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Focus on Quality and Need-Based Products

“People in Technology Space would Always Have Work”

In this cut-throat world of travel for business and fun and an even tougher ongoing race amongst businesses providing infrastructure for safety, control, and announcement systems, HEINRICH CORPORATION PVT. LTD has carved a name for itself. Today, it is known for its services and clientele.

Its Managing Director Jitendra Singh has ensured a space in our magazine Business Connect with the title ‘Entrepreneur of the Year for 2021’. Jitendra chose to venture into the field of infrastructural support aided by a very capable and dedicated team. His move into property development started with the realization of the need for proper technology in public address and voice evacuation system. Another impetus was provided by the government’s ‘Make in India’ project.

Jitendra and his team realized that the import of important items needs to be replaced by goods made in India. They witnessed that many companies do not have offices in India, they are bogged down by prevalent corrupt practices here. He is extremely thankful for the ‘Make in India’ idea for providing a base for his venture.

Jitendra, an avid bibliophile, starts his day with a good book. He says that his 5-am readings help him to manage the stresses of the day. This enables him to focus on his work and provide able guidance to his team and strategize for the upcoming projects.

What is Heinrich Corporation all about –
The company provides need-based infrastructural support for complete solutions in public address and voice evacuation system. Jitendra, with his dedicated team, analyzed the Indian market and found a need for quality and need-based products. The company provides an end-to-end solution for public address and voice evacuation modalities from the initial designing stage to the delivery of the finished product to the client.

Seeing the requirements in various and varied sectors from health care and public transport to commercial markets and corporate offices, the company offers dedicated services in website and mobile app development for the clients. The support that HEINRICH Corporation provides includes public address system, voice alarm system, nurse call system, CCTV, talkback system, IP-based communications system, and PA systems.

Vision and Mission
The company aims to offer top-quality products and services and through it, it has achieved an excellent position in setting the leading standards in life safety management.

The vision is to distinguish the HEINRICH brand and make it a market leader in terms of the quality of its products, the customer service it provides, and its innovations that befit the world of tomorrow.

HEINRICH India believes in the core values of its Mentor, HEINRICH UK, and is putting into practice these values, and follows as Jitendra says, “Do take Quality, Service, Respect, Loyalty & Commitment, Customer Satisfaction, provide leadership as a company and as individuals, Act with integrity in all what we do, respect our customers and suppliers and we value the HEINRICH brand and all the HEINRICH family members behind it.”

Basing their analysis on the market needs and a knack for future forecasts, the visionary’s entrepreneurial venture has managed to develop a strong client base. The venture is meeting client needs by managing to stock up on raw material and employing a dedicated team. The dedication to fulfill their promise has encouraged the company to maintain a steady flow of raw materials which in turn helps to complete the projects on time even during the Pandemic.

HEINRICH provides complete solutions and is utilized by Airports, Hospitals, and Metro/Railways with their highly challenging and tricky tunnel lines. HEINRICH’s unidirectional speakers have been specially designed for tunnel acoustics, making clear and crips announcements possible.

Jitendra adds, “At HEINRICH, we have changed along with technology, starting with Analogue to Digital and now to IP, and HEINRICH is always in step with technological changes. My company’s USP is it focuses on quality, delivery, and solution, and this is a winning combination for the company.”

HEINRICH has a strong research & development (R&D) team. The team works with an eye on futuristic technology for upcoming projects. The international team always works over there on the development of a better system, the analytics team works on forecasts, etc. This enables the company to provide progressive technology to its clients. The team is hard-working and self-motivated, and HEINRICH India gives the members additional trainings and organizes motivational programmes.

According to Jitendra, “HEINRICH has many achievements like a factory in India, but our pride is the biggest project in history like the 45-cr order in Audio-video, Wall mount PA system Manufacturing in India, etc.”

HEINRICH India has sufficient order bookings along with a strong partner network and a dedicated team, backed with sufficient raw material stock. Having an ample stock of raw materials is also important when the world is facing the problems of transportation restrictions. HEINRICH already has a stock of raw material that would be sufficient to meet client demands for a year. This would enable seamless service delivery and therefore satisfied clients. They are also focusing on the areas where development is high like roads and transportation, aviation sector and others which would offer more opportunity in future.

Jitendra conveys that people working in technology would always have work. Technology is the future and they would develop and keep working on major life-changing inventions for the commercial market. Those who don’t have money and have great ideas would find at HEINRICH, getting help in their ideas to transform into reality.

Jitendra asserts, “It is important to always be positive and focus on professional talks and ideas which reflect great personality.”

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