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Innovation will continue to be crucial to humanity’s future well-being and economic success, given the fundamental upheavals in business and society. The worldwide explosion of digitalization has revolutionized every aspect of our lives. 5G and Blockchain technologies are paving the way for dynamic advances in IoT, real time analytics, and others. In that vein, AI advances are accelerating and breaking new ground on a daily basis. Its cutting-edge applications are altering the world as we know it. Among other things, it is altering banking systems, data usage, customer experience, sustainability efforts, wellness and support, and energy transition.

This realization highlights the crucial need for AI-as-a-service (AIaaS). With everything interconnected, there are innovative sources generating data that can fuel the future of consumer experience and business optimization through AI. It can lead to increased efficiency and better consumer insights in every vertical. Putting it simply, it’s a critical investment in the digital transformation of the future. However, it’s important to understand that these groundbreaking developments will mean nothing unless businesses can actually use them in the real world. That’s where comes in.

Its mission is to make AI accessible across the board, whether a company is big, small, tech-advanced, or on a budget. Business Connect has always placed a premium on disruptive innovations that pave the way for the future. In this regard, we recently had a virtual conversation with Mr. Ajay Malik (Founder and a technocrat engaged in driving continuous innovation through AI deployment.) The following article offers a detailed overview of our discussion.

AI’s expanding prospects have mostly enticed SMEs and MSMEs to include AI deployments in their portfolio. With the market switching to disruptive models, clients have stratospheric expectations from firms to deliver personalized services. It’s pushing firms toward customer experience automation, market-data-driven decisions, improving data security, optimizing the hiring process, and automating marketing efforts, among others. arms these small-scale firms with AI capabilities to meet these needs. It partners with them to build a product tailored to their challenges/needs that can stimulate growth in a transformative era.

The company has a seasoned team of data scientists, neuroscientists, software engineers, and hardware engineers who keep it updated on business challenges. Its service offerings centre on AI predictive analytics, Edge or Cloud AI, Explainable AI, Metaverse, Instant IoT/AI Cloud, 24×7 SRE, Cybersecurity, AI research, and cloud migration. In an era where the capacity to acquire and use data to create products, solutions, and experiences determines the victor, AI applications are becoming increasingly important.

Secomind.aI assists businesses in adapting to this change. Its integrated solutions can aid a company in capturing and contextualizing data for a variety of goals, including improving day-to-day operations, making better business decisions, and learning more about their consumers. With all the innovations, is poised to become a business’s extended AI arm. It has quick and market-ready models to help businesses become more profitable and efficient.

There is a saying, “The ability to walk the extra mile leads to extraordinary destinations with innovative ideas.” Ajay never envisioned a mediocre and simple lifestyle for himself. An ex-google and a technologist, Ajay has spent over a decade leading the delivery and execution of cutting-edge products, improving processes and procedures to drive revenue, efficiency, and market share. He grew up to become an inspiring industrial leader obsessed with quality and customer experience.

He has over 100 patents (approved/pending), authored multiple books,  and delivered award-winning products in SAAS, Wi-Fi, RTLS (real-time location), IOT (internet of things), SDN, ML & Neural Networks, and led multiple turnarounds and successful exits.

One aspect of this excursion that piqued his interest was the possibility of AI. With increasing digitalization, the market is becoming a whirlpool of hardware and software developments. Innovations like AI, IoT, ML and other meta-tools are growing in popularity. While big companies had the budget and resources to incorporate them, the scenario was quite different for SMEs and MSMEs. They require a well-versed, inventive team, which is sometimes more expensive than a firm’s budget.

The COVID-led market disruption across the business value chain further caught his attention.Ajay sought to level this playing field. He envisioned a venture with AI-integrated services that partnered with small-scale firms to upgrade their digital forte. This led to the inception of Under Ajay’s stewardship, the firm has carved a lucrative trajectory. Within a year-span, they are witnessing an expanding clientele from different verticals. They have developed numerous paradigm models that are driving disruptive transformations in businesses.

