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Govind Sekhar, CEO of Madhatters Media Brand Consultant, leads the cutting-edge digital solution provider by synergizing deep domain expertise and exceptional strategic-thinking skills to help brands create an enduring digital identity and make meaningful connections. His creative team has been leveraging Madhatters’s proven track record in undertaking the end-to-end support a client would require on the marketing & advertising front both online and offline. They drive digital innovation and engineer a creative technological edge for its 100+ national and international clients collectively and empowering them to be leaders in the digital revolution.

A full-service creative agency, Madhatters delivers excellence in all areas of marketing & advertising with its presence in India, UAE, and Australia. The company specializes in everything between branding and social media to web development and ad video production, which uniquely positions it to capitalize on massive opportunities in this space. At the helm of digitalization, they are driving radical changes across industries and are serving some of India’s most renowned companies like Mall of Travancore, Funtura, Noel Builders, Falooda Nation, Ishka Farms, etc.

Govind Sekhar, Founder & CEO, Madhatters is an overly ambitious and performance-driven B2B and B2C marketing professional with comprehensive experience in numerous forms of marketing and information dissemination. With the key motivation to address the ever-growing demand for a seamless, one-stop digital solution that every business of this era is on the lookout for, he has sown the innovative seed of Madhatters. It is a vision that Govind had for years, but it came alive as a positive aspect of his time in quarantine during the pandemic.

Having worked as Marketing Consultant and freelance Business Development Manager for multiple agencies in the past, he has had wonderful opportunities to learn and network with some of the best people in the industry and fine-tune his passion for Marketing Entrepreneurship. Today, he has grown as a marketing wizard with a wellrounded perspective and a vision to build a platform that exhibits originality.

Talking about his venture, the visionary state – “We kickstarted one step ahead with a phenomenal, pre established network within the nation, and have currently established ourselves undoubtedly as one of Kerala’s largest integrated marketing agencies in terms of the number of services, clientele, and quality of work we have to offer. We ensure our clients reap the benefits of having a one-stop-shop of services for their desired communication mix. When we say we run the gamut, we mean it.”

Since Madhatters was established during the pandemic, they had to adapt and make the most of what we can do best in the digital space. During such an economic crisis, they found remote working to be the safest, smartest, and most cost-effective model to expand and thrive. They took another risk and brought to bear the ‘new normal’- with each Key Account Manager handling prospective clients in their respective location. It was a remarkable success, they have been able to effectively tap into the international market rapidly, creating their unique mark on the global map in less than 2 years.

R&D is a crucial part of the overall Madhatters operations. The Stellar Research & Development team at Madhatters ensures the company catapults ahead of the competition in an ocean of businesses and an overwhelming number of daily changing trends. Keeping up is not easy but having an exclusive team dedicated to working on it while the company focuses on its primary services has significantly helped them in pioneering into untapped business markets and keeping up to speed.

The team at Madhatters is habitually quick to keep up with the dynamicity of the digital world. Moreover, every employee is prompted to read, research, and share their learnings of current trends & advancements- and produce their ideas and strategies on how to ride the wave.

“The idea has and always will be not to lead from the front or back, but to lead with!” – Govind Sekhar Govind put complete faith in his creative leaders and the individual expertise they bring to the table. He believes that each of us has roles we are impeccable at and some that we learn from each other. His focus has always been on people before profits – and an affiliative leadership style has worked out best in terms of creating a healthy, productive work environment.

In terms of fostering leadership, Mr. Govind performs by becoming a mentor to his employees. Most of his team consists of young adults, and he knows that big learning curves are bound to happen during the budding phases of his career. Learning and understanding their values, goals and interests helps him streamline work better- while making sure the team grows and progresses as the company does.

“I envisioned our workplace to be one that everyone wishes they had when they were tired of working a 9-5 corporate job and had stories and ideas that deserved to be made big”, Mr. Sekhar apprised talking about the unique culture of Madhatters.

They place accountability, open communication, and creative expression at the forefront at Madhatters. The work culture at the company can be described as fun, youthful, and enthusiastic- predominantly what a positive, modern-day work culture would look like.

They take mental health at the workplace very seriously. Their tie-up with an Industrial/Organizational Psychologist at The Neurowellness Program has helped each of them maintain their emotional well-being within and outside of work. Regular individual and group sessions have not only progressively increased work performance but have also helped us develop interpersonal skills and build an ardent team spirit. They ensure that every employee has free, unlimited access to a safe space to share thoughts & experiences, personal or professional, and a team that makes them feel supported in their journeys.

Within the 6 months of its inception, Madhatters has ratcheted beyond expectations despite the numerous challenges and hurdles brought by the pandemic. During this 2-year journey, the company has successfully established an impressive client base of renowned national and international businesses from diverse industries and across verticals. They are currently branched out across India, UAE, and Australia. This quick and consistent\ progress has been the biggest milestone for Madhatters.

The leading team at Madhatters is hopeful for a positive future and wants to keep up the present pace of progress. They intend to grow the sales network and expand the services to 2 more countries by the year 2023. Moreover, they have already allocated the required resources to expand the current team of 30 to 50-100 employees within the next financial year.

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