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Financial stability is one of the most important factors when it comes to running any business or economy.  A healthy financial state encourages you to unlock new horizons and take on more challenging tasks. Finance is always accompanied by risk. While making any investment, companies should be aware of how their decisions will affect their process and plans.

With an objective to alleviate the risks and stress associated with investment and enable clients in selecting the best-in-class investment solutions, Dr. Sailesh Kumar Khandelwal flagged the Bootstrap Startup iQuantsGraph in 2017 as LLP & now Pvt ltd company , year 2025 planning for public limited.  Since its inception, this innovative data-driven financial analysis firm has been setting up a new benchmark for quality services and helping customers get financial transparency by delivering value and outcomes holistically through digital data-driven solutions, wealth management, and consulting advisory services.

iQuantsGraph offers the best quality and industry-standard approach to its clientele and network, propelling several businesses to new heights. It has developed a unique approach revolving around technology and quantitative analysis coupled with more than two decades of professional experience. These factors are assisting its clients to understand the market better before investing.

 The company has grown by analyzing any potential investment risks beforehand, eliminating, and substituting it with advantageous business outcomes, doing the latest market visualization. Today, it is servicing more than 2,500 global and domestic clients. With an average quarterly growth rate of 1.5 percent, iQuantsGraph is growing at 6 percent year on year. This extraordinary success is only based on referrals. Here, the team comprises professionals with experiences of over two decades in the top echelons of the financial stratosphere to make your dreams really come true.

The company aims to be a trusted advisor and partner, providing customers with best-in-class financial performance and strategic solutions that help them expand their businesses in the long run. It has launched its own mobile app on the app store and play store for the Retail investors, named “iQuantsGraph.” The application provides suggestions on diverse topics including Financial & Tax Planning, Equity, Stock review, Mutual funds, Fixed income, debts, insurances (life/general/Health) with multiple companies’ options and Gold Bonds & ETF.

Sailesh Bhawarlal Khandelwal, Managing Director & CIO of iQuantsGraph is a reputed visionary and an independent thought leader, setting benchmarks in the space of Investment management, by delivering tangible business denouement, staying in sync with the industrial changes with his dynamic team of CAs, CMTs, CFAs, and CFPs to provide comprehensive wealth management services and reliable investment returns to his clients.

In academic, he holds an MBA and is a member of the EMBA (IIMC), CFA, CMT, FRM, and NISM and has over two decades of experience at MNCs such as Birla Groups, Kotak, IPRU, ICICI Securities, and others, where he led the enterprises with excellent business acumen.

In the key positions of the MD and CIO, Dr. Sailesh is primarily responsible for leading processes toward services that simplify complex tasks. Most likely, the future will be all about automation; yet, Indian accounting requirements are so strict that automation will be impossible. As a result, he makes it a point to incorporate cutting-edge technology into their Due Diligence and Portfolio Advisory services through data science integration.

iQuantsGraph’s portfolio is inclusive of Due Diligence (Business/ Tax & Legal, IPO Compliances, Company Valuation) Portfolio Advisory (Raising fund, Balance Sheet Restructuring, Assisting SME/ MSME sector) & Data Science (AI, ML, Portfolio Algo Framework, Wealth Management, Data Analytics) services. Under the Portfolio Advisory, iQuantsGraph does Fundraising, Balance Sheet Restructuring, offer prospects for International Business for SME and MSME Sectors.

The Due Diligence & Portfolio Advisory process serves as a financial backbone for organizations, assisting them in determining the required money, the number of funds to be raised, the current valuation of the company, stake negotiation, and exit procedure, and networking with investors.

Under Due Diligence, the  customers benefit tremendously from the firm’s expertise in Business and Tax plus Legal aspects to raise funds, for Joint Ventures or other contractual occasions. Under Due Diligence, our customers benefit tremendously from our expertise in Business and Tax plus Legal aspects to raise funds, for Joint Ventures or other contractual occasions. Its Quantitative Analytical team and AI Automation method combine to provide the finest of today’s investing market uniqueness.

