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Helical IT

Helical IT

IT Solution Firm Providing Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence and Big Data Services

Driven by the passion to work towards the core purpose of providing the best in technical expertise, thought leadership, and domain knowledge,  Helical IT Solutions Pvt Ltd is a unique IT solution company, specializing in Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence, and Big Data Technologies.

Helical was incorporated to help you with consultation on selecting the right hardware and software based on your requirement, work on data warehouse modelling and implementation, big data implementation, data processing using tools like Apache Spark Talend Kettle etc, build data analysis in the form of reports and dashboards with additional features like data security, alerting and notification using BI products, etc.

Based in Hyderabad, Helical IT primarily uses open-source tools leading to the low cost of ownership or can also work with your favourite proprietary tool to build a perfect-fit solution for your needs.

Exclusive Service & Product Portfolio
Helical IT
  is into both products as well as services. Via their services wing, they primarily provide services in the domain of Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence, ETL, and Big Data Space. On Business Intelligence they provide services on tools like Jaspersoft, Pentaho, PowerBI, Quicksight, etc to name a few.

Over a period of time, the firm has served more than 80+ clients across various sectors and geographies which include big brands also like CA Technologies, Tata Communication, FranConnect, Technip, Government of Marshall Islands, Government of Kiribati Island, Government of Micronesia, etc.

“Also, after having provided services over various kinds of BI products we learned about the issues existing with the current set of BI products and that is when we had started developing our own open-source developer-friendly BI product Helical Insight. We launched the very first version of the product in 2016 and as of late there have been 8 releases and 51 customers are using the same in their production environment.” Nikhilesh Tiwari further apprised.

A deep-seated foundation holds the key to a successful journey
Nikhilesh Tiwari and his co-founder NitinSahu had done their schooling together. They always wanted to start their own company and tried a few things and failed. They had also started a healthcare IT company and tried to provide software products to hospitals, labs, blood banks, etc. But they didn’t have much idea about the domain and thus had to shut it down.

Nitin already had been working in the DW BI space for many years now and he already had good technical and sectoral knowledge. Armed with thislearning from various failures, the duo had then started Helical IT. They had started the company as a pure-play services company and used to provide services in the domain of Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence, and ETL space, and that too focusing primarily on the open-source tools and technologies. They also raised angel funding and after that, they have been pretty profitable.

Over the years Helical has provided services to more than 80+ clients including some big names like CA Technologies, Tata Communications, Fractal Analytics, Technip, Government of Micronesia, Government of Marshall Islands, Government of Kiribati Islands, etc.

“While providing services over various other BI products we felt the kind of issues and limitations which are there in other BI products and that’s what prompted us to start working on and launching our own Open Source BI product Helical Insight. Right now 51 clients are using Helical Insight on their production environment across various domains and geographies and we have had 8 releases so far and we are working on a major 5.0 release.

We provide our product as a developer-friendly and extensible BI framework and that too in two versions i.e. a free version and a paid version. Our paid version is also almost 85% cost-effective as compared to other BI products without really compromising on the features”,Nikhilesh Tiwari further apprised.

Clientele & corporate ethos for clients
Helical works in the BI and DW domains. Any company which is generating data and wants to make better decisions can make use of offerings and services. The Helical team has served customers across various domains and geographies like healthcare, insurance, banking, clinical trial, manufacturing, education, ERP, etc to name a few. Some of the clients’ names using the product Helical Insight includes names like SmithsDetection, Cynet, FranConnect, DavisStandard, Unidesign Jewels, etc.

The innovation-oriented approach is the guiding soul
Helical’s vision behind the Open Source BI product Helical Insight is to provide enterprise customers with a very cost-effective and feature-rich BI tool using which they can analyze their data and make correct decisions. Helical wants to be the most popular and feature-rich Open Source BI product a few years down the line. The current version provides features like canned reporting, self-service drag-drop interface, exporting, email scheduling, user role management, data security, container support, caching, embedding, SSO support, and much more.

With their version 5.0 release, they are working on a new generation revamped UX and functionalities and this version will be launched soon. They are also investing heavily in R&D so that they are always able to provide the best of the class features to their customers.

They are working on integrating NLP and ML algorithms into our product. Soon they will be able to provide their customers with a chatbox kind of interface through which they can directly ask questions and get answers from the data. Aside there would be inbuilt statistical and ML algorithms built into the product. They would also be supporting in-memory engine support directly within their product as well as ETL kind of capabilities as well.

Marketing is the way forward
The Helical team does a lot of work on the SEO and digital marketing side to make sure they always rank very well when people are searching for such kinds of services. This way they try to generate a lot of hot inbound leads for their product and services offering. Once they get an inbound lead then they follow up with them, organize required demos, show the product and services, discuss the POC, etc.

Aside, they also create case studies through which they try to create awareness of the kind of work they are doing and how they can help organizations make better data-driven decisions.

Future  Outlook
On the product side, Helical Insight will be focusing on adding more and more capabilities to its product. The team is already working on a major 5.0 version release of the product. Apart from that, they have a very strong product roadmap that has been defined which also includes integration of next-generation technologies like NLP, machine learning, in-memory support, UI-driven workflow option, inbuilt ETL capabilities, and much more. Whereas on the services side they have added a couple of new tools expertise into their portfolio like AWS Glue, AWS Quicksight, PowerBI lately.

Words of Wisdom

  • It takes a lot of time and patience to build something and there is no overnight success. Have patience and keep trying.
  • Try to start in a sector wherein you know the sector pretty well, what is missing and how you can fulfil that gap.
  • Don’t try to start alone, have more than one co-founder with complementary skill sets.
  • Try to chase and create value for your clients, money will follow

Leadership Team
There are 2 co-founders are NitinSahu and Nikhilesh Tiwari who are leading the company at the forefront.

  • NitinSahu education qualification includes engineering in Information Technology followed by Post Graduation specializing in the domain of Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence. After Post Graduation Nitin has worked for a few years in DW and BI sector and worked with big organizations like Wipro Ecoenergy. Nitin is taking care of product development, technology, and operations.
  • Nikhilesh Tiwari’s education qualification includes engineering from Pune University followed by MBA from Symbiosis. After engineering Nikhilesh had worked in Siemens and after his MBA worked in the telecom sector doing sales. Nikhilesh is taking care of marketing, sales, and finance.

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