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Humanoid Systems

Humanoid Systems

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We are in a freewheeling conversation with the Chief Technology Officer of Humanoid Systems- Mahanthesh Ramchandra who is under our spotlight owing to his tech-driven functionality. His 7-8 years of journey as a tech-evangelist allowed him to develop some keen leadership skills. His diverse experience in the business landscape allowed him to come across different sorts of solutions that drove him to join Humanoid Systems, acknowledging its exemplary vision.

“A constant accumulation of experience and obstacles allowed me to get a better understanding of this job profile where I can delegate the task to the respective person as per the requirement,” stated the technology leader whom we have featured in this exclusive narrative.

A brief of the company
Humanoid Systems
thrives on its motto of helping businesses walk the path of the right technologies while acknowledging their full growth potential. The company is majorly driven by the principles of robust relationships, constant partnership and collaborative growth. Being a Bangalore-based digital transformation start-up, it has been delivering real needs and perfect solutions with its specialized knowledge and expertise in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Technologies.

From budding start-ups to well-established businesses, the company has been assisting clients to deepen their respective engagement by harnessing the power posed by the latest technologies. Though starting a business from scratch was not a cakewalk, the core leadership team kept forging ahead to come out of this with flying colours. As the team is driven by an adept team of impassioned individuals, Humanoid Systems drives digital transformation for the client’s businesses for better revenue generation.

A thought-provoking conversation with the business and technology leaders allowed the core team members to realize the importance of emerging technologies in the business landscape.

The tech- fervour
Mahanthesh was always fascinated by technology since his early childhood. He used to observe the tech tools around him with keen interest and decided to dive more deeply into the tech space. Later, intrigued by electronics engineering, he decided to forge ahead in this direction where Robotics attracted him the most. Gaining absolute mastery over the software part of engineering, Robotics allowed him to comprehend how to integrate the appropriate solution when it comes to dealing with the real-time issue through his in-depth knowledge of the hardware and the software aspect of the tech space.

While pursuing his internship in the ISRO,  his skills in Robotics came into use when they have to test the software as well as the hardware of the satellite before launching it. Likewise, he had been associated with a few of the eminent institutions where he proved his prowess in technology which offered him recognition across the domain. “I never consider myself as a software engineer, rather I call myself a Robotic enthusiast who happened to be fond of software as well as hardware equally,” claims the tech-enthusiast.

Offering technical stacks to the clients
When questioned on the techniques that allow them to provide technical stacks to their respective clients, Mahanathesh claimed that his team sits for long-hour sessions with the clients to comprehend their expectations. Many of their clients lag in technical skills while excelling in other aspects.

In such scenarios, they constantly keep evaluating whether a set of technology is good or bad for any person. “We are in a ceaseless pursuit to evaluate whether any technology solution will be delivering considerable value to the client or not. All the interactive sessions with the clients are fruitful in building scalable, affordable and efficient tech solutions, proving our commitment to excellence,” asserts the tech-enthusiast.  From SMS gateways to payment gateways, the appropriate kind of solution generated by him justifies his acuity in the tech space.

He further adds that many people believe- giant organizations are the ones in dire need of enhanced technical solutions but contrarily, SMEs are the ones in strict need of such services due to the lack of a proper roadmap. “Regardless of their requirement of how complicated it is, we provide them an exclusive roadmap that would fit their budget and timeline,” continued the CTO.

Allocation of the work
To facilitate an effective allocation of work, the team members follow specific project management-based approaches that are not like spiral, waterfall or scrum. For smaller projects, the CTO firstly breaks down the overall project requirements into fragments and sees which requirements could be fulfilled simultaneously. He believes in setting everyday goals that are needed to be met by the end of the day. And, never does the leader burden the employees with any extra tasks but alongside it, timely deliverables are also ensured by his side with strategic planning that asserts the efficiency of his leadership.

Facilitating the right usage of technology
There is a huge market opportunity for the emerging technologies that we see today in the upcoming years. With different technologies and different concepts emerging regularly, the scope of technology is quite unpredictable at the same time. But, based on his own in-house research, Mahanthesh believes that the future will be dominated by Blockchain Technologies, Quantum Computing and AR/VR technologies.

“Blockchain will be replacing a lot of traditional security aspects in banking and other government sectors, whereas Quantum Computing will be allowing the ways to infuse this blockchain technology into the aspired locations and revolutionize the tedious tasks that we do. AR and VR will be replacing the conventional ways of interacting with consumers daily. And many mature corporations are about to utilize these technologies in their product portfolio which will bring a huge tech- revolution across the world.

Soon, I will be contributing some AR and VR products alongside blockchain and IOT to the product portfolio of Humanoid Systems targeting education and medical industries, owing to my alignment with these technologies,” claims the dynamo.

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