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Lean Hippo Marketers

Lean Hippo Marketers

Creating Unforgettable Brands

Written by: Kriti Anand

A unique digital footprint can do wonders for any business–be it promoting an emerging startup or renovating a brand’s perception. Providing creative digital marketing solutions to startups and the mega-players alike, Lean Hippo Marketers helps clients create and sustain an influential presence on the internet.

“We believe in the leanest utilisation of resources to deliver hippo-sized results.”

Company Overview
A renowned digital technology agency with a client-first approach, Lean Hippo Marketers is a data-informed and content-led Digital Marketing Agency that helps its client base create and sustain a repute for themselves in the online space. The agency leverages Social Media, Search Engines, Web & Mobile to provide tailored solutions that incorporate the different needs, budgets, and goals for the clients. The aim of the team at LHM is to maximise results for the business goals of its clients.

The services Lean Hippo Marketers provides includes:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Web & Mobile Development
  • Influencer Marketing

Abhinav Singla, Founder, and CEO, founded Lean Hippo in 2012, when digital marketing was still in its nascent stage, taking baby steps in the world of marketing, and brands were just starting to explore its potential, Lean Hippo Marketers sought to monetize for its clients all aspects of digital marketing. The mission was to enable its clients to fulfil the potential of this up-and-coming form of marketing to the maximum extent while utilising the resources in the leanest manner.

LHM is a boutique agency that takes up only a limited number of clients so full attention can be given to each one to ensure maximum bang for their buck. It strives to embrace a brand’s vision, and their most creative and innovative minds are dedicated to building brand identities, activating its online presence, and engaging consumers.

With every client that the team takes up, the company is introduced to and learns about a new industry. In the last ten years, the team has gained valuable experience in multiple industries. At Lean Hippo, every day is a different adventure. The company boasts of a casual, energetic, and flexible environment which helps every member of the team deliver their best.

“Innovation means harnessing your creative ability. The right innovative techniques can give you a competitive lead in expanding a business.”

For LHM, simply delivering content is not enough. Keeping the end goal of customer conversion in mind, the team follows strategic steps in the content management process, right from ideation to publishing. The team engages in brainstorming sessions so ideas can be workshopped with the entire team. The process starts with market research and industry evaluation, and customization of content according to the platform and the target audience.

For them, it is important to devote particular attention to the creation stage, where research, writing, and designing take place. The team makes sure that the content is crafted to suit different platforms, demographics, and target audiences and delivered in an attractive format. They use Facebook, Instagram, and Google tools to maximise lead generation for the clients.

LHM is made of a team of passionate digital marketers with over four decades of combined experience that has worked in top organisations and received education in top universities in India and abroad. The agency assists the brands to finalise a digital roadmap with respect to a successful Digital Marketing Campaign. Its business solutions set it ahead of the competition curve, in the process creating a foothold for their clients in the expansive world of digital marketing.

“We create meaningful bonds and brands.”

Clients Come First
The principal focus of Lean Hippo has always been customer satisfaction. The agency has continually concerned itself with crafting ways to deliver tailor-made services to better serve and understand its clients. There is not one sure-shot formula to ensure that a marketing strategy is fool-proof, and so the team constantly evolves and innovates for every brand so that it can make sure that the client is more than satisfied with the investment made and their partnership with LHM.

The Digital Marketing industry relies and functions on word of mouth. Lean Hippo Marketers has always ensured that the client is pleased and content with the services provided by the more than capable team at LHM. This relationship that the company strives to establish with every client has been a very crucial component behind the success they have achieved in less than a decade. Lean Hippo has proved that unparalleled work quality doesn’t come with age, but instead it comes with dedication and innovation.

Over the last few years, LHM has worked with clients across several industries. Understanding the unique challenges they face, they provided customised solutions to them. A team of dedicated market experts providing unmatched digital marketing services, Lean Hippo has received a number of accolades in its years of growth and expansion.

Parting Words
Lean Hippo is about to finish ten successful years helping clients achieve their business goals through the power of digital marketing. During this time the agency has worked with top national and international clients.

“We wish to continue serving our clients and stay ahead of all the emerging trends and technologies in the fast-moving digital space. We see ourselves as thought leaders and an upcoming online knowledge bank.”

“Entrepreneurship is a journey of patience, perseverance, and consistency. Dream big, start small, and scale instantly.”

  • Abhinav Singla, Founder and CEO, Lean Hippo Marketers, and Owner, Fork You Restaurant

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