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Supplying A Diverse Portfolio Of Dietary Ingredients With Supreme Purity And Extensive Quality

Gaining prominence in recent years, the food processing industry of India has turned into a sunrise sector. While the industry is channeling its focus on growth opportunities, many new players are entering the industry to deliver paramount quality, global standards of safety, packaging, and delivery. Amongst the few firmly entrenched industry leaders is Jeeva Organic Pvt. Ltd., a humble entrant in the landscape of food & beverages.

The story of the sweet success of ‘Jeeva’ started in 2019 by Deepak Kumar Jena with an aim to transform the quality of life with the authenticated and high-quality ingredients that are certified by Organic, KOSHER, and HALAL. Today, it is a renowned India-based supplier of certified herbal ingredients and dietary supplements, having warehouses in Ontario (CA), Las Vegas (NV), and Los Angeles (CA) and supplying authentic ingredients across the globe. Green Jeeva is a sister company of Jeeva Organic and is based in the United States.

Talking about the unique factors about Jeeva, Deepak Kumar Jena stated, “We source superior quality and certified products and supply across the globe. We leverage advanced technology to integrate the various aspects of the global supply chain. And, lastly, what helps us to give a cut-throat competition to our rivals is the fact that, ‘We are a local company, thinking global and doing globally.’”

The firm mainly operates in the nutraceutical industry and supplies high-quality, organic raw materials, like herbal and specialty ingredients to global manufacturers of dietary supplements, animal feed, cosmetics, and personal care products worldwide. At Jeeva, clients’ trust is vital. As of now, it is serving over 500 clients across the globe. And, the team proudly claims that none of their clients have left them, and the number has constantly seen a rise, with their old customers returning to them over and over again.

To ensure clients’ trust, they provide readily available certifications for each product on their website. Furthermore, there are no hidden costs. In addition, the firm sends its clients free samples and even has a ‘no questions asked’ return policy. They stay in touch with the clients and keep them engaged with their weekly newsletters.

“Being successful never comes easy”, shared Deepak Kumar. He further apprised, “We have had our set of struggles in reaching where we are today. Sitting in India and doing business in the United States is not cake walk There are a number of supply chain issues that act as a bottleneck. It is no secret that COVID-19 has been a real setback. Furthermore, dealing with Indian suppliers is not easy. They tend to cause delays in shipping the products and go beyond the stipulated time. But we cannot do the same with our clients in the United States.”

It is true that the market is continuously shifting and experiencing new colors. Now to stand in tandem with it, you need to be a strong player. What has helped Jeeva to sustain and grow is thorough R&D, unique & authentic ingredients, robust distribution strategy, and uncompromising quality. The leverage of technology and a strong digital presence have also proved to be its backbone.

Businesses that make decisions based upon R&D tend to grow at a 33% higher pace than others. The reason is that it is quite challenging for start-ups to gain customer trust. Modern customers tend to purchase research based products and experience uncertainty in relying on new brands. In such a scenario, it is important for all start-ups to conduct R&D in terms of ingredients, customer behavior, and the supply chain as a whole.

Nutraceutical is blooming, and it’s destined to grow boundlessly in the near future. The reason is, consumers are becoming more and more health-conscious and inclining towards herbal and natural supplements. By the year 2028, the nutraceutical market will be worth USD 658.11 billion, growing at a CAGR of 9.3%. There are so many opportunities in this field that all you need to do is just explore.

Employees are more important than customers and Deepak strongly believes it. According to him, only a content employee can put his best foot forward to pitch a client and retain him/her. Presently, the firm has over 170 employees and this number is growing rapidly. The management leverages the best things possible to ensure employee content.

It is a company where one can expect learning, growth, and limitless appraisal at the same time. They recognize every bit of work done and no effort ever goes unnoticed. They appreciate fresh ideas and give their employees the freedom to think and work in their way. They celebrate every small occasion with them and conduct quarterly outings, in addition to all the basic perks of working at Jeeva. They have a policy of ‘work hard and play harder.

Jeeva conducts CSRs every quarter and contributes what it can for the benefit of society. They aim at orphanages, old age homes, handicap centers, and all those places where they can make lives better with their touch. Although they are not bound by the law, they contribute 2% of our PAT to society.

Deepak Kumar Jena is spearheading the Jeeva Organic in the key positions of CEO & Founder. Because of his excellent guidance and expertise, Jeeva has created a unique mark in the industry. Deepak’s role model and inspiration is entrepreneur and writer Ankur Warikoo. He has learnt a lot of things from his work and himself as a person. His professional life teaches Deepak to never give up even when nothing works for you, and you have no backups left. It’s always important to show up, no matter what.

When asked how he spends his spare time, the leading man shared “To be honest, I can never switch myself off from work. But yes, when I get the luxury of time, I like to read. Reading helps me learn and stay motivated at all times. Some of my best reads that I can share with you are The Obstacle Is the Way by Ryan Holiday, Do Epic Shit by Ankur Warikoo, The Hard Thing About Hard Things by Ben Hrowitz, The Psychology of Money by Morgan Housel, Principles by Ray Dalio, and The Speed of Trust by Stephen M.R. Covey.”

“If a poor boy from a small village in Keonjhar, Odisha can go ahead and set up a business of 170 people, 500 clients, and 500 products in India and the United States, anything and I repeat anything is possible!”

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