal proclaims that “The advance of technology is based on making it fit in so that you don’t even notice it, so it’s part of everyday life.”Mr. Karnal established Getraise Technologies as a subdivision of Getraise Groups. The company was established in the year 2016-17 as a digital business solution provider. Walking a long road to success Mr. Karnal faced a lot of hurdles in accomplishing his goals. Yet his dedication to his dreams and desires drove him to become successful.

Irrespective of the nature of the company’s business, Getraise Technologies is all set to provide them with a wide range of digital solution services to its customers. It offers quality graphic designs for the business allowing them to deliver an extraordinary user experience to their customers via e-commerce websites. The CEO Mr. Karnal Vaishnav aims to make Getraise Technologies a leading business in the digital arena.

GETRAISE TECHNOLOGIES is concerned with bringing constant innovation in the services offered to the customers. It is all set to integrate Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning software into business organizations.The company is focusing on developing robotics technologies allowing businesses to easethe automation of their workforce.

Getraise, being a technology business organization, needs a man with technicalknow-how to manage the operations.MR. ARVINDER SINGH, DIRECTOR of the organization joined hands with the CEO of Getraise and was welcomed as a Chief Technical Officer. His guidance empowered the operations and hence embraced the quality of output. He has a significant contribution to managing the operations of ASSIGNMENT HUB RESEARCH PVT. LTD. His strategic planning facilitated Getraise Technologies tov rethink its vision and create SMART business goals. He also brings significant changes to the company making it capable of achieving its business goals.

To achieve high operational efficiency there is a need for a leader who can effectively manage a large team and ensure the optimum utilization of available resources MR. MAHESH VAISHNAV took the responsibility of resource management and allocation when he joined as a DIRECTOR (OPERATIONS HEAD). His proficient skills helped Getraise to grasp the potential opportunities for constant business growth. His proficient management skills ensure the handling of Getraise’s business operations effectively. This is how the Getraise group and the CEO Mr. Karnal Vaishnav achieved their goals and are constantly making efforts for the business development.

While other companies were struggling to maintain their business during the pandemic, Getraise’s CEO took it as an opportunity to bring innovation. He make effective use of his communication skills and encouraged the employees to get adaptable to digitization. He provided employees with the essential resources to get comfortable in the remote working environment. Constant support and effective communication maintained with the employees helped him in building a hybrid working environment, which is essential for achieving success.

Getraise Overseas another subset of the Getraise group came into action in the year 2016-17 with a vision to guide the future decisions of the Indian students and help them choose appropriate career options. The company provides services that allow the students to study in the UK, USA, and other foreign countries. The company offers both pre-landing and post-landing services, including student visa assistance and insurance facilities for students. Getraise overseas offers the preparation services for several international exams like TOFEL, IELTS, GMAT, SAT, PTE, and other foreign university entrance exams of more than 30 countries.

The company is redesigning and diversifying its services for effective business growth.The Accelerated Blending program is one of the services that GETRAISE OVERSEAS is working on to lessen the hardships of candidates snugging into the new cultural environments. Getraise overseas also provides virtual learning facilities to students.

Without a team, an entrepreneur can’t manage a diversified business like Getraise Group. All the key personnel of the team has significant contributions to fostering business growth. A personal experience of the academic learning environment would be a boon to the Getraise business. This experience enables the organization deeply understand the requirements of the clients. With the same thought, Mr. Karnal Vaishnav welcomed MR. YASH POURANIK one of THE DIRECTORS OF GETRAISEAS A MARKETING HEAD OF THE ORGANIZATION.

His experience in foreign education environment allowed the organization to bring improvement in the Assignment Hub Research Pvt. Ltd. and Getraise Overseas. He helped the company is revamping its services offered to international students. Also, the effective network and strong relationships that he built allowed Getraise to expand its business in other countries.

“Daring ideas are like chessmen moved forward; they may be beaten, but they may start a winning game.”

That is a real fact that has been followed by all successful organizations. It is a fact that has helped many companies in maintaining it’s leading position in a business environment. The philosophy regarding this is simple the solutions that are provided to customers should be unique. Getraise group implements a people-oriented and technology-driven approach which is helping a company in accomplishing its business goals.

Also, Getraise Group has got an award from Miss Universe LARA Dutta for being a top company in India. Still, the team of Getraise Group is taking all initiatives to continuously bring improvement in business procedures. Company improvement strategies are designed considering the requirement, feedback of clients, and business needs.

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