Finally, by the services on Listed and Unlisted Company Valuation, iQuantsGraph top-notch team’s FCA and CFA’s can churn out Fair values for both listed and unlisted organisations. To this effect, the team works and comprehends the two processes at work- Value process and Pricing process.

The company supports start-up and Cash flow-based MSME, helping them along with legitimate compliance processes and leading them towards the IPO segment. Amidst all, Due Diligence is their flagship offering, and they deliver it with utmost industry standard. Alongside, they also provide optional assistance in fundraising based on viable business models, connecting to the right Angel, VC, and private equity investors. Ostensibly, they are not registered Lead managers, yet they help the companies do the job so ethically, from the beginning so that lead managers can drive the companies towards IPO, hassle-free.

Here is the stepwise process at iQuantsGraph

  • 1st Step – Due Diligence ( Mandatory)
    At the first step, the team understands the value of Business before approaching any Investor or Bank and together works to create an architectural overview of Business.
  • 2nd Step – Portfolio Advisory(Optional)
    In the next phase after understanding the Value of Business, they pitch for Fundraising with FII’s / DII’s & UHNI
  • 3rd – Step (Optional)
    In the last step, meetings are scheduled with the Investor and headed towards negotiation.

Being a data-driven and financial analysis company, iQuantsGraph actively invests in the latest advancements and technology-based companies as Angel & Growth Partners. The firm believes that the integration and implementation of advanced tech solutions automates time-consuming and tough jobs. Hence, it is actively adapting and transforming its services via Data Science.

Implementing all the latest technologies to deploy best-in-class market insights, iQuantsGraph is navigating through the solutions efficiently and staying ahead of others in the market in terms of quality services up-gradation from time to time. Simultaneously, it contributes to improving the value growth of the start-up clients. Additionally, networking with customers and industry peers has always been helpful in ameliorating its knowledge and expertise about the latest trends and relying on the latest technologies and updated quantitative analytical approaches, the firm also pushes the envelope of collaboration.

The team at iQuantsGraph employs all the latest technologies to deploy best-in-class market insights that help its clients make informed decisions as they are backed by proven data. The financial transparency it provides is responsible for driving outcomes via digital data, wealth management, and consulting advisory services.

Inclusion of automation is the future, IQuantsGraph goes the extra mile to integrate all the new advancements.

iQuantsGraph believes that the opportunities in the market are endless and it is imperative to think disruptive while maintaining the personal touch and being technically strong. Keeping this ideology intact the firm has managed to bag several awards to its name, to name a few;

  • Best Admired Company for the year 2021 by Top Business Magazine ‘ TheBusinessFame’
  • Best Asset & Wealth Management Company for the year 2021 by Top Business Magazine ‘ TheBusinessFame’
  • Business Focus company for the year 2021 by Top Business Magazine Business Sight’s

Dr. Sailesh Kumar Khandelwal is actively involved in social welfare activities, he is currently supporting government school students to manage their personal finances. Being a partner with Rotary International under the Rotary Saicity Coimbatore kids that are less than 16 years of age underwent free heart surgery, and more than a hundred adults and kids for spinal card surgery.

He has also been a part of ten thousand tree afforestation across Coimbatore city and has distributed more than fifteen hundred desktops to government schools in association with Cognizant Technologies as part of CSR Activity. In addition, Dr. Sailesh has been continuously assisting the tribal women for consistent earning with the self-help group and his network.

iQuantsGraph is looking forward to investing in better technologies and advanced solutions and assisting more and more companies with their innovative solutions.

At present, every Business has risk with the right risk management approach such risk can be mitigated by venturing into New Startup Idea and Scaling the company till IPO market with Minimum Funding raised. iQuantsGraph is in the process of Creating the AIF CAT 1 Fund for the startup and wishes to take it to AIF CAT 3 License partner with SEBI in the next few years. Besides, the firm aims to scale 90-95 percent automation in the future.

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