With every business becoming digital, AI isn’t a secret for anyone. However, Secomind.Ai is still carving a niche within this domain. But how? By following a distinct strategy against different clients. The firm primarily works in four verticals: military & defense, healthcare, retail and industrial manufacturing. While they began by working with small businesses, they have since grown to include traditional ones that have yet to adopt AI. With a focus on simplicity and innovation, the firm is challenging how to build AI. Ajay explains,

“The majority of the AI companies are looking for BIG DATA to do AI and build models that are just a MATHEMATICAL FIT to BIG DATA. But, the human brain works on SMALL DATA. A child is shown 3 images of ZEBRA and can recognize ZEBRA. A child does not need a million images of Zebra to recognize a ZEBRA. We use that as our guiding principle and innovate continuously.”

The majority of businesses are unaware of the benefits of AI applications for small data sets. They typically use it to make future predictions based on existing data. Unfortunately, this leads to poor and risky decisions. keeps its clients away from such hassles. They have a coveted team of AI engineers who design innovative techniques to build AI with small data. This keeps clients free of human errors and false results while saving time and resources typically spent on collecting and labeling BIG DATA. Even though the process can be tiring, it helps explore ideas and stay on a learning curve.

For an AI company, access to valuable data can be the difference between success and failure. The process entails a lot of research to build bespoke AI models and strategies. Taking that into account, invests heavily in R&D practices. Ajay shares, “We spend 30-40% of our budget on R&D in order to create innovation, effective strategies, and cognitive AI models.” They are continually striving to create breakthroughs in AI, even if they aren’t quite there yet. Secomind.Ai has a 3-way learning mechanism to drive innovations:

  • Incremental Learning: We are always gaining knowledge while not discarding what we already have learnt. This solves the problem of limited computation resources while also implementing an “improve while using” system by gradually improving accuracy as new examples emerge during use.
  •  Reinforcement Learning: These techniques allow an intelligent AI model to conduct activities in the real world to optimize the concept of cumulative reward. The model improves itself by continuously making use of the real time
  •  Self-supervised Learning: The AI models learn from unlabeled data. It gets supervisory signals from the data itself, frequently by exploiting the underlying structure of the data.

These learning models, as well as end-to-end R&D, keep the company up to date with the market and evolving customer demands. On the other hand, these foster self-learning in the team, ensuring both their and the company’s progress. Secomind.Ai specializes in small data, although it can also handle big data.


“Good leaders organize and align people around what the team needs to do. Great leaders motivate and inspire people with why they’re doing it.” – Marillyn Hewson For Ajay, SecomindAi is more than just a company. AI has the potential to alter lifestyles, businesses and bring humanity into a more technologically united era. Ajay’s dream is to spearhead this transformation. His drive and ambition have led him to form a team whose thinking and vision are in sync with the company’s mission. is a people-centric company. Ajay says, “Where others put customers first, we put employees first, then customers and last revenue.”

He has completed sustainable tenures with global magnets renowned for their employee-centric culture. He envisions to be a paradigm of employee growth. The company’s focal length captures its people’s growth as a whole, including their engagement, enthusiasm and progress. They do timely reviews to ensure their resume is gradually augmented. The continuous development showcases the efforts on learning an employee is bringing to the table.

Ajay believes employees’ content should be measured with a long-term vision. Whether or not the person stays, a well-defined resume will lay the groundwork for a sustainable career. Being the progenitor of these values, Ajay has grown to be a role model to his team members, constantly inspiring them to be their best version.

Ajay’s goal of spearheading the AI revolution has taken him through several high and low waves. As a technologist, mentor and leader, he has led the company, ensuring a tactical advantage in every scenario. For instance, during COVID-19, when the world was shackled to strict isolation guidelines, the firm leveraged remote work to grow. They have created a team of 150 people working from San Jose, California, and in 5 countries. The remote model ensured safety and propelled business growth.

There was an increasing demand for intelligent and connective products for businesses to grow in that desperate market. Having been able to meet that, COVID-19 has been an essential blessing. Besides this, Ajay’s leadership has been a necessary silver lining for the company in multiple situations. He has always believed in listening to his people and customers to craft resolutions that both can benefit from.

Above all else, an enthusiastic and happy team is the company’s significant achievement. Irrespective of the disruption, they have remained engaged and determined by their work and objectives. Even now, as the world is going through many spontaneous changes, Ajay and his firm’s goal remain intact. It’s researching, learning with a focus on going beyond the fence to set benchmarks in AI models. In the next 2 years, intends to launch its IPO, taking a huge leap in its growth curve.

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